Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Sa Re Ga Ma PaWatch onlineSa Re Ga Ma Pa is an Indian musical reality TV game show. It started in 1995, and as of April 2012 it had 16 seasons with 1076 episodes.From 1999 till 2001, the show was hosted by the brothers Amaan Ali Khan and Ayaan Ali Khan.
After that, Shaan started hosting the show. Later, the name “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” became known as the “brand name” of the series and completely changed the concept of the show to include public interaction through voting. This was first done in 2005, when the old show concept was completely scrapped and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2005 was introduced.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Bindiya enjoys the drama that she has created regarding the father of Gunjan’s baby, but just then she sees two men entering the house. She gets shocked. She touches their feet and begs them to give her some time. He gives her a week time. Dayal comes there, Bindiya tells Dayal he is electrician and Gopal called him. Gunjan thinks about Seema’s accusations. Shayl brings Kesar’s milk for her. She says she doesn’t want it. Gunjan is upset though. Shayl says right now she has to think about her child. Gunjan says her mummy ji Seema isn’t talking to her. Shayl says she must let her little Mayank come into the world and not worry. Gunjan laughs.

Seema says to Bindiya that Mayank misbehaved with her a lot, and Gunjan was laughing so loud as if she doesn’t care. Bindiya provokes her further against Gunjan. Gunjan tells Rachna about her worries. Rachna gets an idea. Gunjan hopes it works. Rachna calls everyone downstairs and says Gunjan wishes to play musical chair with everyone. Seema is about to leave, but Rachna stops her and requests her to agree. Seema agrees. The music is played. Everyone get out except Seema and Gunjan. Bindiya shuts the music when the Gunjan is on the running side. Gunjan stops while Seema cheers winning the game. She boasts that she has won. Prabhu says to Seema that she must thank Gunjan as she let her win.

Seema gets angry as she feels that Gunjan has tried to prove herself superior by letting her win the game. Mayank, Rachna and Shayl make a plan to get Gunjan and Seema close and they all decide to go shopping. They leave Gunjan and Seema at home so that the two of them can spend time with each other. Bindiya understands their plan and prefers to stay at home. Suddenly Gunjan feels unwell and falls unconscious. Seema sees her falling unconscious and holds Gunjan. Gunjan says she felt dizzy, Seema says there is nothing wrong, a new guest is about to come she must not worry. Gunjan asks when the baby starts to move. Seema says at fifth month. She gives her tablet to make her fine, oblivious to the fact that Bindiya has exchanged the tablet. Bindiya waits anxiously as Gunjan is about to eat that tablet.

Just then Shayl comes there and notices the tablet which is a heavy pain killer. She stops Gunjan and tells them. Seema is surprised to learn this. She feels bad when everyone blames her for giving the wrong medicine to Gunjan. Seema cries. Gunjan feels bad for her and tries to talk to her. Gunjan goes to Seema’s room and tries to console her, but Seema shouts at her. Seema blames the child in her womb for all that is going on in the house. Gunjan feels bad and walks out of the room. Gunjan slips on the carpet and falls down. All the family members rush to her and see her in pain. Seema blames herself as she feels she is responsible for Gunjan’s condition. Seema prays in the temple, comes to hall and cries praying. Shayl assures that God always hears about his people.

Doctor comes and checks Gunjan. The doctor says that it must not happen again. Seema says he doesn’t understand how Gunjan can fell down, and goes to asks Gunjan. Seema hears Mayank asking Gunjan if maa said something to her. Gunjan looks at them. Gunjan says only she is responsible, she slipped as she walked in her thoughts and promises to take care about herself. Shayl tells Gunjan that at this time, you have to be responsible. Seema gets emotional, Bindiya takes her to kitchen and again provokes her against Gunjan. Bindiya tells her that she has convinced the nurse to do a paternity test for Gunjan. Seema gets happy.

Rachna picks a call which is for Bindiya. The goon asks her to pay some money. Rachna tries to enquire about the call with Bindiya, but she makes an excuse. Gunjan and thinks she has became a stranger for Seema. She then thinks she has to stay happy for her happy and talks to her baby that she has to stay healthy for mind and body. Bindiya says she will guard the room. Seema goes to the nurse and offers her some money to do the paternity test. Mayank enters the room and sees Seema with the nurse. He gets dountful.

Mayank sees Seema talking to the nurse and questions Seema. Seema makes an excuse. Gunjan discuss with Mayank the changes that come to the baby, each day. She and Mayank was excited, Mayank says that the life of Gunjan is going to change only. They have a pillow fight, when Seema comes there with the milk. Gunjan thanks Seema. Mayank tells Gunjan that his mother cares for her a lot. Gunjan thinks if mummy eats, baby eats and drinks the milk. Seema and Bindiya discuss about the paternity test. Shayl comes to Gunjan, and appreciates that she has drunk the whole glass. Gunjan is quiet. She tells Shayl mama came to her dream yesterday. Gunjan decides to write a blog to express her feelings. A ward boy arrives with a package and Bindiya receives it, Rachna catches her and takes the parcel. Rachna is about to open the package but just then Seema takes the package from Rachna. Gunjan asks Seema if she knows about the test. Seema tells her that the doctor told her about it. Gunjan agrees. Seema manages to get Gunjan’s blood sample and thinks that she is doing it all for the betterment of the family. Keep reading.

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