Raghu organizes Shivani wedding with Karan in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe EK Dori Se.

In Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Raghu misunderstands Karan and thinks he is having an affair with his sister Gini. He gets shocked to see Gini in Karan’s house and instantly breaks Shivani’s marriage with Karan. However Shivani who is aware of the fact challenges Raghu to break his marriage with Sumitra if he wants her to cancel her wedding with Karan. Karan gets shocked. Raghu tells her that he will do whatever is right and he can’t see babyji with a bad man. Karan asks Shivani, do you still love Raghu. Shivani recalls their happy moments and Raghu- Sumitra’s marriage. She refuses to love him anymore.

Raghu brings Gini to the house shocking his family members. They get shocked to see her in short dress. Raghu covers up her act and doesn’t tell anything to his family. Baburaam blames Shivani for giving permission to Gini for the party. Later Raghu scolds Gini for insulting his values. Raghu tells his family that he has broken Shivani and Karan’s alliance. Baburaam asks him the reason. Raghu tells him that he can’t say the reason. Shivani comes and puts challenge to Raghu to stop her marriage with Karan. Raghu gets shocked and didn’t know what to do. Raghu is in dilemma.

Gini plans to hurt Shivani under the influence of Sumitra. She cuts her sandal with blade so that Shivani falls. Bella comes and Gini throws the blade in the other sandal. Raghu gets restless and thinks to tell the truth about his fake marriage to Sumitra to stop Shivani’s marriage. He thinks, he can’t let anything bad happen to babyji infront of his eyes. Bella asks Gini to tell the truth. Gini lies. Shivani wears the sandal and falls. Raghu holds her on time. Raghu tells Shivani that he wants to tell her something. He was about to tell the truth, but Sumitra stops him. However Raghu comes to talk to Shivani again. Sumitra throws the plant pot from the balcony to kill Shivani. Raghu saves her in time and gets hurt instead. Shivani gets shocked and does the bandage on his wound.

Bella slaps Gini. Gini accepts her mistake. She says, she wants to ruin Shivani’s life as she is marrying Karan instead of her. She tells Bella that she felt Karan love for her. Bella asks her to call Karan and confirm the same. Gini calls Karan. Karan tells her that he always loved Shivani and never loved her. Gini gets shocked and cries. She repents for misbehaving with Shivani. Bella brings Gini to Raghu. She accepts her doings and apologizes to him. Raghu gets relieved and ashamed to have doubted Karan.

He goes to Karan and apologizes to him. Karan gives him bangles for Shivani. Raghu thanks him. Raghu comes home and gives the bangles to Shivani. Shivani gets angry and insults Raghu. She calls him servant and asks him to organise her wedding so that he too feels the same pain which she is going through. Raghu tells her that he will fulfill his duty being his servant. Sumitra gets annoyed with Shivani. Shivani calls her servant too. Sumitra is super annoyed. Baburaam calculates the wedding expenses. Maya gives idea to Baburaam and asks him to take money from Karan. Karan comes there with gifts for everyone. They get happy. He gives money to Baburaam who readily accepts it.

Raghu comes and returns the money to Karan. Karan insists Baburaam to accept the money. Shivani comes and tells Raghu that she will get marry with Karan’s money and gives the money to Baburaam. Shivani asks Karan to give his wallet and takes out some money. She gives it to Raghu as a tip. Raghu gets shocked. She asks will you manage my wedding? Raghu says, it will be done. Raghu returns the tips money to Karan. Karan tells him that he felt bad when Shivani misbehaved with him. Raghu thinks he will send Shivani so far that that he cannot meet her again. Shivani cries and says she loves him also. Even though she removed her mangalsutra, but she will always be Raghu’s wife.

Raghu looks at the marriage decorations and thinks Shivani will get married tomorrow. He gets emotional and recalls the past moments with her. The reminiscences the days when she used to call him Jaadugar when he does her work. He starts crying remembering Shivani will go to London after marriage. He writes Karan’s name on the marriage name board with Shivani, but then imagines his name with Shivani.

Shivani gets ready for her marriage. Raghu comes to her and gifts her palanquin miniature and asks for forgiveness. Shivani thinks she is marrying someone else. She prays to God to make her Raghu’s wife and fills her maang with sindoor of his name. Raghu keeps the palanquin next to Sindoor box and it falls on Shivani’s forehead. Shivani get happy and emotional while Raghu is shocked. Keep reading.

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