Abhi decides to get Purab married to Bulbul shocking Aaliya in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya.

In Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi marries Pragya yet another time when he makes her wears the mangalsutra. Everyone get happy. Dadi comes out of coma and gains consciousness. She comes out of room and sees Pragya in a bridal attire and Abhi standing beside him. She calls Pragya. Abhi and Pragya rush to her. Dadi asks what is happening? Abhi tells her that he will tell her everything later. Dadi insists him to tell now itself. Dadi asks whether it is Karwachauth today and questions why you wore this bridal dress. Dasi tells her that Pragya is proved innocent in MMS case because of Abhi, he did so much to prove her innocent. Dadi gets happy. Dadi scolds Abhi for staging Pragya’s marriage.

Pragya says Abhi didn’t do anything wrong and did everything to prove her innocent. Sarla praises Abhi for clearing Pragya’s name. She prays for their love to be united always. Tanu and Mitali get shocked knowing Dadi came out of coma. Abhi tells everyone that he don’t want anyone to inform Dadi about Aaliya’s doings. Sarla thanks Purab. Purab tells Bulbul that he is happy to see Pragya happy. Abhi sits to have wine, Pragya joins him and insists to have a sip of wine. Abhi recalls Pragya drinking it before and says he can’t take chances again. Pragya says she is happy. Abhi jumps on the bed and they fall on each other. They have an eyelock.

Aaliya comes to Pragya and says she can’t forget the slap and says she will make her life hell. Pragya dreams about Abhi getting her bedtime tea and serving it to her on bed. He asks if she was dreaming about him. She says yes. They reach Sarla’s house. Pragya asks him to apologize to Suresh.Abhi refuses. She says he has to. He agrees. Abhi mingles well with everyone. Pragya tells Bulbul that she has started respecting Abhi more after the incident. Bulbul tells her that she has decided to get Aaliya and Purab married. They get emotional. Abhi hears them. Abhi realizes that Bulbul is ready to give up her love for Purab for the sake of Pragya’s relation with him.

Abhi calls Purab and asks him to meet him. He thinks he has to end this chapter soon. Dadi gets curious to know the person behind the fake MMS, oblivous to her that she is none other than Aaliya. Dadi curses the person who tried to malign Pragya’s reputation. Aaliya gets irked. He comes to the place and meets Purab. He tries to convince Purab to get married to the girl of his choice. Purab refuses at first, but then Abhi emotionally blackmails him. Purab agrees to do as per his sayings.

Abhi takes Purab along with him to Bulbul’s house and calls Aaliya, but she doesn’t pick his call. He tells Sarla that that he will announce Purab’s marriage in front of her entire family. Later, Tanu finds out from Abhi’s driver that Abhi was talking to Purab about his marriage and asks Aaliya to pick Abhi’s call. She happily informs Aaliya that Abhi is talking to Purab about her marriage, and she should go shop her wedding dress now.Abhi says Purab has proved that he is his best friend and can do anything for him. Abhi says he wants a solution for a love triangle. Sarla asks what? He says Purab, Aaliya and Bulbul’s love triangle.

Abhi asks Bulbul to promise that she will forget Purab. She promises. He asks Purab to forget Bulbul. Even he promises. Abhi asks them to forget about their past and think of their future and not leave each other’s companionship. He surprises everyone and tells that he will be getting Purab’s marriage with Bulbul as he has realized that their love is true. Sarla worries about Aaliya’s reaction. Abhi promises to handle his Aaliya.
Pragya thanks Abhi for uniting Purab and Bulbul. He says he did it for Aaliya as she loves Purab and Purab loves Bulbul, until he marries Bulbul, Aaliya will be behind him and will ruin her life. They get romantic when Abhi tries to kiss her but then moves away.

Later, Abhi discusses about Bulbul and Purab’s marriage with Sarla’s family. Purbi says their marriage hall is still sealed. Purab says he will marry in temple. Abhi says he is like his younger brother and will arrange his marriage at his house. Sarla refuses. Abhi convinces her. While Bulbul gets shy, Pragya teases her and calls jijaji to Purab. Purab hugs Bulbul and she also reciprocates and smiles. Abhi gets into house with Pragya. Aaliya happily hugs and thanks him. Abhi asks what did I do? Tanu says they know that he met Purab and fixed Aaliya and Purab’s marriage. Abhi is shocked.

Aaliya says she will decide about their marriage arrangements with Purab. Abhi asks her not to meet Purab as her marriage is not fixed with him. Aaliya gets shocked. Abhi tells that he has fixed Purab’s marriage with Bulbul and not her. Aaliya feels devastated and gets teary eyes. He says if Aaliya marries Purab, she cannot be happy with him, so it is better Purab marries Bulbul. Aaliya strangulates Pragya and says she has done this and slaps her. Abhi stops her and gives her a tight slap. Purab takes Bulbul out and asks if she loves him or not. She says she will not tell it so easily and runs away. They share a romantic moment.

Abhi says Aaliya that Pragya is not behind his decision and it is his sole decision. Aaliya refuses to believe him. She says she will kill Pragya. Abhi warns her and says if she even touches Pragya, he will forget that she is his sister. Aaliya locks herself in her room and cries. Dadi tells Abhi that he did right. Sarla apologizes to Bulbul for doubting her. They hug each other. Pragya goes to meet Aaliya. Keep reading.

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