Veer Pratap hires Raghu as his body guard and promises to bear Shivani’s operation expenses in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.

In Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Raghu and Shivani are staying in Veer Pratap’s house. They meet his parents and get impressed by their simplicity and love for each other. Veer’s wife Madhavi sings the bhagan and does the aarti. After the puja, her kids touch the elders’ feet including Shivani. Shivani is touched by their values. Kids ask Shivani why Raghu calls her as Babyji. Shivani doesn’t reply.

She tells Madhavi that kids are really cute. Shivani asks Raghu to call her Shivani instead of babyji. Raghu refuses. Shivani insists and cutely threatens to call him Raghu ji. Raghu calls her Shivani finally which makes her burst into laughter. Veer asks Raghu, why they came from Jodhpur? Raghu tells him that Shivani is unwell and doctor suggested him to take her to Mumbai. Shivani gets friendly with kids.

Madhavi happens to see Shivani’s report that she has a hole in her heart. She gets shocked. Raghu goes to the bank to get some loan for Shivani’s treatment, but gets dejected. He comes back home. Veer asks him, why he hide with them about Shivani’s ailment. Raghu tells them that he doesn’t want to trouble them as he already did so much for them. Madhavi ties thread on Raghu’s hand and makes Raghu her brother. Veer gives him 5 lakhs Rs cheque and appoints him as his body guard.

While Shivani is playing with the kids, she senses some smell outside the well. She goes to check, but then interrupted by Raghu’s voice. Raghu asks her to come inside. Shivani asks him to check the well. Servant stops them. Veer’s brother Suraj and his wife Sunanda come home and sees Shivani picking the glass pieces. She misunderstands Shivani as the servants and shouts at her. Raghu comes and picks the broken glass pieces. Veer’s brother taunts them.

Madhavi tells them that they are their guests. Sunanda gives small toy to Veer’s son Ayush and the big toy to her son. She is about to hit Ayush, but Shivani stops her. Madhavi promises Ayush to get him a big toy. Sunanda fights with Madhavi. Raghu goes to meet Doctor with Veer and get medicines for Shivani. Shivani gets scared seeing the medicines. Raghu asks her to taste it. Shivani eats it and says it is bitter. Raghu tells her that they are lucky to have Veer and Madhavi in the new city and tells her that Veer will take care of her operation expenses. Sunanda hears it and gets shocked.

She tells this to Suraj. Suraj says, he can’t stop them. She thinks of a plan to stop Veer. She says, it is good that their son is with them else they would not have get the property. Gini calls Raghu and talks to Shivani. She misses them on her engagement day. GIni’s engagement starts. Sumitra smirks. Rajesh gets up after Gini makes him wear the ring. He goes to Sumitra shocking everyone. Sumitra takes out Rajesh’s ring and throws on the ground. She makes him wear her ring and says I love you Rajesh. Everyone are shocked. Latha asks what is happening? Rajesh says he came to have an engagement with Sumitra and laughs.

Sumitra tells Lata that she made a plan to insult them. She tells them that she convinced her boyfriend to help her. Vivek gets angry and tries to kick Rajesh out. Sumitra stops him and asks the Sehriya family to leave the house instead and shows the property papers. Baburaam and everyone are shocked to see the property on her name. Baburam says he did not sign any papers and this house is his. Sumitra tells that she hid property papers in loan papers and says due to his greed, he lost all his life’s earnings. Baburam gets a heart attack while Sumitra laughs.

Bela snatches papers from Sumitra and tears it. Sumitra tells her that it was just photo copy of the original. She asks the whole family to pack their bags and get out of her house. Madhavi calls Raghu and Shivani for dinner. Baburaam and his family pack their bags and is about to leave, just then Sumitra stops them and asks them to give their jewellery, tempo keys etc. She demands Latha’s Mangalsutra. Latha threatens to kill her if she eyes her mangalsutra.

Raghu and Shivani are seated for dinner. Sunanda comes and shouts that her bracelet is stolen. Veer tells her that the servants are faithful. She accuses Shivani and tell that she must have stolen it. Raghu gets angry at her and tells them that Shivani is Balwant Rana’s grand daughter. Everyone are shocked. Sunanda still accuses her. She asks Veer to check her room. Just then children’s come playing with her bracelet. They tell that they fond it under the pillow. Veer’s father asks Sunanda to apologize to the guests. Sunanda says sorry to them. Raghu tells Veer that they will leave from his house as he can’t bear Shivani’s insult.

Veer apologizes to Raghu. Shivani tells Raghu that it was not Veer and Madhavi’s mistake. Baburaam and his family repents for trusting Sumitra. Vivek tells them that they have to spend a night on the street. Shivani gets a bad dream. She asks Raghu to call Latha. Latha picks the call and cries hearing her. Bella speaks to her and assures that everything is fine. She informs Baburaam that Shivani is suffering from heart ailment. She didn’t inform Shivani about their misery.

Shivani hears cat’s voice and tells Raghu to check. Raghu agrees. They start searching for the cat. Shivani steps on blood and shouts. They see a dead cat in the well. Veer hears Shivani’s screams and comes out. He says, she might have died hitting the aluminium foil. They go to their room. Veer gets tensed. Veer’s parents see a two different beds in Shivani’s room. They ask Shivani. Shivani is speechless. Keep reading.

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