Raghu performs a dangerous stunt “Maut Ka Khel” with ease.

This week on Do dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se….are full of emotions, turmoils, suspense, sacrifice and a rocking stunt performance. Shivani refuses to give monetary help for Govindji’s son operation under Aunty, Mahima and Jazz’s influence. Aunty asks Raghu to work and help him. Raghu prays for Maliksaa to show him the path as he can’t see anyone dying infront of his eyes. Raghu borrows 20000 Rs from his friends but it is not enough.

Raghu comes to his house and tells about Govindji’s son operation. Raghu tells him that he can get money by mortgaging the house. Baburaam gets angry but agrees on a condition that Raghu have to take Maliksaa’s property and buy a home for him. Raghu doesn’t agree to accept this condition. When Raghu go to meet his brother Vivek. Vivek tells him to steal medicine boxes from the hospital which is worth 5 lakhs rupees each. He says, if you steal 2 boxes then you will get 10 lakhs. Raghu gets angry for showing him the wrong path and refuses to do anything wrong.

Raghu comes to Govindji and assures him that everything will be fine and he will manage the money somehow. Jazz comes and tells Raghu that he will give him 5 Lakhs rupees if he agrees to go away from Shivani’s life. Raghu recalls about Maliksaa’s words and Shivani. He refuses to take the money and says he will protect Shivani until he is alive. Meanwhile Shivani misses him in the office. One of the employee tells her about Raghu in the hospital for Govindji’s son operation. Shivani gets shocked. She comes to the hospital but couldn’t meet Raghu. Doctor tells Govindji that he needs to deposit the money within 4 hours so that they can start with the operation. Raghu assures to get the money. Govindji says, I will come with you.

Raghu and Govindji go to the fair where Raghu’s friend called him. Raghu hears about the prize money of 5 Lakhs Rs for the “Maut Ka Khel” stunt. He reluctantly agrees to do the stunt. He is informed that the stunt is life taking and he may would die. Raghu agrees to do it. Govindji tries to stop him but Raghu is adamant on his decision. Raghu requests the organiser of the show to give him advance money. After much pleading, he gives the money. Raghu gives the money to Govindji and asks him to deposit it immeditately in the hospital.

Jazz comes and tells Shivani that Raghu has stolen 5 lakhs rupees from their locker. Shivani gets worried for Raghu and doesn’t believe him. Jazz somehow convinces her to file the police complaint. When they were going to the police station, Shivani sees Govindji with the suitcase and follows him. Jazz gets tensed, he calls Mahima and tells that they might get arrested.

When Shivani reaches the hospital, Govindji tells her that Raghu is God for him as he arranged the money. Shivani says, he has stolen the money. Govindji says, I feel pity on you as we are nothing infront of Raghu. He tells her that Raghu risked his life to save his son who doesn’t have any blood relation with Raghu. Shivani gets shocked and runs to the fair. She calls Bella and informs her about Raghu taking part in the dangerous stunt. Bella tries to stop Raghu but in vain. Raghu assures her that he will be fine.

Shivani comes to the fair and sees Raghu doing the fire stunt and he jumped in the swimming pool. Baburaam and everyone also witness the stunt and are shocked. Raghu gets unconscious in the water after the stunt, divers dive in and take him out. Shivani is shell shocked. Bella is crying vehemently. Shivani urges Raghu to open his eyes. She asks the guards to do something. Raghu lies on the ground unconscious and wounded. In the next week, Shivani will rush Raghu to the hospital. She feels guilty for Raghu’s deadly attempt. Will Shivani take care of Raghu? Will she start feeling for Raghu? Stay tuned and watch the show to witness how the two opposites get binded by the sacred thread of marriage.

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