DD gets changed for good and even starts accepting Sid in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, Rajveer steals the precious diamond jewellery while Kesar Chachu is fast asleep. In the morning, DD sees water not coming from taps and gets worried. She informs this to Nani and decides to get the water from the public tap. She joins the queue to fill water, but ends up fighting with the neighbors. They start taunting DD. Roshni defend her mum and warns them not to utter a word against her mum. DD gets touched. Sid gets happy and so is Nani. DD and her family sit in the car to go home. DD sees lacks of place in the car and asks Roshni to sit on her lap. Roshini gets happy and emotional as she sits on her lap and goes home. Sid and Nani feel happiness and thinks mother and daughter will unite soon.

The Client comes to take the necklace which he ordered. DD asks Kesar to bring the exclusive diamond set. Sid notices that one of the jewellery’s hook is artificial, but Kesar says it is original. DD comes home and asks everyone to have food as she brought some yummy dishes. She invites Sid and Roshini to have dinner with her. Roshini gets emotional. Just then DD’s client Mr. Nene comes there and throws the necklace saying it is artificial jewellery. DD gets shocked and defends herself. Mr. Nene accuses her for cheating with him. DD looks at Kesar angrily. Mr. Nene asks her to pay up the entire amount that she had taken from him. He tells her that he will discontinue any further business ties with her. DD gets angry and blames Kesar.

Krutika’s car tyre gets punctured and she tries to get lift from the vehicles passing by. Some goons see her and tries to misbehave with her but just then, a man comes on his bike and saves her. DD along with the police officers look into the CCTV footage of her jewllery store to find out about the thief but the video footage stops just after it shows Kesar entering into the room. DD starts doubting Kesar and her doubts gets confirmed when she sees Resham wearing the earring of the same jewellery set that had been stolen from her office. DD gets furious and starts accusing Kesar of stealing her jewellery. The entire family tries to convince DD that Kesar can’t steal. DD does not listen and asks Kesar and Resham to hand over the necklace to her. Kesar cries and says that he does not have the jewellery. Resham says as always he will obey her order and hopes she realizes that he is her obedient devar. DD says he was and not now.

DD decides to call the police and says she will hand over Kesar to the police. Sid tells Kesar that someone is behind this. Kesar and Resham hug every family member before leaving. Samaira misbehaves with Roshini and gets a slap. Mona gets angry at Roshini. She scolds Roshni that her daughter is not wrong this time. Roshni recalls Mona’s words that she does not want her and her daughter to stay here, so she will move out. . She tells Sid that Mona is doubting her and gets sad. He cheers her up and brings her to roadside stall to feed her pani puri. He sees Rajveer talking to Ghafoor. Rajveer says Ghafoor that Sid will create problem. Ghafoor says he is just DD’s puppet and asks him to concentrate on DD. Mona forgives Roshini and hugs her. Roshni gets happy. Rajveer introduces his friend to DD and says is a big Dubai jewelry supplier and works very proficiently and can be trusted. DD gets thinking.

Sid meets Bablu and gets passport endorsed to go to Dubai. Bablu feels bad for Resham and Kesar. Sid says how we will convince DD to get them back. Just then, a robber snatches their passport bag and runs. Sid follows him. Robber throws bag in a drain and it gets damaged. Krutika throws Sid’s clothes on floor and tries to burn them. Simran and Raj stop her. Krutika misbehaves with Raj and calls Sid as laundary man’s dog. DD calls Bablu, Rajveer and Sid and says she has decided to give power of attorney to Rajveer so that he can do business in Dubai easily. Rajveer thanks her. DD says even Sid will have POA. Sid thanks her and says he cannot go though as his passport needs to be renewal. DD says bad timing. Sid thinks to tell the truth to DD as he gets tired of lying. Keep reading.

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