Raghu determined to help Balwant Rana’s loyal employee Govind ji in Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori se

Shivani has stepped in the role of a business woman. She has started coming to the office as Raghu has objected Jazz’s entry in the office. Raghu resigned from his job and decides to work for Shivani’s company, but Shivani objects to him. Raghu provokes her saying you can’t handle the business. He uses the reverse psychology and reads her mind. He knows that whatever he will tell, Shivani would do opposite to that. When Raghu insists her to let him handle the business as he is 50% owner, Shivani refuses to get him on board. She says, she will handle the business on her own. Raghu gets happy but doesn’t show his happiness. He feels great to see Shivani in his Maliksaa’s place.

Shivani comes to the office and gets a warm welcome from the employees. Raghu decorates her cabin with flowers and everything. Raghu sends accounts file to Shivani. Shivani sees Jazz’s mishandlings and questions him. Jazz fools her saying he took the money for her party. Raghu decides to revive Maliksaa’s project Beam of Hope. He tells the manager that he will give the presentation. When Shivani gets to know about it, she laughs on his poor english knowledge and decides to give the presentation. Raghu tells her that she can’t handle the presentation, but Shivani says that her presentation will be a success.

Raghu prepares the model and gives it to Shivani. Shivani tells him that it is a old age thing and the new generation works on CD and projector. She works all night and prepares the CD, but Aunty steals it. Shivani starts her presentation and the yoga clip comes on the projector. Raghu gets informed by Panna tai ( a servant) about the CD theft. Raghu immediately comes to her rescue with the model of the school. Raghu gives the presentation saying our school not only concentrate on a child’s education, but it also concentrates on mental, physical and spiritual growth of the child. Everyone get impressed.

Mahima, Aunty and Jazz come to the office to know about the presentation failure, but are shocked to know about its success. Aunty hides the presentation CD in Raghu’s bag. Shivani sees it and misunderstands Raghu. Aunty, Jazz and Mahima get happy thinking that they have broaden the hatred between Raghu and Shivani. They provoke Shivani against Raghu. Shivani bashes Raghu for hiding the CD and taking credit for the presentation.

One day, an old employee Govind ji comes to meet Raghu and tells about his son’s illness. Raghu suggests him to take monetary help from Shivani. Govindji tells Shivani about his need of money for his son’s liver transplant. Shivani agrees to give him the money. She asks Raghu to sign the cheque of 5 lakhs rupees without asking any questions. Raghu signs the cheque. When Raghu goes to bank to withdraw the money with Govind ji, he is informed that Shivani cancelled the cheque. Raghu gets shocked. He comes back home and questions Shivani. Aunty tells him that Govind ji is just feigning to be in need of money. Shivani trusts her. Raghu tries to convince her but Shivani doesn’t listen. Govind ji feels helpless.

He goes to the hospital and assures his son that he would surely manage the money for his operation. Raghu comes to him and assures that Shivani will definitely help him once the misunderstandings are cleared. He gets medical report of Govind ji’s son and keeps in his bag. Aunty’s goons steals his bag. Raghu comes home and tells Shivani that his bag is stolen. Jazz cook up a story and tells Shivani that he went to the hospital to check Govindji’s authenticity but Govind ji and his son were not there. Shivani gets frightened with Raghu even more now. Aunty insults Raghu badly. She asks him to help Govindji with his money instead of begging them. Aunty’s insulting words echoes in his mind and he goes in search of work. He gets determined to get Govindji’s son liver transplant anyhow. What he will do now to get 5 lakhs rupees? He won’t take the wrong path as his principles forbid him to do any wrong thing. Stay tuned or keep reading your favourite show Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

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