DD gets shocked seeing Sid as Roshini’s love; DD offers blank cheque to Sid; Sid refuses and challenges to become her Jamai in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, DD thinks to get Roshini engaged to Krish and throws a party. She gives a dress to Roshini to wear in the party. Roshini thinks to introduce Sid to DD in the party. DD asks the house keeping staff to iron her clothes. Sid intervenes and asks her to iron her clothes and takes the staff for coffee. Nani calls Resham and asks her to come to Nasik as DD called them there. Director fires her from work.

All the family members reach Nasik. Roshini gets happy and messages Sid to come soon. At the party Mr. Mehta announces Roshini and Krish’s engagement. Roshini gets shocked and looks at DD. DD says she was waiting for this day since long. Krish proposes her with a ring. Roshini throws Krish’s ring and pushes him. They get shocked. She refuses to marry him. DD says she has chosen a best man for her. Roshini asks her not to force decisions on her. She asks her why she fixed her engagement without her permission. She runs from there. She sees Sid and hugs him while crying and tells about her mom fixing her marriage with Krish.

Sid asks her to calm down and says every mother wish best for their daughters. Roshini tells him about DD. She says, she doesn’t want to get married to a rich guy and just needs a family. Sid promises to give her family who will love her. He asks her if he get a lot of money in future then….She asks him to choose between her and money. Sid agrees and hugs her. Nani questions DD about her decision. Roshini informs DD that she is going back home.

Sid comes home and informs his parents about Roshini hating rich people. They decide to act like poor people to get Roshini married to him. Sid hugs them happily. Roshini wishes to meet Sid’s parents. Sid invites her to a park. Sid’s parents wear cheap clothes and go to park with Sid. They joke about their middle class dress. Roshini’s aunt comes home. Roshini tells her that she loves Sid. Roshini comes to the park and gets Gola. Sid’s mom too orders the same. Mona suggests DD to meet Sid and his parents as Roshini loves him.

Sid and his Dad come there. Roshini greets them. Sid’s mom gives her bangles. Dad welcomes her to their family. DD asks Roshini to invite Sid in the janmasthami puja. Roshini gets happy. DD then meets Krish and tells him that she has to get Sid out of Roshini’s life. Roshini invites Sid for the puja. Sid gets dressed as a gujrati man and takes his parents’ blessings. Roshini calls Sid. Sid tells her that he is on the way and will be reaching soon. Panditji starts doing the puja and asks to switch off lights till 12. Sid comes and does the aarti. DD gets shocked to see him once the lights turn on. Sid too gets shocked.

Roshini introduces Sid to DD. Resham recalls seeing Sid as travel agent. Nani thinks he is romantic. Sid thinks he messed up with his mother in law. DD thinks Sid is behind her money and thinks to get him out of Roshini’s life. Sid apologizes to DD. She is about to slap him, but stops when she sees Roshini. She asks Sid to call his parents. Roshini gets happy and hugs him.

Sid manages to get a middle class house for 2 hour from his friend. DD asks Bablu about Sid’s house. He says in suburbs. She thinks to go alone. Nani thinks to accompany her. DD reaches Sid’s house and gets annoyed seeing dirty place. She thinks poor people trap rich people. Sid welcomes DD and Bablu. He introduces DD to his parents. DD makes weird faces seeing the snacks and cold drink. She tells Sid’s dad not to dream about making Roshini as his bahu and threatens to send them to jail. She gives them blank cheque and offers to give them more money to leave Roshini. Sid gets irked. She leaves with Bablu.

Bablu comes back on pretext of taking his phone and tells Sid that he remembers that they brought jewellery for their bahu and gets happy seeing rich people acting as poor. He asks Sid to get DD and Roshini together and asks him to make a promise. Sid promises him. Sid returns cheque to DD and promises to become her Jamai soon. DD comes back home and tells Roshini that she is happy with Sid and his family. Keep reading.

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