Abhi stops Pragya and Suresh’s marriage and proves her innocent in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya.

In Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi burns his hand in the havan fire. Pragya gets worried and runs to her room to bring ointment for him. Tanu follows her. Abhi is surprised. Akash takes Rachna to the hospital and tells his name as father of her baby. Purab tells Aaliya that he loves Bulbul. She tells him that she will unite Abhi with Tanu. Purab asks her to stop Pragya’s marriage with Suresh and offers to marry her at the same mandap. Aaliya refuses to stop Pragya’s wedding and challenges to marry him. Tanu goes to Pragya and gets furious with her for showing fake concern for Abhi. She says Abhi himself is getting her married and kicking her out of the house. Doctor checks Rachna and asks Akash to bring her whenever labour pains increases. Pragya comes down with ointment. She gives the ointment to Tanu to apply it on Abhi’s hand. Tanu applies it on Abhi’s burnt hand.

The marriage rituals start. Dadi’s cousins try to wake her up in order to stop the marriage. Abhi says he is tying knots for marriage first time in life and says he wants their relationship to continue for lives and asks panditji to continue chantings. Tanu, Mittali and Alia get a message saying that the proof of Pragya’s innocence will be reaching Abhi soon. They get tensed and meet each other.

They decide to check the expression of the person in the wedding, but everyone expressions look normal. Panditji asks bride and groom to bring their hand forward and keep it on each other’s. Pragya does not. Abhi drags her hand and keeps it on Suresh’s hand. Mitali sees a man trying to get in with envelope saying it is for Abhi and servant getting in to inform Abhi. Aaliya says she has to just distract Abhi, she will steal it. Tanu engages Abhi in her talks that she wants to marry him and leave modeling and everything. Aaliya tries to steal it from behind. Aaliya burns the envelope in havan along with sticks and smiles. Pragya and Suresh’s pheres start. Abhi stops them and adds water in havan. Panditji scolds him for stopping marriage and says it is a bad luck. He says he did right.

Abhi shocks everybody when he announces that Pragya’s wedding is cancelled. Aaliya enquires with Abhi about what is going on in his mind. Abhi accepts that he thought wrong about Pragya and has understood that the MMS was a fake. He says he knows the truth now and he got suspicious when she signed divorce papers without any alimony, so he wanted time to know the truth behind MMS and played this fake marriage drama. Aaliya says Pragya must have lured him with her emotional drama. Pragya and her family feel relieved hearing this from Abhi. He says he has proof of Pragya’s innocence and says they all saw the video till Pragya was taken to bed and didn’t see what happened after that. Abhi asks his servant to play the CD. Everyone is relieved to see the CD. Abhi apologizes to Pragya for not trusting her. Abhi reveals that Aaliya is responsible for the fake MMS and framed Pragya. Everyone get shocked.

Abhi says he did not divorce her at all as divorce papers did not reach court at all. He burns the papers. He says he was proud to call her as his sister, but now he is ashamed of her. He says she always tried to prove Pragya wrong and he wants her to apologize to Pragya. Aaliya gets mad and speaks ill for Pragya. Abhi tries his best to stop her. Aaliya asks Abhi to kick Pragya out of the house, but he makes it clear that Pragya will remain his wife all his life. Pragya gets happy. Aaliya is adamant and keeps on asking Abhi to throw Pragya out of his life. Abhi slaps her to control her anger. Abhi drags her to her room while she still yells that she will throw Pragya out.

Akash comes to Rachna’s room and apologizes and says he wants to correct his mistake. She asks if he developed feelings for her. He says he did not develop any feelings and says their plan was to send her out and not ruin her life. Abhi asks her to stop her madness and change her decision. Bulbul hugs Sarla and cries emotionally. Tanu says he would have kicked her out of his life and says we have to be careful from hereon. Aaliya tels Abhi that she wants to marry Purab. Abhi tells her that Dadi won’t allow Purab to be son in law of the house. She says even if Daadi or he comes in between, she will not spare them. He is shocked and says his Aaliya has gone blind that only she can see love for Purab, thanks for showing his place in her life.

She tells if he gets her married to Purab, she will not trouble Pragya or her sister. Abhi apologizes to Sarla for troubling her and says he did not have any other option. He goes to Pragya and the two of them hug each other. Everyone gets happy seeing them hugging. Pragya gets shy and runs to her room, reminiscences Abhi apologizing her and proving her innocent and gets happy. She looks at moon and sees Abhi’s face in it. Aakash comes to know that Rachna has left the hospital without informing anyone. Abhi tries to apologize to Suresh. Suresh says he does not have to apologize and troubled Pragya a lot. He calls him a psycho who needs treatment. Abhi silently listens to him. Purab hugs him and thanks for rescuing Pragya. Aaliya says to Tanu that she wants Purab and can do anything now, she has to decide if she wants to help her or not from hereon. Bulbul asks Abhi to make Pragya wear the mangalsutra. Abhi makes her wear it. Keep reading.

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