Naren and Pari’s marriage get fixed, Naren comes to know about Ankita’s pregnancy in Zee Tv’s Pavitra Rishta.

Last week in Pavitra Rishta, Naren and Pari’s alliance get fixed by Karmarkar’s and Deshmukh’s. Archana hesitantly gives go ahead to Pari. Pari happily hugs her. Mansi thinks of Ankita’s words that the child is not Naren’s. She shares her worries with Shashank, who asks her not to interfere in Ankita’s personal life. Archana comes to Mansi’s house and gives temple thread to her for safety of her child. Mansi divides the thread and ties to Ankita as well.

Naren is tensed about his marriage preparations. Ankita says, she will handle business and asks him to concentrate on his marriage. Naren takes Ankita’s opinion and selects the wedding card irking Rushaali. Naren asks Rushaali to take Ankita’s help in the wedding preparations. Rushaali insults Ankita. Ankita bears it for Naren’s happiness. Shekhar sees Ankita sad and gets angry.

while Pari and Naren are going to shopping, he invites Ankita to come with them. Salesman mistakes Ankita as Naren’s would be bride. Pari gets angry.

Ankita goes to the hospital for the check up. Mansi decides to tell the truth to Naren. Mansi comes to inform Naren about Ankita’s pregnancy to Karmarkar’s house. Pari stops her and asks the purpose of her visit. Mansi tells her that she wants to talk to Naren about Ankita. Pari gets angry and tells her that Ankita is Naren’s unwanted past. Mansi informs her that Ankita is carrying Naren’s child. Pari doesn’t believe her and asks for the proofs. Mansi says, they loved each other when they were married. Mansi leaves.

Pari checks Naren’s cupboard and gets a photo album on the top of the cupboard. She gets tears seeing Naren and Ankita’s closeness in the pics. Kinnari adds fire to her pain. She tells her that Naren and Ankita were so close and even shared a bed. Pari gets angry and leaves.

A thief steals Sachin’s wallet and runs. He follows the thief. Soham takes the wallet from thief so that he can return to its owner. Sachin misunderstands him as an associate of thief. They have a heated argument. On the other hand, Naren and Ankita are busy with their work. Naren asks Ankita to move on in life and gets married. Ankita says, she loved once and it can’t be possible for her. Neena asks Sachin not to inform Manav and Archana about Soham.

Pari comes to Naren’s office and slaps him. She accuses him for sleeping with Ankita. Naren refuses and tells that he loves her only. She tells him that Ankita is pregnant. Naren thinks about Ankita’s words that she loved only Shashank. He tells Mansi that Ankita might be carrying Shashank’s child and stayed mum for her sister’s happiness. He says, she is not my type. Naren says, that’s why Mansi took my name.

Archana and Manav talk about Soham. Archana gets hopeful to unite with Soham. Pari calls Mansi and asks her to stop thinking about Ankita’s child. She asks her not to drag about Ankita’s pregnancy and it would be her loss. She tells her indirectly that Ankita’s child father is Shashank. Mansi is shocked and says how can she stoop so low. Pari tells her that it would be difficult for Shashank to choose between Ankita and you and asks her to stay silent.

Inspector comes and asks Manav to give Balan’s photo. Manav replies that he doesn’t have. Manav gives his description. Inspector assures to catch him soon. Pari thinks to cheer up Naren and takes an order at the restaurant from him. Naren forgives her. Mansi thinks about Pari’s words. Shashank talks to Ankita and she asks him to accompany her to the hospital. Shashank lies to Mansi about Ankita.

Soham sees Balan’s posters on the wall and thinks he might have done something. He comes home and shows the poster to Balan and kicks him out of his house. Mansi decides to find the truth. She comes to know that Shashank and Ankita left early for their respective offices.

Mansi reaches hospital and sees Ankita and Shashank there. She hears Shashank asking her not to feel bad. Ankita says she wants to give birth to this child and knows she cannot take baby’s father’s name as 3 lives will be destroyed. Mansi calls Shashank and asks where is he. He says he came out on some work and will call her back. Mansi starts crying and walks on the road remembering Shashank and Ankita’s words and thinks Pari was right. Mansi hugs Pari and says she was right, Ankita and Shashank are having an affair.

Ankita comes back to office and gets scolded by Naren for coming late. Balan makes plan with his worker and smirks. Naren thinks Ankita is pregnant and sanctions her paid leave. Ankita says, she is fine and can work. Naren asks her to shift her desk in his cabin. Inspector calls Manav and informs him that Balan is arrested. They reach there. Balan doesn’t open his mouth about Soham. Archana and Manav return home disappointed.

Mansi asks Ankita to leave from her house. Ankita agrees and packs her bags. Shashank stops her and asks Mansi to convince Ankita to stay at their place. Mansi hesitantly asks Ankita to stay there.

Naren orders the peon to give juice to Ankita every 30 mins. Ankita says, she is full. Pari comes and sees her in his cabin. She gets angry. Naren tells her that Ankita is pregnanct and used to come to his cabin very often. Ankita asks Shashank to let her go. Shashank asks her to leave the city else people will raise a question and taunt her everywhere. Ankita decides to leave the city. Keep reading.

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