Gunjan gets irritated with her family’s blind belief on Guruji in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Mayank gets happy on getting the phone call from his uncle informing him about Guruji’s coming to his house. Mayank informs everyone. Mayank asks Gunjan to help Seema in the preparation. Seema asks her to take bath and come to the kitchen. Pihu recalls the treatment by her mom in law. Gunjan sees the grand preparations. Guruji’s men comes. One of them tells that no one can go near Guruji. He tells Seema that Guruji uses only silver and gold utensils. Gunjan thinks why there is so many restrictions.

Finally Guruji arrives. He blesses someone and astonished everyone with some magic. He tells his followers that he has chosen this house as the people loves him. Guruji lits the candle with his hand. Everyone get surprised. He sits on the seat and tells everyone not to violate the God by praying infront of him. He tells them that he is among one of them. He asks Gunjan to asks him questions she has in mind. Gunjan asks, why this special treatment for yourself when you call yourself as a simple man. Guruji stands up and sits on floor with everyone. All his followers stand infront of him. He explains to Gunjan that he can’t let his followers stand for long.

Gunjan thinks, there must be something in him so that he has so many followers. Rachna tells Gunjan that if he is a simple man then why he has so much security and gold utensils. Murli calls Gunjan and informs her about his mom blackmailing him to divorce Pihu. Guruji throws something on Dayal. Dayal gets a strain in his head. Guruji asks him to believe in God.

Rajiv gains consciousness and asks Kabir to call Rachna. Pihu’s mom in law comes and meets the Guruji. He stops her from touching his feet and asks her to accept his son’s happiness. He asks her to take her bahu back home. Pihu’s mom in law agrees. Kabir tells Rajiv that Rachna works for him and the accident happened with his car. Rajiv gives the statement to the police that the accident happened because of his mistake. Pihu gets accepted by her mom in law. She gets happy. Rachna goes to meet Rajiv. Some followers starts dancing and Guruji also dances. Mayank falls because of the smoke of the pooja. Gunjan rushes to him. Guruji asks her to calm down.Guruji reads something and Mayank gets consciousness.

He tells her that he has firm believe on him. Seema thanks Guruji. Guruji tells Seema that Mayank needs to improve. His followers gives Guruji’s visiting card to Seema. Kabir offers Rajiv to stay at his house. Rachna thanks him. Pihu leaves with Murli. Shayl and Dayal appreciates Guruji’s powers. Kabir brings Rajiv to his house. Rajiv thanks him and goes to bring water. Rachna asks Rajiv about Vihan. He tells her that Vihan is settled in UK. Kabir hears their conversation.

Seema decides to sell off her jewellery to shell out money for Guruji. Dadi comes back home. Kabir introduces Rajiv to Dadi. Rachna helps Rajiv to sit on the sofa. Kabir doesn’t like it. Mayank keeps chilles and lemon in his purse. Gunjan brings breakfast for him. Seema puts tika on his forehead and asks him to take ring from the jeweller. Rachna tells Rajiv about Kabir’s girlfriend. Rajiv asks him about the mysterious girl. Kabir ignores his question and goes to bring coffee.

Mayank tells Seema that he brought the ring for Rs. 40000. He sees a baby pram going on the road unattended and runs after it. He saves the baby. Someone gets out of the car and thanks Mayank. Mayank thinks that Guruji sent him here. Rachna tells Kabir that she knows what is bothering him as she couldn’t meet his girlfriend. Mayank comes home with sweets and informs everyone that his presentation went well. He also saved his chairman’s daughter. He thanks Seema. Gunjan gets shocked.

Later Mayank faints. Gunjan wants to call the doctor, but Seema brings the Pooja thali. Everyone gets irritated with the smoke. However Mayank gets consciousness and tells Seema that he wants to meet Guruji. Seema asks Gunjan to make tea. Gunjan says, we are getting too much involved with this Guruji. Seema asks her not to disrespect God. Mayank gets ready to go to Guruji’s ashram. Gunjan offers to come with him. Dadi meets Rachna. She tells her about Kabir’s girlfriend. Dadi thinks Rachna is speaking about herself and thanks the God. Dadi blesses Rachna after seeing her in the mirror.

shows Kamla’s photo to Dadi and tells her that she is Kabir’s girlfriend. Dadi is speechless. Gunjan, Mayank and Seema reached the Ashram. They pass through tight security. Gunjan thinks it is nothing less than a palace. Guruji sits on his place. Some girl reflects mirror on Gunjan’s face. Gunjan runs after her. She sees her running in the corridor. The guards stops Gunjan. Kabir tells Dadi that he likes Rachna making her happy. Keep reading.

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