Ankita slaps Mansi for doubting her and makes it clear that her baby is Naren’s child in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Archana invites Shashank’s parents and Ankita’s siblings for Pari’s wedding. Shashank’s mom speaks badly of Ankita. Archana gets sad as they couldn’t find Soham. Sulochana and Teju tell them that they will find Soham soon. Neena continues to fill Sachin’s ears against Archana and Manav ,saying they will forget him once Soham comes back to them. Ankita decides to leave the city and tells her decision to Shashank. He thinks to accompany her and tells Mansi that he is going for some important work.

Soham works over time to get a birthday gift for his son Pranav. Mansi thinks Shashank and Ankita are having an affair and lied to her. She cries. Her mom in law asks her to confront the person directly instead of doubting. Mansi thinks to speak to Ankita and Shashank. Mansi asks Shashank, if he is hiding something from her. Shashank refuses. Mansi meets Pari and tells her that Ankita and Shashank are going somewhere and doubts them. Pari badmouths for Ankita.

Naren invites Ankita for his wedding and asks her to attend the meeting in his absence. He tells her that she will go on a long leave soon. Ankita gets surprised to know that Naren came to know about her pregnancy. Pari shares with Neena about Ankita shifting her desk to Naren’s cabin and Naren taking care of her. Neena says, Ankita would try to encash money from him. It is chawl dwellers cheap mentality etc. Teju comes and scolds Neena for badmouthing about Chawl people as they too belongs to the chawl. Teju asks Pari not to think negative, else she won’t be able to live with Naren.

Soham earns money after working hard. He sees Naren there and hugs him. Naren pushes him and doesn’t recognize him. Soham wonders what happened to him. In the hospital, Shashank gives his name as Ankita’s child father. Ankita gets touched by his gesture. Archana asks Manav to find Soham before Pari’s chudi rasam as the ritual has to be done by Soham. Neena brainwashes Sachin. Pari asks Naren to convince Ankita to abort her child as she is ruining Mansi’s life.

Sachin asks Archana and Manav to divide the property and execute the will soon. He tells them that he always gets second priority. Archana tells him that all children are equal for them. Manav gets angry. Mansi comes to the hospital to enquire about Ankita. She gets shocked to know that baby’s father is Shashank. Mansi comes home and slaps Ankita accusing her for snatching her husband. Ankita gets shocked. Mansi continues to blame Ankita and Shashank and curses her destiny.

Ankita slaps her hard and reminds her that Shashank accepted her after the rape attempt. She says, Shashank won’t forgive you for this. She asks her to look at her past and make her understand Shashank’s goodness. Ankita tells her that the baby is Naren’s child. Mansi gets shocked. Ankita tells her that Shashank accepted her with Raunaq’s baby. Mansi gets shocked to know that she is carrying Raunaq’s child. Shashank hears everything. Mansi follows him and gets unconcious

Ankita calls the doctor. Doctor gives her medicines and asks her to rest. Shashank forgives Mansi. Mansi couldn’t come to terms that she doubted her own sister and husband. She apologizes to them. Ankita gets Naren’s call and he asks her to come. Ankita goes to his house for work. She gets sad thinking about Mansi’s words. Naren consoles her and assures that she will get her love back. He also says that he knows that her baby’s father is Shashank. Ankita gets shocked.

Shashank pampers Mansi and assures his love for her. Mansi regrets for doubting him. Balan gives address to Inspector and says it is Soham’s address. Inspector tells him that he will free him once he gets Soham. Naren and Pari talk romantically. Naren promises to romance with her even after their marriage. Pari’s chudi rasam begins, Ovi and Teju make her wear the bangles. Pari smiles. Manav and Archana get emotional seeing her. Archana assures Neena that they will secure their kids future.

Inspector gives the address to Manav. Manav and Archana go to Soham’s house and wait for him to come, but he didn’t turn up till late. Manav tells Archana that they will come tomorrow and takes her home. Sulochana informs Sachin and Neena about Soham. They get annoyed and tensed. Pushti pulls Pari’s leg taking Naren’s name. Ovi and Teju too tease her.

Ritesh Deshmukh comes to the Police station to promote his new Movie Ek Villian. Amna Shareef too promotes the film.

Mansi apologizes to Ankita. Ankita tells her about their childhood incident. She asks, who has brainwashed you? Mansi says Pari. Ankita tells her that even Naren thinks the same and says she can’t tell Naren. Soham comes to Mansi’s house for Pranav birthday. Pranav cuts the cake. Soham asks Mansi about Naren. Mansi lies to him about Naren. Soham sees Pari and Naren’s wedding invitation card and gets shocked. He angrily goes out. He drinks alcohol in the bar and thinks to take revenge for stealing Ankita’s husband.

Naren and Pari talk to each other on phone. Naren addresses her as Ahana Karmarkar. Pari blushes. They say I love you to each other. Neena gets dream about Archana naming all her property on Soham, Ovi and Teju’s name. Sachin asks her to relax as he knows Soham will not come back to this house. Soham comes to Naren’s house in a drunkard state and beats Naren for playing with Ankita’s life. Naren calls the Police and gets him arrested. Keep reading.

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