Raghu gives divorce papers to Shivani, Shivani tears it in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

This week on Do dil bandhe ek dori se, Bella decides to leave her mother’s house as her daughter Nishi gets insulted by Maya. Maya accuses Nishi for stealing the perfume bottle. Nishi pleads innocent. Shivani stands by Nishi. Lata asks Bella not to leave the house but Bella is adamant on her decision as the matter is not about her respect. Sumitra gets happy thinking Shivani will be alone from now on. Shivani requests Bella not to leave the house but Bella asks her to walk on the right path with confidence. She gives her a bangle. Shivani cries. Lata asks Bella to stay until Baburaam comes. Bella says, she will come to meet him later. She asks Rupesh to rent a house. Lata hugs her and cries badly.

Bella shifts to her new house. Raghu comes and helps her with some household items. Bella refuses to take it. Raghu tells her that he is feeling alone now. Bella tells her that Shivani will take care of him. Bella asks Raghu to take care of Shivani. She says, you loves her and are incomplete without her. Raghu asks her to take care and leaves. Lata calls Bella and invites her for Puja. Bella is hesitant to go but Lata insists her to come. Lata asks Raghu to sit for Puja with Shivani as she is his wife. Raghu agrees.

Raghu asks Shivani to refuse sitting in Puja with him. Shivani says, she will do as he asks but asks him to wipe her sindoor and take away the mangalsutra. Raghu says, he can’t do that. Shivani says, she can stop living but can’t stop being called as his wife. Mahima asks Jazz to get a job for himself. Shivani tells Lata that she is fasting. Sumitra lies saying she is fasting too. Bella comes, Shivani is happy. Maya and Sumitra are irked. Maya taunts Bella. Sumitra asks Raghu not to sit with Shivani in the puja else her dreams will be shattered. Raghu thinks Sumitra is right.

Raghu writes a letter to Shivani saying he is not her husband and cannot sit in the puja. Sumitra comes and tears the papers. Shivani searches for Raghu as she wants to show him prasad which she made. Raghu is sitting near the temple and recalls Shivani is fasting. Shivani tries calling Raghu’s number but it is not reachable. Sumitra gives a evil smile. Shivani tells her that she knows that she wants to spoil her puja. Sumitra throws the garbage. Maya asks Shivani to throw the garbage outside.

Shivani is going to throw the garbage out, Sumitra pushes her and the garbage falls on the guests. Guests see egg shells and scold Shivani for throwing it on them. They go back to their house to take bath again. Lata scolds Shivani for having eggs today. Shivani says, she didn’t eat the eggs. Baburaam too scolds her. Sumitra adds fire and says she shouldn’t have eaten the eggs. Bella says, Shivani didn’t have anything since morning. Maya says, she might have eggs. Raghu comes and takes Shivani’s side. Lata gets angry. Lata says, Shivani can’t sit for the puja.

Bella asks Maya and Vivek to sit for the puja, but Vivek says he had breakfast. Maya suggests Sumitra and Raghu’s name for the puja. Lata agrees and asks them to sit. Raghu refuses as Sumitra is not his wife. Baburaam orders him to get ready for Puja.

Raghu and Sumitra sit for the puja. Shivani prays to God to stop the puja if her love for Raghu is true. Shopkeeper comes and asks Vivek to give him 100 Rs. He tells him that Maya took eggs today and gave a torn note. Everyone are shocked.

Lata asks Maya to speak the truth. Maya looks at Sumitra and tells everyone that she brought eggs to apply on her hairs. Lata slaps Maya. She asks her, why she kept quiet when everyone was scolding Shivani. Maya says she got scared. Bella requests Lata to allow Shivani to sit in the puja with Raghu. Lata agrees. Shivani gets happy. Raghu says sorry to Shivani. Raghu and Shivani sit for the puja. Puja completes. Panditji asks them to take elders’ blessings. Lata and Baburaam bless Shivani.

Sumitra gets angry and comes to her room crying. She determines to make Shivani cry. Shivani indirectly taunts her and reminds her promise to change the name if she sits in the puja. Sumitra tries to break Shivani’s mangalsutra. Raghu comes and asks them to come for dinner. She gives her prasad and tells her that her husband is waiting for her.

Shivani have food and says it is very tasty. She asks Raghu to eat. He says later. She makes him eat the food. Shivani comes back to her room, removes her mangalsutra and goes for bathing. Sumitra takes her mangalsutra. Shivani comes back and searches for her mangalsutra. Sumitra shows her mangalsutra and breaks it saying her relationship have broken. Shivani gets angry and wants to slap her but stops thinking she will go to Raghu and complain. She says, she won’t forgive her for this and will reply her. Sumitra laughs. Shivani starts collecting the beads.

Sumitra and Maya goes out for buying veggies. Neighbours gossip about Sumitra and takes Shivani’s side. Raghu sees Shivani crying and picking the beads. Raghu picks the beads. Shivani asks him to to get it remake by the jeweller. Sumitra comes and tells Raghu that people are calling her as a second woman. She asks, do you love her? Raghu is speechless. She asks him to give the divorce papers to Shivani and smirks.

Shivani prepares lunchbox for Raghu. Lawyer comes and gives divorce papers to Raghu. Raghu says, I didn’t call him. Sumitra says she did. She asks Shivani to sign on the divorce papers. Raghu asks her to sign on the papers. Shivani asks Raghu, if he really wants divorce. Raghu says, he is not worth to be her husband. Shivani cries and says she would have been born as a poor rather a rich girl. She says, she will die. She remembers Bella’s words and tears the divorce papers. Sumitra shouts at her and says divorce is needed. Shivani says, who needs it the most signing on Sumitra. Keep reading Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

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