Ankita takes charge as a MD of Manav’s company; Naren feels some connection with Ankita; Pari determines to send Ankita back to Banaras in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Pari asks Ankita to go back. She accuses her of ruining her life 5 years back. Ankita asks her to forget that she will go back. She says she doesn’t want Azoba’s property. She says she is feeling sorry for Naren. Pari tells her that she doesn’t believe her and will see how long she will stay here. Ankita says lets see.

Ashi asks Naren to buy new clothes for her. Naren promises to buy a new dress for her. Pari asks Naren not to make fake promise to her as they have to save the money. Ankita brings the Lord Krishna’s idol to Pari’s house irking her. Ankita meets Naren at the temple. She tells him that she has come to get justice for Ranvijay. Naren says he can’t accept it and is helpless. Ankita says he was better as a mad person. Naren thinks he can’t tell the truth else Pari will be in trouble.

Ankita prays to God to give her strength to get justice for Ranvijay. Prashant and Mansi ask her to share her sorrows with them. Mansi asks Ankita about her baby. Ankita tells her that her baby was born lifeless and cries. She hears Ashi singing a song and goes insearch of the voice. Ashi sees Ankita and hugs her. Ankita recalls meeting her in Agra and asks her name etc. Ashi tells her that she is Naren’s daughter. Ankita goes from there.

Everyone rehearse for the Krishna Leela play. Sachin and Neena play Kans mama and Bhootna, Mansi and Shashank play Devki and Vasudev. Ashi play little Kanha while Naren gets ready to play Krishna. He asks Pari to play Radha, but she tells him that she has to go to her friend’s party. Naren gets sad. Krishna Leela play starts. Panditji tells about Krishna’s birth etc. Ashi requests Ankita to play Radha with her father. Ankita gets shocked. Ashi and Priya insist her so Ankita agrees. Naren and Ankita play Krishna and Radha. Ankita dances like Radha. Everyone get happy except Rushaali.

Vaishnavi plays a prank with Rushaali. Rushaali gets irked. Ankita asks her what is her problem and asks her to leave the house if she has problems with her daughter. Ankita braids Vaishnavi’s hairs. Ashi sees them and goes to Pari. She asks Pari to braid her hairs and calls Ankita as choti maa. Pari scolds her and sends her to Ankita. She asks Ankita to braid her hairs. She calls her choti maa. Ankita gets emotional. Rushaali comes and takes Ashi with her.

Prashant prays for Ankita as it will be first day for her at the office. Pari fights with Naren and asks him to stay away from Ankita. Naren says, if she wants she can kick us out of her house. Prashant welcomes Ankita in the office and asks Pari to greet her. Pari and Naren greet her. Pari scolds Ashi after coming back. Mansi asks her why she is scolding her daughter. Mansi takes out her frustation and tells her that Ankita snatched her everything. Mansi tries to make her understand about family. Pari gets irked.

Mansi talks to Teju about Pari’s behavior and says she is scared for Ankita. Ankita asks Prashant to send someone from technical department. Prashant tells Naren to meet Ankita as he handles that department. Ankita reminiscences the happy time spent with Naren and gets sad.

Pari scolds the employees when she hears them gossiping. They ask her to mend her ways else she will be thrown out soon. She gets annoyed. Prashant tells Mansi and Shashank about Pari’s reaction when he asked her to greet Ankita. Mansi asks him to behave well with Pari. Ankita calls Prashant and informs him that she is going to Bangalore.

Pari badmouths about Ankita and tells Naren that she took her everything. Naren tells her that she has changed and doesn’t care about Ashi. Pari says, she is not our daughter. Naren says she is his daughter. She gets annoyed and goes to sleep. Naren thinks Pari might be right but he feels bad for Ankita. He feels some connection with her.

Pari argues with Manav about not giving her MD position. Manav tries to make her understand that she has already achieved so much, but Ankita has to prove herself. He asks her to concentrate on her family and tells her that Ankita has only MD position and no family. He tells Pari that you are lucky. Pari says, she don’t want to become lucky but successful. Manav thinks one day she will realize her mistake.

Kinnari’s mom comes to the chawl. She asks her to come to her house. Kinnari refuses and says she is helping Pari to get Ankita out of the house. She asks her to give some money for shopping. She agrees. She asks her mom to give her an idea to send Ankita back to Banaras. Her mom asks her to force Vaishavi to return and then Ankita will go behind her. She asks her to divert Ankita’s attention towards Vaishnavi.

Kinnari’s mom talks to Manav and praises him for giving shelter to Karmarkar’s and suggests him to get Kinnari work for his company. Neighbour comes and drops Vaishavi saying she forgot the house address. Kinnari’s mom thinks to teach her a lesson. Kinnari tells Mansi that she wants to take kids outside. Mansi hesitates, but Teju asks her to let kids go with her. She takes kids to a park and thinks to leave Vaishnavi there. Naren comes and takes the kids home leaving Vaishavi there. Keep reading.

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