Ankita goes against her inlaws and supports Mansi in getting justice in Pavitra Rishta

Pavitra Rishta is all focused on the rape case. Ankita’s brother in law Raunaq raped her sister Mansi to take revenge from her for spoiling his wedding night. Raunaq was after Mansi but when the latter rejects his advances, he thinks to trouble her. Mansi keeps quiet thinking about Ankita and Naren. Mansi’s marriage date gets fixed and so was Raunaq, but they both were getting married to different persons. Mansi was about to get married to her tutor cum love Shashank while Raunaq’s marriage was fixed with Kinnari, a spoilt girl by his aunt. Raunaq agrees to marry Kinnari for her property but couldn’t stop himself from imagining and thinking about Mansi. He sends a gift to Mansi.

Mansi wears the dress thinking that it is sent by her jiju Naren or her would be husband Shashank. Later she comes to know that the dress is actually sent by Raunaq on the sangeet day. Raunaq gets married to Kinnari. When Mansi gets to know about his cheap tactics, she calls Kinnari and brings her husband’s truth infront of her. Kinnari refuses to accept Raunaq as her husband and declines to have wedding night with him. Raunaq gets annoyed and goes to Mansi. Mansi was enjoying the sangeet day with everyone around, she gets a sms from Ankita’s phone asking her to come to the terrace. Mansi comes to the terrace and gets victimised of Raunaq’s lust. She gets shattered.

When Ankita comes to know about Raunaq’s doings, she decides to punish the guilty. Mansi decides not to marry Shashank and spoil his life as she thinks she got impure now. Shashank’s mother breaks off his alliance with Mansi but Shashank stood by her. He makes it clear that it was like a accident and he is ready to marry her as he knows she didn’t do any mistake. Mansi is touched by his gesture.

Ankita goes to her home and slaps him hard. This doesn’t go well with her inlaws who throws her out of the house. Even her husband Naren doesn’t trust her. She comes back to her father’s house. She asks Mansi to have strength and motivates her to fight for her justice. Mansi doesn’t want any gap to bridge between Ankita and Naren. Ankita promises her that everything will be fine once the truth comes out. She inspires her to fight for the justice. Raunaq shakes hand with his wife. Ankita along with Mansi search for the proofs. Mansi shows her Raunaq’s bracelet which had fallen at that night. Ankita goes to Karmarkar’s house and shows the proofs unaware that Raunaq already brought a similar bracelet with the help of Kinnari. Raunaq proves her wrong and accuses her for framing him. He badmouths about Mansi’s pure character. Naren comes in his talks.

Ankita files the police complaint with Shashank’s help. Police arrests Raunaq on the charges of rape. Although Kinnari acts helpless but is happily enjoying his exit. Naren goes to the his lawyer friend Shekhar and convinces him to take Raunaq’s case. Shekhar assures that Raunaq’s case is clean and clear and they will win. Naren asks him to get justice for Mansi once he is done with Raunaq’s case. Naren comes to Mansi’s house and tries to make her understand that Raunaq can’t do any such thing. Mansi didn’t say anything. He doesn’t talk to Ankita but eats bottlegourd veggie prepared by Ankita. Mansi thinks to talk the complaint back, but Ankita assures her that everything will be fine between her and Naren. Naren’s Aunt Sunanda asks Naren to sign on the divorce papers but Naren tears the papers angrily. Sunanda gets worried when Naren goes missing and calls Ankita.

At the other hand, Ovi’s daughter Pia comes to know that RK is a murderer. She tells to Ovi. Ovi goes to talk to Purvi but Purvi doesn’t listen to her and accuses her for snatching everything. Pia determines to bring Arjun and Purvi together. RK has other plans as he takes Purvi to Pune. Pia follows them. Arjun gets an attack and he is rushed to the hospital. He gets stable after the medication. What is RK’s plan? What will Naren do now? Will Pia be able to unite the once lovely couple Purvi and Arjun? Stay tuned.

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