Razia Sultan

Razia Sultan Watch online TV show ‘Razia Sultan’, tracing the journey of the most note-worthy woman emperor in the 13th century, was launched today. The historical drama, produced by Swastik Productions, will begin airing on newly launched channel &TV from March 2 at 7:30 PM. The show’s curtain raiser was attended by producer Rahul Tewary along with the cast of the show– Pankhuri Awasthi, who plays the lead character Razia and veteran actor Sooraj Thapar, who will be seen in the emperor’s father, Iltutmish.

In Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi emotionally blackmails Pragya and forces her to agree for marrying Suresh. Pragya agrees and cries. She goes to Dadi who is still unconscious and tells her about her helplessness. She tells her that she couldn’t prove her innocence and therefore agreed to Abhi’s sayings. Purab and Bulbul decide not to meet each other and part ways. Bulbul thinks to lower her mother’s anger and therefore take this decision. She gets angry on seeing Suresh infront of her and holds him responsible for Abhi and Pragya’s divorce. She tells him that she hates him so much.

Abhi goes to Suresh’s house and informs him about his decision to divorce Pragya. He tells him that as they are divorced now, he have to marry Pragya. Suresh declines to marry her. Abhi doesn’t listen to him and puts the turban on Suresh’s head. Suresh gets shocked. Abhi talks to Suresh and tries to convince him to marry Pragya. He tells him that Pragya have to face insult because of the MMS and her respect will be ruined. Suresh agrees to save Pragya’s respect. Abhi then goes to Sarla’s house and informs them that he has decided to get Pragya married to someone else.

Sarla gets angry at Abhi and makes it clear to him that Pragya will never agree to marry someone else. Abhi tells her that Pragya has agreed which shocks Sarla. Sarla slaps him hard on hearing that. Everyone get shocked. Mitali meets Raj in jail and assures him that she will get him out soon. Raj seems to be angry with her as she is responsible for him being in jail. He asks her not to try and let him stay in Jail. Mitali gets shocked. Abhi comes to his house and meets Pragya. He later informs her that he convinced Suresh to marry her and even invited her family. Pragya gets shocked and doesn’t know how to react.

Sarla fumes and gets angry on Suresh as he had agreed to marry Pragya and increased her troubles. She thinks to talk to him, but Bulbul stops her. Bulbul thinks to inform Purab. She goes to Purab and informs him about Abhi’s doings. Pragya comes to Suresh’s house and confronts him for agreeing to marry her. Suresh tells her that he can bear her hatred for rest of his life, but he will never let her go to Abhi. He thinks Abhi is cruel man who tortures Pragya to a core. Pragya is stunned to hear his reply. Pragya comes back home and gets sad. Abhi sees her sad and taunts her. Later he puts the bridal dupatta around her head and silently admires her. Pragya looks on surprised. Abhi does arrangements for Pragya and Suresh’s marriage.

Sarla confronts Suresh and asks him why he agreed to marry Pragya. Suresh tells her that he was doing it for Pragya’s betterment. Sarla doesn’t listen to him and accuses him of ruining Pragya’s life. She decides not to let Pragya marry him. Abhi asks Pragya to get ready for the wedding. Pragya feels bad as she doesn’t want to marry anybody else. Abhi’s friend comes to know about Pragya and Suresh’s marriage. He feels bad about abhi. Sarla and her family come to meet Pragya so that they can stop her. Abhi stops them. Sarla manages to meet Pragya and asks her to come to her house with her. Pragya refuses.

Suresh comes to Abhi’s house to marry Pragya. Sarla gets sad as she couldn’t stop Pragya from marrying him. Aaliya and Mitali taunt Sarla and Beeji. They dance to welcome Suresh’s baraat. Abhi goes to Pragya’s room and dresses her up for the wedding. He makes her wear the jewellery while the song plays………… Pragya is moved by his gesture and hugs him. They have an eye lock. She asks him to stop the wedding as she doesn’t want to marry him. Abhi does not listen to her and take off his mangalsutra from her neck. Pragya gets shocked and teary eyed. Abhi leaves the room. Pragya gets sad. Later Panditji asks Abhi to bring Pragya for the marriage. Abhi goes to Pragya’s room to bring her for the marriage, but he gets shocked when he sees her missing. He opines that she escaped from the house.

Everyone wait eagerly for Abhi and Pragya. Abhi gets clueless and thinks why she escaped. Aaliya and Tanu wait for them to come downstairs. Tanu says Aaliya that she is worried if Pragya does not marry Suresh, Abhi will not marry her and says in all this, Purab and Bulbul are coming closer. Abhi wonders what to do now. Aaliya and Tanu go to his room and enquire with him about Pragya. Abhi tells them that Pragya has escaped from their house inorder to skip marriage. Aaliya and Tanu get shocked and think to spice up the news downstairs. They inform Sarla and the guest. They get shocked. Abhi and Purab go in search for Pragya. Pragya comes near a bridge to suicide. She reminisces Abhi saving her once before their marriage and thinks without him, she cannot live and should die.

Abhi sees Pragya’s veil on floor and tells about it to Purab. She tries to get down from bridge wall when Abhi comes and asks her not to fall down. He gets her down. He takes her home. Pragya reaches Abhi’s house with Abhi and Purab. Everyone get relaxed seeing her. Abhi says Suresh is so desperate to marry and asks Pragya how is she feeling now. He asks panditji to start chanting, else if Pragya’s mood changes, she will delay again. Panditji asks bride and groom to sit on mantap. Abhi drags Suresh to mantap and makes him wear sehra. Abhi drags Pragya to the mandap. Abhi tells the panditji that he wants all the chantings and their marriage to last for lives. He tries to tie knot and burns his hand by mistake with havan fire. Pragya gets worried. Keep reading.

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