Asad and Zoya married, Tanveer plans to spill the secrets about Zoya’s father in Qubool Hai.

This week starts with Asad and Zoya’s haldi ceremony rituals. Tanveer desperately tries to get the information about the wedding destination of Asad and Zoya. Tanveer tells Asad that one person is not invited yet hinting about herself. Asad says that she is not their family and is surely not welcome. Zoya also says, you are not invited. Tanveer tells them that she is a changed person now. Asad and Zoya doesn’t believe her because of her past doings. Tanveer determined to find out where the marriage would happen. Haider gets romantic with Humera and the growing proximity between them irked Mamu. Mamu knows about Haider revenge plans against him and therefore wants to save his daughter from falling prey to him. Haider shows off lipstick mark to Mamu who couldn’t digest the fact that his daughter is falling for the wrong guy.

Asad gets close to Zoya and is about to kiss her but their intimacy is interrupted by Dilshaad’s arrival. Asad and Zoya get shy while Dilshaad and others couldn’t stop laughing. Zoya hides Tanveer’s contact lenses when the latter went to the bathroom. She did it to stop Tanveer from attending her haldi ceremony but Tanveer comes to the function with her stoned eye scaring everyone around. She tries to apply haldi on zoya’s face but Zoya stops her hand midway.

Tanveer smirks and applies haldi on Zoya’s face with her other hand. She purposely falls on Asad thereby splashing the haldi on Asad too. Mamu watches his long lost daughter Zoya’s haldi ceremony and gets emotional. Razia gets annoyed with Mamu for showing his affection towards Zoya. Mamu tells her that one day Zoya would find out about the relation between them.
Zoya takes Dilshaad’s permission to apply haldi on Asad’s face. Asad applies haldi on her face making her emotional. Then Zoya applies haldi on Asad’s face. She bumps into Mamu and accidently applies haldi on Mamu’s face. Mamu recollects the little Zoya and gets emotional. While Zoya is quite startled to see his emotional side. Haider comes to the function with Humera. Humera says she is not interested in the rituals. Haider applies haldi on her face.

Haider follows her and lays her on the bed and applies mehendi forcibly. Both of them laugh. As Mamu is seeing them, Haider tries to get close to her while caressing her face. Mamu comes and jerks him off. Humera gets shocked. Mamu throws Haider out of the house and asks him never to think about playing with his respect. Mamu locks Humera in the room. Razia threatens Tanveer saying her eyes would be on her from now onwards. Someone sends a gift tray saughat ki thali. As the ladies are sighting the gifts. Zoya asks them about the saughat ki thali and thinks Asad might have sent it. Asad clarifies that he didn’t send any. Badi Bi tells her that it is taken care of with much efforts. It is usually send by parents or close relatives. Zoya says he might be near to us. Mamu who is the sender, watches this from far and gets emotional. Razia gets angry at Mamu. Dilshaad praises the jewellery and clothes sent by the sender. Haider sends a letter to Humera asking her to run away with him. Humera agrees and writes a message on the window with her blood. Haider comes to Asad and gives him some gift for Zoya. He asks him to give the gift on the wedding day.

Tanveer tries to get the information about the wedding destination with Nuzhat who misguides her. Zoya talks to Mamu and asks him not to be strict with Humera as she thinks of her as her sister. She wishes to see Mehendi on Humera’s hand. Mamu comes to Humera’s room and applies mehendi on her hand. When Humera wakes up from the sleep, she wipes it off wondering who has applied it. Razia confronts Mamu for the saughat ki thali and then mehendi. Mamu replies her that truth will be out soon as Zoya is also desperate to know about him. And no one can stop her including you.. Razia gets very much annoyed.

Tanveer tries her best to convince Asad to let her attend his marriage, but Asad is firm on his decision restricting her from coming to his marriage. Tanveer acts and says she is changed. Zoya reminds her about her acid attack during her previous mehendi ceremony. Humera elopes with Haider who asks her to have trust on him. Mamu gives him blessings to Zoya and gets emotional. Zoya thanks him. Mamu says I know you will look good in your red color wedding dress. Zoya wonders how did he know about the color of her wedding dress. By the time she turns to question him, Mamu leaves.

Haider brings Humera to Agra. Mamu gets the letter left by Humera. Razia reads it. Tanveer tells them that she have seen Humera and Haider boarding a truck carrying wedding stuff. Mamu decides to go to Agra. Humera and Haider come to the Taj and get mesmerised by its beauty. Asad and Zoya get ready for their marriage. They sit for their wedding at Taj Mahal. Tanveer calls her goons and asks him to get the gift deliver soon.

Mamu comes to same place where Asad and Zoya’s wedding is going on. He gets emotional seeing her as a bride. Qazi asks about Zoya’s father. Dilshaad tells him that she is her family and tells her name. Mamu feels helpless as he couldn’t acknowledge his daughter. Asad and Zoya get married and Qazi declares them as husband and wife. Dilshaad puts black spot on them to keep off the evil eye and blesses them.

Asad and Zoya look at each other infront of Taj. They get romantic and move by the love. Tanveer sends a note which reads you will find out about your father in next 6 days. Asad and Zoya are surprised. What will happen when Zoya comes to know about her father’s identity? What will Haider do with Humera as he wants to take revenge from Mamu? Stay tuned.

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