Ankita brings Pari in Naren’s life for his betterment in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Ankita brings Pari to the hospital for Naren. Pari gets emotional and touches his hand. Naren responds. Pari refuses to help Ankita and asks her to handle the situation herself. Ankita asks Shekhar to convince Pari. Shekhar says, they have to do something else. Naren gets consciousness. Doctor calls Ankita. Naren doesn’t recognize her. Ankita gets shocked and calls the doctor. Doctor tells her that he lost his memory for these 2 years. Ankita gets shocked. Naren recognizes his parents. Rushaali tells Naren that Ankita is his caretaker. Doctor informs him about his memory loss since 2012. Naren tells about Ahana’s accident in London. His parents say that they will explain him everything.

Soham tells Balan that Archana didn’t allow him to marry his lady love and didn’t give him the rights. Naren is still confused that he lost his memory in 2012 and now he is in 2014. Ankita cries and remembers her marriage with Naren. Ankita informs Rushaali about Pari being the real Ahana. Rushaali decides to handle the situation herself. Shekhar calls Pari and says he will wait for her. Naren behaves normally. Sunanda asks Rushaali about Ankita. Rushaali tells her that Naren has forgotten his memory for 2 years. Rushaali thinks she will get Pari married to Naren. Rushaali tells Naren that Pari is Ahana and she is Arjun’s daughter. Naren gets surprised.

He tells Rushaali that he doesn’t need Ankita’s service anymore. Ankita comes home and asks about Naren. Rushaali asks her to sign on some hospital papers. Ankita signs it without reading. Ankita brings juice for Naren. She sees him sleeping and sleeps beside him. Naren wakes up and scolds her for sleeping with him. He asks her to be in her limits. Ankita gets sad.

Ankita asks Rushaali, why she didn’t inform Naren about his marriage with her. Rushaali says, he will go mad and end up in hospital. She says, shall she tell him that Ankita married him for money. Ankita says, they love each other now. Ankita tells her that she will wait for Naren to get back his memory. Naren comes to Manav’s house to meet Pari. Pari and Naren get emotional. Pari imagines hugging him and closes the door when she recalls Ankita being Naren’s wife. Naren asks her to let him talk and explain. Pia asks Pari to give a chance to Naren. Pari tells her clearly that Naren is her friend Ankita’s husband and she can’t cheat her.

Naren comes back and cries. Rushaali consoles him and promises to get him married to his Ahana/Pari. She says, Ahana is yours and will always be. Ankita cries. Rushaali asks Ankita to bring Pari in Naren’s life if she wants Naren to get well and be happy. She says, it is test of your love. Ankita is in dilemma. Ankita thinks she will convince Pari to come to this house, but what if she stays permanently in Naren’s life. What will happen to her and her child. Naren gets hyper. Ankita decides to bring Pari.

Manav and Archana worries for Ankita. Ankita comes and asks Pari to meet Naren as it would help him in his recovery. Ankita tells her everything and pleads to Pari to come with her and saves Naren. Archana tells Ankita that she is proud of her as she is sacrificing her happiness for her husband. She tells her that once she sacrificed her love for someone. Ankita requests Archana to convince Pari. Manav asks Balan about Soham. Soham lies saying he died 20 years ago. Rushaali thinks she can kick Ankita out of the house if she fails to bring Pari. She thinks Ankita is a chawl girl while Pari is a business woman. Archana asks Pari to help Ankita. Pari refuses and says Shekhar is in her life now. Archana asks her to take a decision. Archana brings Pari to Naren’s house and leaves.

Ankita opens the door and sees Pari. Naren gets emotional and kisses her on her forehead. Ankita watches silently. He hugs her. Naren thanks her and apologizes for his mistakes. Rushaali thanks Ankita for bringing Ahana. Naren introduces Pari to Rushaali. Ankita orders Pizza and coke. Naren and Pari enjoy the coke and Pizza. Naren says, he loves her so much. Pari says, so much have changed since two years. Balan follows Soham and comes to know about his kids. He thinks to control Soham through them. Rushaali thinks Pari is perfect for Naren and not Ankita. Ankita tells Pari that once Naren gets fine, then everything will be okay. Prashant and Shashank come to meet Naren. Ankita lies to them saying he went out. Shashank comes home and informs Mansi that he saw Naren, but Ankita lied to them. Naren asks Rushaali about company’s progress. Rushaali tells him that she will call his employees to come home. Keep reading.

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