Raghu searches for a groom for Shivani, Sumitra plans evilly in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

Last week Raghu gives divorce papers to Shivani and asks her to sign on the papers. Shivani refuses to divorce Raghu and tears the papers. Sumitra is shocked. She says, divorce is needed for everyone’s happiness. Shivani says, she knows who will be benefitted from her divorce. She tells Raghu that she is his wife and nobody can separate them. Jazz recalls Shivani and thinks he destroyed her life. He goes in search of work but gets rejected.

Shivani calls Bella and tells her that Sumitra called Lawyer with the divorce papers. She refused to sign on the papers. Bella says she did the right time. Raghu comes and asks Shivani why she tore the papers? Shivani says, they are married and their marriage is not an agreement. Raghu says, he is her servant. Shivani asks her to keep his hand on his heart and tell. Raghu says, he don’t want to say anything. Shivani asks him to return the mangalsutra. Raghu refuses to return it. Shivani keeps her hand on the flame. Raghu is shocked. He removes her hand from the flame and sees it burnt. He returns her mangalsutra. Sumitra acts to leave the house. She says, she can’t live here anymore. Lata tells Raghu that he is ruining two lives. Raghu says, he doesn’t want to ruin their lives. Lata says, she will decide in 7 days with whom Raghu will spend his life.

Shivani comes to know that Mahima is using her credit cards. Sumitra plans to fool Lata and convince her to select her. Sumitra calls Parlour girl and asks her to apply facepack on Maya’s face. Lata gets angry and asks the parlour girl to leave.

Shivani comes to meet Mahima with Raghu. She alleges her for using her credit card without her knowlegde. Mahima refuses. Shivani says she has the proofs and asks her to come to the police station. She says, a wife can spoil or improve her husband’s life and you have spoilt my brother’s life. Mahima gets angry and is about to slap her. Raghu stops her and says babyji is not alone. Jazz gives cards to Shivani and apologizes. Jazz asks Raghu to take care of Shivani and never leave her alone. Mahima thinks Jazz has gone mad. Shivani hugs him emotionally. Mahima confronts Jazz. Jazz says, he has understood the relationship with his sister and did the right thing. Raghu makes Shivani sit in an auto and asks him to take her home. He pays the money. Sumitra calls Raghu and reminds him to find a guy for babyji. Raghu says, he will go to the matrimonial office.

Shivani imagines her married life with Raghu. She gets happy. She sees some goons following her. She asks the auto driver to drive fast. Shivani gets out of the auto. Lata comes to her rescue. Goons surround them. Raghu comes to the matrimonial office to find a husband for Shivani. He praises Shivani. Lata beats the goons with stick. They tries to misbehave with Shivani. Bella comes to their rescue. Police comes and arrests the goons. Lata tells Bella that she saved Shivani for humanity. Bella says, you saved her as she is your bahu.

Raghu comes to his office and sees the engineer working on the machines. He saves him from getting electrocuted. Engineer thanks Raghu. Boss comes and tells Raghu that the engineer is the CEO of their company. Raghu thinks he is a simple person. CEO tells Raghu that his mom wants him to marry a rich girl. He says, for him relationship and friendship matter to him a lot. Sumitra plans picnic and informs Lata. She tells that she invited Bella also. Lata agrees.

Bella tells Shivani that Sumitra is spending money on them and wonders why. Shivani says, she is upto some big plan. They goes for shopping. Shivani buys artificial earrings for Bella. Bella gets happy. Shivani buys gifts for everyone. Shivani gifts Sumitra, Lata and everyone. Lata says, she don’t wear salwar kameez. Baburaam and Nishi insist her to wear it. Lata accepts it.
Raghu asks her from where she got the money. Shivani says, she had some money. Raghu insists and checks her jewellery box. He finds that the silver coins are missing. He asks her why she sold the silver coins gifted by Maliksaa. Shivani says, she thought to gift everyone so sold it. Maya listens Sumitra talking to someone. Sumitra buys white powder packet from someone and thinks Raghu will be permanently hers.

Sumitra takes Raghu to the room and shows him wearing western dress. Raghu says, she can’t wear it on Picnic and asks her to wear salwar kameez gifted by Shivani. He asks her to cover her modesty and gives her a shawl. Sumitra will lock Shivani in the room so that she couldn’t go with them for the picnic. However Raghu opens the room and Shivani joins them for the picnic. Keep reading Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

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