DD spends a night at Sid’s chawl house and gets close to Roshini in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, Roshni sees Nani doing the puja and asks her teach her to do puja. They do the puja together. Roshini is tensed about Sid. Sid meets Raj and seeing his worried face he asks him about the reason for the stress. Raj says nothing important and says he is feeling like spending time with him and Roshni. Sid after yesterday’s accident, Roshni thinks life should be simple, rich or poor and says even DD has changed. Just then, Rajveer reaches the scene and seeing him the two of them change their topic. Raj leaves the place saying he has to go on shoots. Sid is upset that he could not find out about his father’s worry. Raj thinks Sid is a big player and he will know his secret by his father instead. Sid goes home and gets surprised to see Roshni doing his aarti. Simran gets tea for Krutika who is yelling on servants for being lazy and not getting her tea yet. She asks where is Sid and asks why he does not come home. Simran decides to tell her everything about Sid. Roshini and Sid share a light romantic moment.

Rajveer comes to Khurana’s company and decides to investigate the truth about Sid and his father. Gafoor Bhai warns Rajveer and reminds him of the work that he has to complete. Rajveer takes his warning lightly and decides to find out the truth about Sid. Krutika behaves nicely with Raj and Simran. Raj gets happy when Krutika serves food to him. Later she asks him to give her a car and cash. Raj refuses to give her. She goes on to blackmail him by saying that she will reveal Sid’s truth to DD. Raj gets angry with Simran. DD and Sid are mingling with each other.

DD keeps precious jewelry in safe locker and tells Kesar that it is the most precious consignment of her life and he has to be at office and take care of it until delivery is done. He agrees. Rajveer meets Ghafoor who tells him about DD’s consignment reaching her office and asks him to steal it for him. Krutika herself takes car keys and money from Raj’s wallet and leaves, leaving Raj feeling helpless. He gets angry with Simran. Sid talks to Nani. He says house’s environment is changing and everything getting well. She says it is because of you. She says, DD had to work hard to get to this position and forgot her emotional side in between. He says we both can revoke it again.

Rajveer sees Khurana builders’ advertisement in newspaper and tells DD that they can take back apartment installment. She says then he can go and meet Prashanth Kulkarni there. Nani asks everyone to accompany her to the temple. They try to refuse, but finally agrees. Raj and Simran get worried as they do not find Krutika in her room. After sometime Krutika returns in a drunken state surprising them. Nani stops the car on the way and says she needs to go to the wash room immediately. She manages to take the entire family to the Sid’s chawl. Later she pretends to be unwell and forces DD to spend a day in the small house.

DD finds it very difficult to live in the chawl. Sid and Nani enjoy seeing her. Rajveer comes to Khurana’s office and forcefully entes Raj Khurana’s cabin. Raj calls the security and asks to get him out of the office. Rajveer suspects something fishy and fumes thinking he could not find Sid’s relationship with Raj Khurana. Ghafoor calls him and asks if he did his work. He gets angry on ghafoor instead.DD and the family gets hungry. Durgadevi surprises everybody when she cooks food for everyone. Sid starts joking and says she looks like a housewife and not businesswoman. DD taunts him about him stealing food and toiletries at five star hotel. Kesar guards DD’s safe locker at her office and thinks he has become a god guarding it.

Sid and Roshini play ludo along with Bablu chacha and Pratima. They ask DD to join them but she refuses. Just then electricity goes off and they decide to play antakshri. DD thinks they are playing middle class game and doesn’t participate. Rajveer somehow manages to find out the number of the locker and gets ready to steal the precious diamond necklace from it. Rajveer thinks he should do something to CCTV camera and destroys it. Kesar checks jewelry and Rajveer takes its pics. Sid asks Roshni to sing next. She gets confused which song to sing. Naani says her favorite childhood song. Roshni says she does not remember and gets sad thinking she will lose game.

DD sings Chandaniyaan chupjanaa re song. Roshni gets emotional hearing it and hugs DD. DD also gets emotional and tears roll down her cheeks. Naani thanks god and even Sid thanks god and says his dream is coming true. Roshni gets emotional remembering her childhood days when DD used to pamper her and feed food from her hand. Rajveer steals the jewellery from the locker and keeps back fake jewelry in locker and closes door. Someone holds him shocking him. Keep reading.

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