Archana comes to know about Pia, Soham saves Ovi in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta

Last week in Pavitra Rishta, Pia asks Pari to tell what is her problem? Pari doesn’t want to say anything. Pia asks her to share her problems to lessen the pain. Pari tells her that she doesn’t believe in love and relationship. She says, her boyfriend did the same thing which her father did to her mom. She shows her Naren’s photo and says he is her Aman. Pia looks at the photo and thinks she has seen him somewhere. Naren and Ankita take wedding vows again infront of a candle fire. Naren promises to be with Ankita all his life and confesses his love.

Pari tells her that she met Aman in a pizza shop in London where she worked part time. She gets a job in the pizza shop and she lies her name as Ahana Kashyap as Manav’s name is reputed. She tells her that Naren used to sit at table no. 54. Their meeting started on a cute argument over Pizza. Naren tells his name as Aman Mathur. He tells her that he is a student and came to London on a scholarship. She says, then they start liking each other. Even though he was a intellectual person but quite boring. She taught him to crack jokes. She says, they came close to each other but didn’t confess love to each other. One day Naren proposes to her. Then she met with a fire accident. She got unconscious. Someone saved her and took her to ths hospital. She asks from the nurse about Aman. She says, he didn’t come. Pari tells Pia that Aman didn’t come back to her life. She lost hope and start hating relationship.She search for him everywhere. Pari tells that
he might have told his fake name.

Naren and Ankita get romantic in their room. They perform the puja. Sunanda says that Aman will be back in their home. Naren recalls the name Aman. Sunanda says, she means peace. Pari convinces everyone to celebrate Gudi Padwa festival. She lies to Neena that clients are coming for the festival. Savita gets impressed with Pia. Pia lies to her saying her mother’s name is Rukmini. Neena asks Gaurav to attend the Puja. She asks him to be in Manav’s good books. Gaurav hesitantly agrees.

Archana does the Puja while all the family members attend it. Pia tells Pari that they shall search Aman. Pia promises to get her love back. Naren searches in his cupboard and gets Aman plus Ahana forever written on a paper. He asks Ankita about it. Ankita says, he is our old friend. They go to Soham’s house. Mansi tells Ankita that they have decided to start their married life. Ankita gets happy for Mansi. Mansi says, you are responsible for our happiness. At Archana’s house, everyone start dancing on a marathi song. Pari comes and sees them. Pia feels good seeing her family united. Everyone sit for the dinner. Manav asks everyone to start eating. Neena says, we shall wait for the clients. Everyone are puzzled. Savita tells that she lied to get her family together. Neena scolds Pia. Neena speaks badly with Savita. Archana and Manav ask her to apologize. Neena says sorry and goes to her room.

Varun Dhawan comes for the promotion of his film Mera Tera Hero. He interacts with Naren and Ankita. Soham sees Ovi lying unconscious after an accident. He lifts her and takes her to the hospital. He gets emotional and cries hugging his sister. Archana recalls Soham and tells Neena about him. She asks him to teach his son the right thing.

Naren gets flashes of Pari and him. He wakes up calling Ahana. Ankita gets up from the sleep. Naren tells her that Aman is him. Ankita thinks, there is some connection between Aman, Naren and Pari. Archana tells Manav that they shall shift to India. Manav says, it is not easy to shift the business to India. Archana says, she will convince her family. Pia supports Archana and thinks she will unite Ovi with them. Soham brings Ovi to the hospital and asks the doctor to treat her fast. Doctor says, they need blood as the patient lost lot of blood. Soham offers to donate his blood. Doctor asks, do he drinks? Soham says yes. Doctor asks him to arrange the blood. Soham calls Prashant and asks him to donate the blood. Prashant gives blood to Ovi. Soham cries.

Naren brings clothes for Ankita and tells Sunanda that Ahana has forgetten her dressing sense so he brought clothes for her. Archana checks Pia’s laptop and sees Ovi’s photo with Pia. She gets shocked. She checks her passport and comes to know that Pia is Pia Arjun Kirloskar. She gets emotional thinking she is his daughter’s daughter. Pia determines to find Aman for Pari’s happiness. Naren dances on Ahana’s favourite song Tumhi Din Chade……He asks Ankita to dance as well. They dance on the song.

Archana comes in the hall and says our Ovi is with Arjun. She cheated us again. Pia says, it can’t be true. Archana says, Agency reported it. She says, Purvi lied to us about Arjun. She calls her selfish and is about to throw Ovi’s pic. Pia stops her and says her Aayi is innocent. She has been living with me all these years. Everyone are shocked and surprised to know that she is Pia. Archana says, she did the drama to bring the truth. She tells Pia that Ovi is loved by them and they miss her. She hugs her emotionally. Pia says, she doesn’t want to hurt anyone and just wanted to unite the family. Archana asks her to meet everyone. Pia hugs everyone. Everyone get happy to meet Ovi’s daughter. Even Pari hugs Pia. Keep reading Pavitra Rishta.

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