Ankita gets Naren back to normal through the fire experiment in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta

Last week Rushaali asks Shekhar to get Raunaq released on Payrole. Shekhar requests the judge and get Raunaq out on the payrole. Shekhar comes to Naren and sends Nurse out of the room. He opens the window and informs Ankita about the party. Rushaali gets an arrangements done for the party. She informs Kinnari that Raunaq is coming. Kinnari is upset as she has to see Raunaq’s face again. Raunaq comes out and thanks Shekhar. Shekhar thinks he is doing this for Naren. Shashank informs everyone about his plan. Soham thinks to help Ankita and enter the party anyhow.

Rushaali asks Kinnari to get the pooja thali ready to welcome Raunaq. Sunanda thinks Rushaali has gone mad. Raunaq comes home and is welcomed by his parents. Kinnari calls someone and tells about Raunaq coming home on payrole. Ankita cries thinking about Naren. Mansi assures her that everything will be fine. Everyone gets ready for their plan.

Rushaali welcomes her London clients. They ask about Naren. Rushaali tells them that Naren went out for the important conference. They ask about Raunaq and about the case. Rushaali tells them that it was not true else Raunaq would not be with them. Shashank comes as a disguise sardar. Shekhar goes to Naren’s room and asks him to get ready as his Ahana is coming. Shekhar calls Ankita and asks her to come and he will distract the karmarkars. Ankita and Mansi comes to Karmarkar’s house. Rushaali asks the security not to let Ankita enter the house.

Pia comes to know about everyone’s nature. She helps Sulochana. Pari promises Sulochana to take her for MRI scan. Sulochana agrees. Shekhar sees Shashank as a waiter and thinks his first move is successful. Shashank gets angry seeing Raunaq. Raunaq asks him to fill his glass. Mansi enters first through the kitchen door. She pleads with the chef to allow her and says she is a servant. She thinks, how to get Ankita inside.

Raunaq comes to the kitchen and asks Mansi, who are you? Mansi hides her face in ghunghat. Shashank comes and diverts his attention. He scolds them and leaves. Soham enters and shouts for Naren. Mansi thinks he came to help them. Karmarkars gets tensed. Ankita comes to Naren’s room and cries caressing his face. Shashank asks the nurse to have food kept in the kitchen to divert her from Naren’s room.

Raunaq dances in the party. Ankita feeds Naren and applies ointment on his wounds. Mansi comes and helps Shashank and Ankitato get Naren out of the room. Soham starts dancing to divert everyone’s attention. Raunaq sees Mansi and stops her. Kinnari comes and accuses him. Sunanda comes and slaps him. Shekhar calls Ankita. Ankita says, they are outside the house. He asked her to get in the ambulance with Naren. Ankita hugs her siblings and cries. Kinnari calls a journalist and asks her to click Raunaq’s photos. Ankita comes to the experiment spot. Shekhar helps Naren sit in the car. Ankita tries to wake up Naren but he is unconscious. She says, you have to save your Ahana today. Shekhar informs her that ambulance is ready incase of emergency.

Ankita gets into another car and recalls the promises made to Naren. She thinks to make Naren fine and doesn’t think of her life. She starts the car and bangs it. It catches fire. She shouts for Naren. Naren is unconscious. Shekhar asks her to get down the car as it is catching fire fast. Ankita refuses and believes that Naren will save her. Naren wakes up and recalls Ahana’s car burning in fire. He gets out of the car and breaks the car door. He takes her in his arms as Ankita has fallen unconscious. Naren feels happy as he saved his Ahana. Shekhar is following the car but misses.

Shirish sees the reporter clicking the photos. They get scared thinking about Raunaq. Sunanda asks Shirish to send Raunaq back to jail. Nurse informs everyone that Naren is not in his room. Ankita regains consciousness and hugs Naren. Naren says, he will take her to the hospital but Ankita says she is fine. Naren says, they have lost the way. Car stops and Naren tells Ankita that Petrol is over. They start walking and get into the jungle.

Everyone are worried at Karmarkar’s house. Sunanda gets worried as Naren’s phone is found in his room. She comes to conclusion that Naren is taken forcibly. Shekhar comes and tells them that he took Naren out for the experiment. He tells Shirish that Naren showed improvement in his condition after the experiment. He tells that Naren drove the car fastly and he missed their car. They all leave to search for Naren.

Naren and Ankita are walking in the jungle. Ankita falls in the small pond. Naren takes her in his arms and starts walking. He finds a empty home there. He asks Ankita to change her clothes. He removes his shirt and asks her to change her saree with his shirt as her saree is wet. Ankita wears his shirt. Naren comes. There is som cute and romantic moments between Ankita and Naren. After romancing, they consummate their marriage. Ankita wakes up in the morning. Naren asks her to count the kisses on his face and chest. Ankita gets shy and counts it.

Karmarkars come back after searching for Naren all night. Shekhar comes and asks them to inform the police. Ankita comes there with Naren. Rushaali asks, how dare you take my son from here? Naren comes and asks her not to scold Ankita. He behaves normally and goes to freshen up. Sunanda thanks Ankita for getting Naren back to normal. She says, you deserves to be our bahu and Naren’s wife. Shirish also praises ankita and bless her. Rushaali gets angry. Shekhar tells Ankita that Naren is not completely alright but he can lead a normal life now. He thanks her. Ankita smiles. Keep reading to know about Pavitra Rishta.

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