Ankita to re-experiment on Naren to get him back to normalcy in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta

Last week, Hypnotic Experiment on Naren failed badly making him go mad. Rushaali gets angry on Ankita and asks her to get out from their house and lives. She accuses her for snatching her two sons from her. Sunanda takes Ankita’s side and tells Rushaali that Ankita won’t leave the house being Naren’s wife. She didn’t do anything intentionally. Ankita decides to leave the house as she holds herself responsible for Naren’s condition.

Shashank’s mom selects a girl for Shashank and thinks Shashank would be happy after seeing this beautiful girl. Shashank and Mansi come there with garlands in her necks. They try to touch her feet. Shashank’s mom gets angry and asks them to get out of the house. Shashank’s dad says, where his son will go? His mom asks him to go to Naren’s house. Shashank says, Mansi is his responsibility now and leaves with her.

Shashank and Mansi come to Soham’s home. Soham asks them to stay in his house. Pia realizes that the family is missing Ovi and decides to disclose her identity. Shashank tells Mansi that he will wait for her and their relationship will begin with friendship. Naren calls for Ahana and refuses to eat anything. Ankita determines to make him well.

Doctor tells Ankita that they can get Naren back to normal but for that they have to create the incident happened in London. He says, if Naren saves Ahana this time then he will be fine. Ankita says, as Ahana is dead, she will sit in the fire. Doctor says, what if naren fails to save her. Ankita is sure that Naren will save her.

Neena speaks badly about Ovi. Archana scolds her and speaks in Ovi’s favour. Pia thinks to unite Ovi with her family. Ankita calls Sunanda and requests her to allow her to meet Naren. Sunanda refuses and says Rushaali is angry on her. She asks her not to come home. Ankita comes to Naren’s house and sleeps outside. Next morning, Sunanda sees her and permits her to meet Naren. Ankita comes to Naren’s room and sees him sleeping. She gets emotional and hugs him.

Archana calls on Mansi’s number and speaks to Soham. Soham gets emotional hearing her name and tells her that he is Mansi’s servant. Archana asks him to inform Mansi about her call. Ankita requests Sunanda to frees Naren’s legs and hands from being tied. Sunanda agrees. Ankita hugs him and cries profusely. Naren wakes up and acts madly. Rushaali and Shirish goes there. Rushaali asks Ankita to go away from her home. Sunanda couldn’t help Ankita now. Later Pia asks Pari about Aman. Pari doesn’t tell her about him.
Purvi and Arjun are shown after a long time. Arjun asks her, did her parents know about him. Purvi says no and asks him not to worry. They will return once he gets fine.

Ankita goes to Shekhar’s house and asks him to help her. She tells him about re- experimenting on Naren to get him back to normalcy. Shekhar doesn’t agree with her. Pia sees a special relationship between Archana and Savita. Savita tells her about the old days and how she troubled Archana. She says she realized later that Archana is a diamond. Savitra asks Pia to get marry soon.
Naren gets schizophrenic and starts shouting. Shekhar comes with flowers. He talks with Shirish about Naren. Naren says, he wants to meet Ahana. Shekhar calls Ankita and says he wants to meet her.

Archana and Manav relishes the moments spent with their kids and recalls Soham. Archana says, if he was alive then he would have a family. Shekhar tells Ankita that he is with her. He wants Naren to get back to normal life.

Shashank sees Ankita on the road. He calls her. Ankita lies to him saying she is with Naren. Shashank thinks, why she is lying to him. Rushaali tells Shirish that London clients are coming for 2-3 days and what will happen if they ask for Naren. She thinks to throw the party to distract them. Sunanda doesn’t approve of the party as Naren is ill. Sunanda asks Shekhar to bring Raunaq out of the jail on Payrole. Shekhar says, it can’t happen as he is punished for rape. Sunanda tells Rushaali that Raunaq will not be back to her home.

Rushaali says, it is important for Raunaq or Naren to attend the client else they will doubt them. Shekhar says, they can get Raunaq out of the jail on the basis of his family member’s illness. Rushaali asks him to do something. Pari gets angry seeing flowers and recalls Aman. She says, she doesn’t love him and tries to burn his pic but doesn’t do it.

Ankita comes to Soham’s house and tells them everything. Shashank asks her, why she hide the truth that she has been thrown out of the house. Soham gets angry. Ankita tells them about the re-experimenting. Soham offers to help her and asks, what he can do. She says, she will sit in the fire for Naren. Soham says it is risky. Ankita says, she loves him very much and can’t see him like this. Soham agrees. Shekhar comes to ankita and tells her about Rushaali asking him to get Raunaq out from the jail on bail. Ankita opposes the idea of getting Raunaq out on bail. He tells about the party and plans to take Naren out for the experiment then.

Pari scolds Pia as she brought flowers for her and it reminds her of Aman. She later apologizes to Pia and hugs her. Rushaali feed soup to Naren and promises him to bring Ahana. Mansi asks Ankita to have food. She sees Lauki ki sabzi and recalls that Naren likes it. She refuses to eat it and feels pained for Naren. She cries badly. Keep reading to know about the experiment on Naren next week on Pavitra Rishta.

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