Shail hires Vicky to make Pihu understand of marriage in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Rachna is trying to expose Sonal infront of Kabir. She challenges to Sonal that she will win. Sonal gets worried. Gunjan informs Mayank about seeing Pihu going with some guy. Mayank asks her not to discuss with anyone. Sonal tells Kabir about her parents wishing Indian wedding for her. Kabir says, they got engaged and will marry soon. Pihu and Vicky come to the acting school. Pihu feels happy.

Kabir assigns work for Rachna and asks her not to do any mistake. Sonal interferes with her work and keeps a bundle of needes which pricks Rachna’s finger. Shail’s husband tells Shail that he talked to Murli about Pihu and he is ready to take Pihu back home. Shail says, we shall not force Pihu. Kabir sees the design of Rachna and likes it. He says, it is wonderful. All the drapery comes down on them. He sees Rachna’s hands bleeding. Kabir gets worried seeing her hurt. He asks his staff to call the doctor. He wipes the blood from her hands and goes to bring the first aid box. Rachna tells Sonal that Kabir cares for her. Sonal says, he is my fiance. Rachna says, just fiance and not husband.

Shail talks to Murli. Murli says, he should handle Pihu with patience. He wants to talk to her. Shail tells him that Pihu won’t be happy at his home until she have a peaceful mind. She asks him to give her some time. Kabir does the bandage of Rachna. Sonal gets annoyed. Vicky helps Pihu with acting. Pihu delivers her lines. Director appreciates her. Pihu thanks Vicky and thinks to meet him tomorrow.

Vicky gets a call and he leaves. He waits for a lady at some place. Shail comes and scolds him for taking her daughter on a bike. He says, he is doing this for her. Shail asks him to do within limits. He says he will take care of everything as he is Shail’s friend son. Shail’s husband comes to know about Pihu joining the acting classes. He scolds her. Shail asks him to calm down. Pihu says, everyone knows about it. He gets shocked.

Gunjan calls Rachna. Rachna tells her that Sonal tried to fail her but she herself failed miserably. Gunjan boosts her confidence. Rachna sees Sonal coming and tells Gunjan about Kabir bandaging her hand. Sonal gets annoyed. Shail’s husband gets upset with Shail. Shail tells him that she wants to set everything right in Pihu’s life. Kabir tells his team members that they have little time left. Sonal thinks Rachna will give from their life after 3 days.

Gunjan sees Vicky’s number in Pihu’s phone. She wonders who is Vicky. Shail feels bad as Vicky called Pihu late at night. She thinks she involved Vicky so that her daughter understand the importance of true relations. She thinks, whether she is doing the right thing.

Pihu was talking to Vicky and thinks he is getting crazy about her. Vicky tells her that he wants to meet her right now. Gunjan asks Shail about Vicky. Shail gets shocked. Vicky asks her to come in the balcony as he is waiting outside. Pihu comes in the balcony and sees him. Shail asks Gunjan not to think badly about her daughters. Gunjan thinks about Pihu. She tells Mayank that after the marriage men ignores their wives and that is the reason women feels badly.

Sonal shows the ad in the newspaper and tells Kabir that he is the best designer. Kabir determines to win the upcoming event. Dadi asks Kabir, did he really loves Sonal? Kabir is speechless. She tells her that Sonal’s dad called her about the marriage date. Shail asks Vicky to hurt Pihu soon so that she realizes the importance of Murli in her life. Vicky agrees.

Pihu comes to the restaurant. Vicky gives her a surprise breakfast. Pihu gets touched and thinks Murli never did this for her. He tells her that he started liking her. Gunjan comes there and is surprised to see her with Vicky. Rachna wears the dress she designed for the event. Kabir gets stunned to see her and necklace falls from his hands. Sonal gets shocked. Pihu gets angry at Vicky for liking her. She says, she is married. She sees Vicky helping a man and thinks she has broken his heart. Gunjan thinks to save Pihu’s marriage.

Kabir adjust the dress on Rachna and helps her with fitting. Sonal gets irked and shouts to stop. She says, Rachna might spoil the dress. Kabir thinks Rachna wore the dress for him and thinks to keep Rachna’s thoughts out of his mind. Shail’s husband come there and gives the tiffin to Kabir. Kabir says, he will give it to Rachna.

Rachna thinks she can’t stoop low for exposing Sonal’s truth. Rachna tells Gunjan that bauji have seen her in that dress and she felt odd. Gunjan asks her to concentrate on her mission to expose Sonal and the fashion show. Rachna plans to tell the truth to Kabir after the fashion show. Vicky gets Shail’s call. Pihu sees Shail Aunty displaying on Vicky’s mobile and gets shocked. Kabir is confused about his feelings. He have to make a decision soon. Will he choose Rachna as his life partner. Keep reading Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

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