Haider plays with Humera’s emotions to take revenge from Mamu in Qubool Hai

Last week, Humera ran away with Haider from her home. They tour in Fatehpur sikri and get closer. Humera confesses her feelings and tells him I Love you. She hugs him passionately. Haider starts feelings for her but doesn’t want to accept it. They come to the hotel room and asks for 2 room but are being told by the manager that 1 room is vacant. Humera agrees to take one room. Haider smirks and calls Mamu (Gaffur). He tells him that he is feeling pity on him as his only daughter ran with him. He instigates him to the core. He says, what happens when 2 young people in love are all alone….? Mamu asks, where is Humera? Haider says on my bed in my room. Mamu asks the driver to take him to the hotel.

After Zoya and Asad’s marriage, Zoya receives an envelope. It was written that she will find out soon about her father and there is a picture of her father’s feet saying this was the first installment. Humera waits for Haider in the hotel room. Haider comes and apologizes for one room. Humera says she understands. Haider gets romantic and gets closer to her. Humera gets suprised but says she trusts him completely. Haider lifts her romantically and takes her to the bed. Mamu comes to the hotel and proceeds towards their room. On the bed, Humaira touches Haider passionately and is lost. Haider smiles evilly and pulls the blanket on them. Haider gets physical with Humera to take revenge from Mamu. Mamu stands helplessly and tells the manager to open the door. Haider comes out in inner clothes and tells him that it is too late. Haider stops Mamu from going towards Humera and says he can’t let a father see his daughter in this condition. Mamu is distraught and thinks he couldn’t save his daughter from him.

Mamu comes home and tells Razia that Humera is dead for us. Tanveer smirks and pretends to console her. Nikhat remembers about Farhan and Sameera. They trapped Nikhat and suffocates her. Nikhat gets unconscious. Humera feels bad about hurting her parents. Haider says I did this as your parents didn’t accept me. He smirks.

Asad comes to the room, gives money to Najma and asks her to go. He gives her Nikhat’s money too. Najma gets tensed. On their wedding night, Asad calls Zoya as Miss Farooqui, Zoya corrects him saying Mrs. Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan. Asad compliments her. Zoya shows the gift to Asad. Zoya thinks, Tanveer might know about her father. Zoya makes Asad carry her in his arms. Dilshaad smiles. Haider takes Humera that he is taking her somewhere.

Najma and Nuzhat plays a prank with Asad and Zoya on their wedding night. Asad gets romantic with Zoya but everytime alarm bell rings when he is about to kiss Zoya. Zoya gets a letter informing her that her father is in the hall. Haseena and Farhan dumped Nikhat in the lake and come back home. Sameera gets worried as what they will tell to Nikhat’s family. Najma comes and sees the condition of the house. She gets curious. Haseena manages to divert Najma’s attention. Zoya is curious to know about her father. Asad tells her that it might be Tanveer plan as she doesn’t wish to see them together. Zoya says, may be her father is around them and they couldn’t identity him. Mamu watches emotionally.

Asad and Zoya get romantic, Dilshaad comes and gets confortable. She tells him to come for breakfast. Zoya asks Asad to check the door before coming closer. They come down and see Tanveer doing the valima preparations. Tanveer tells them that valima is after wedding night which they have celebrated. Zoya and Asad get tensed. Dilshaad says, Tanveer is right this time and she wants to become granny. She asks Zoya to have baby soon. Zoya says ok. Haider takes Humera to her room. Humera gets shocked. Someone comes to Zoya’s room and keeps a piece of photo on the side table. Zoya runs to see the person but fails. She doubts Tanveer but she was working in the wall. Mamu sees her and thinks they will unite soon.

Nazma was about to tell Asad and Dilshaad about Nikhat, but Haseena comes and stops her. Humera gets angry on Haider for getting her back home. Haider says, he knows how much she loves her parents. Humera thinks to elope again but Haider insists her to go back. Mamu watches them. Haider smirks. Mamu comes to them. Humera apologizes to him for running from home. She asks him to accept Haider. Mamu has no choice but to accept Humera back home. He says, my happiness lies in your happiness. Haider tells Mamu that your daughter is mad about me. Don’t try to instigate her against me. After having honeymoon we can’t home so came back. He says, your ruined my life and I will ruin yours through your daughter. Humera and Zoya passes each other. humera is angry at Zoya and doesn’t wish her congrats. Zoya shows her pieces of photos but Humera doesn’t recognise the person.

Najma is about to tell Asad and Dilshaad about Nikhat but Haseena stops her again and says don’t share personal details of our family with others. Najma says, they are Nikhat’s family too. Farhan says, I don’t want to anyone to know about Nikhat’s health. Najma keeps quiet and thinks Farhan doesn’t care for Nikhat. Razia and Tanveer have an argument. Zoya keeps the pieces of photo in the kitchen and records Tanveer’s reaction. Tanveer didn’t react and it makes Zoya wonder whose work is this. Destiny is playing game again with Zoya as her father is so close but too far. To know when daughter and father will unite, stay tuned.

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