Pihu falling for Vicky, Rachna apologizes to Kabir in Zee’s TV Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Kabir selects Rachna’s idea surprising her and shocking himself and Sonal. Shail has been supporting Pihu in all her wrong doings. This is surprising her family members. Pihu tells Shail that she wants to join acting classes. Shail agrees. Dadi suggests Rachna to do something big against Sonal. Rachna smiles. Shail, Gunjan and Pihu come to the acting place. Pihu loves the place while Gunjan and Shail feel weird. Shail and Pihu goes to talk about admission. Kabir and Rachna are getting close to each other slowly. Rachna takes Kabir’s measurement as the tailor us unavailable. Sonal is irked. There is some cute moments between the two. Shail tells Gunjan to see the form. Pihu tells them that she will handle it. Gunjan and Shail leaves.

Rachna comes to apologize to Kabir. He warns her not to come in his room again and refuses to take her apology. Dadi supports Rachna. Later Gunjan recalls that she has forgot her shopping bag in the acting school and goes to get it. At the acting school, Pihu meets with Vivek. He tells her that he knows about her and encourages her to take up acting. Rachna tries hard to say sorry to Kabir but he doesn’t listen to her,

Vicky tells Pihu that he knows that there is nothing left in her marriage and asks her to run with him. Gunjan overhears this and is shocked. Kabir asks Rachna to use Matka fabric for the design. Rachna says, silk fabric would look good. Kabir says, his decision is final. Gunjan calls Pihu. Pihu scolds her and accuses her for stalking her. Mishra ji comes and asks Pihu and Vivek about the lines. Pihu acts as if they are rehearsing.

Kabir sees Rachna outside the office late and asks her what she is doing? He asks her, what new accusations she was to place on him. Rachna says sorry for the false accusations and leaves. Kabir stands looking at her.

Pihu comes home and creates a scene. She tells Shail that Gunjan have been stalking her. Gunjan tries to explain but in vain. Shail asks everyone to let her handle her daughter. Rachna comes back and asks about Pihu. Shail shouts at her. Rachna feels strange. Sonal comes to Kabir and reminds him of dinner at Tiwari’s place.

Pihu complains to Rachna that she is allowed to work but she got married at her age. She says, their parents differentiates between them. Rachna says, she married at her own wish and her jiju is very good. Pihu says he never cared and love her. It is better to get rid of him. Shail overhears it and is shocked. Kabir thinks about Rachna while returning from the party. Sonal asks him to take the U turn. Kabir doesn’t listen to her and later apologizes to her. Sonal says, she understands.

Rachna’s father asks Rachna not to work after the fashion show. Rachna agrees. He sees Pihu sitting on the sofa and reading magazine while Rachna working in the kitchen. Vicky calls Pihu. Pihu picks the call and says we will meet in the class. Rachna thinks it is Murli’s call and asks Pihu. Pihu says, let me sleep. Rachna plans to expose Sonal within a week else her papa won’t allow her to work.

Kabir is unable to sleep. He talks to Dadi about his restlessness. Dadi makes him understand indirectly about his feelings for Rachna. He comes to office and looks at Rachna’s designs. He thinks she is talented. He looks at the matka fabric and gets annoyed with Rachna. He calls her and asks Rachna about using silk fabric in the design. Rachna says, she used Matka designs as per his orders. Kabir orders her not to come to his office. Rachna realizes that it is Sonal’s plan. She determines to get the dress stitched in Matka fabric to please Kabir.

Rachna calls the tailor and tells her that they have to stitch the dress in one hour. She tells Gunjan about Sonal spoiling her dress and Kabir holding her responsible. Gunjan asks Rachna to teach a lesson to Sonal. Pihu gets messages from Vicky. She gets excited. Vicky messages her to see the newspaper for a surprise. Pihu thinks, Vicky made her day and that Murli is good for nothing.

Rachna comes to the workshop and fits the dress on the statue. Kabir comes and asks her to leave. He sees the dress and says wow. He sees the statue wearing the exact designs as he ordered. He asks her, how she managed in one night. Rachna says, she is his assistant and she cares for his reputation. He says sorry to Rachna. Rachna says, she will go after a week.

Pihu gets excited to see the rose in the newspaper. She compares Vicky with Murli and thinks he didn’t give her a cauliflower. Her father asks her to give newspaper. She gives the newspaper and hides the flower. Gunjan thinks something is wrong.

Pihu gets dressed beautifully and tells Shail that she is going to the acting classes. Gunjan offers to drop her. Shail asks Gunjan to talk to her. Pihu waits for the auto. Vicky comes on his bike and offers to take her to the acting classes. Pihu refuses but Vicky insists. Pihu sits on his bike. Gunjan sees them going on the bike. Rachna comes to Sonal and thanks her for spoiling the dress. She tells her that she likes Kabir and you have to leave him. Keep reading Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

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