Jodha and Akbar reach the eternity of their love in Jodha Akbar.

Jodha and Jalal journey to their kingdom have come to an end. As we all know that Jodha and Jalal along with Ruks are on the trip to meet their kingdom people in disguise of a Marwadi couple to know about their problems. Jalal was sleeping with Ruks but he misses Jodha and come to check on her who is sleeping on the floor. He looks smilingly at her. Ruks gets shocked and annoyed. Jodha wakes up and is stunned to see Jalal infront of her eyes. Adham is informed by the soldiers that Jalal is still alive and killed some of them. They come to their palace. Hamida greets them. She asks about their journey. Jalal says, I came to know about our people. Jodha says, I enjoyed a lot. Hamida asks Jodha and Ruks to take rest. Jalal goes to Atgah to discuss about the problems in his kingdom. Adham gets tensed.

Jodha talks to Moti and tells about her experience on the journey. She tells her that her perception has changed about Jalal. She is understanding him now. She tells her that Jalal is a very good ruler. Jalal is bathing and remembers Jodha making roti for him. He blushes. Jodha praises Jalal when Hamida asks her whether he teased her. Jodha thinks, why she is feeling shy.

Jalal tells about the thieves incident in the court. Jalal says our people are happy but they are suffering because of these thieves. He asks Adham khan to get the theives. Maham comes and instigates Ruks against Jodha. She says, she will snatch your position and make you a commoner from a princess. Although you have bridge a physical gap between Jodha and Jalal but they are very much in love with each other and it can be seen in their eyes. Ruks gets worried.

Jodha comes to bakshi and ties the thread on her hand. Bakshi tells her that she is pregnant and asks her not to tell Jalal as her husband is a prisoner. Jodha agrees and thinks to talk to Jalal. Jodha is praying, Jalal gets attracted to her bhajan. He sits to listens it. He asks for the prasad. Jodha holds his hand and then leave his hand. Jalal says, nothing is wrong if you hold my hand. Jalal says, it was a beautiful journey. Jodha says, I enjoyed it. Jalal asks, did you enjoy the journey or my company. Jodha is boggled. Jodha and Jalal have some cute and caring moments as Jodha massages Jalal’s feet. Jalal feels tickles.

Jodha asks Jalal to forgive Sharif and tells him that Bakshi is pregnant. Jalal gets happy but refuses to free Sharif. In the jail, Sharif gets angry at Jodha as she couldn’t help him out. He comes to know about his wife’s pregnancy. He laughs and thinks he will be free soon.

Jodha comes to Hamida and tells her about Bakshi’s pregnancy. Hamida gets happy and recalls slapping her. Jodha asks her to talk to Jalal about Sharif. Hamida says, Jalal won’t agree to free Sharif as they are betrayers. They plotted against you. Jalal won’t forgive. Jodha says, Bakshi is very sorry for her doings. Please talk to Jalal. I want our family to be united. Hamida gets proud of Jodha and says you are a fruit of our prayers. Hamida asks Jalal to forgive Bakshi and Sharif but Jalal refuses. Jalal takes everyone’s opinion about Bakshi. They all asks him to free Sharif for Bakshi’s sake, but Jalal refuses to pardon the betrayer. Jodha tells Maham that she will talk to Jalal once. He has decided as a king but he is also a brother. Ruks thinks Jalal might punish Jodha for taking culprit’s side. Jodha comes to Jalal and explains him, what is the mistake of the unborn baby of Bakshi. She asks him for forgive Sharif and Bakshi. She gives him examples. Jalal is thoughtful.

Jalal comes to Bakshi and holds her when she is about to faint. He forgives her and takes her to the palace. He asks the servants to take care of Bakshi as she is pregnant. Bakshi hugs Jodha and thanks her. Adham tells his men not to loot more as Jalal gave him responsibility to catch the thieves. He doesn’t want to invite trouble. Maham warns Ruks against Jodha and thinks Ruks is losing Jalal to Jodha slowly. All the ladies meet Bakshi and praises Jodha for her wits.

Jodha was sitting near the bath tub and tells Moti about her opinion about Jalal. Jalal comes and sits beside her. Moti leaves. Jodha continues her talk and tells that sometimes he is stubborn, angry and cool. She turns and see him. Jodha gets surprised. Jalal asks her to share dream with him. Jodha says, I am not yet free with you. Jalal asks her to see tonight’s dream and share with him. He says, I will wait for that day. Sujamal makes plans to attack Agra along with his soldiers.

Jalal comes to play chess with Ruks but she was not there. He asks Jodha to play wit him. Jodha doesn’t understand the game. Ruks thinks to play the game with Jalal and is surprised to see them playing. Jalal wins the game and tells Jodha that you made me win. Jodha says, I am still learning the game. Jodha asks Jalal to gift Sharif to Bakshi on her baby shower day. Jalal is shocked. Hoshiyar tells him that Ruks is waiting for him. Jalal tells Ruks that he never got the pleasure of playing the game with her than with Jodha. Ruks shouts at him. Jalal tells her that he always loses the game with her but he made Jodha lose the game and that’s why he is happy. Ruks gets happy. Jalal asks Ruks, what to gift Bakshi on the baby shower day. Ruks says, we will get a best gift for her.

During the baby shower of Bakshi, everyone give gifts to Bakshi. Ruks gives her baby cradle. Jodha comes and asks Bakshi to drink milk. Hamida asks her about the gift. Jodha says, me and Jalal have decided it mutually and Jalal will bring the gift. Sharif comes. Everyone are happy. Jalal recalls Jodha asking him to free Sharif. He tells everyone that he freed the prisoner because of his loyalty as he has saved him from benazir. Bakshi gets happy and hugs Sharif. Hamida says, you have given her the biggest gift. Ruks gets jealous.

Adham is angry as Sharif is freed. Maham says, Jodha has failed our plans. Maham asks him to wait for the right moment for his turn. Maham again provokes Ruks against Jodha. Maham says, Jodha is making her position and one day harem will work under her. Ruks says, harem is mine. Maham says, Jalal gave his room to her and didn’t agree with you. Ruks asks hoshiyar to call Jodha.

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