Gunjan and Kabir prove Mayank innocent and get Charu and GS behind bars; Dayal agrees for Rachna and Kabir’s marriage proposal in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Rachna finds insurance papers in Charu’s purse. She gets suspicious. Gunjan and Shayl discuss that they have to get Mayank out of Jail. Rachna hears Charu talking to someone on phone. Charu leaves. Rachna informs Gunjan about the insurance papers. Gunjan thinks her plan is big. Inspector asks Mayank, if he killed Charu’s husband. Mayank refuses. Dayal and Lawyer meet Mayank and tells about the post mortem report. Mayank gets surprised as GS’s weight was not 98 as written in the report.

Rachna, Gunjan and Kabir follow Charu as she comes to the hotel. Charu meets her husband GS and he tells her how he kept the dead body on the place. Charu asks him to be alert. They decide to leave the country once they get the insurance money. Kabir sees Charu talking to an old man. Gunjan comes to the police station and tells the Inspector that Charu won’t come back. Just then Charu comes and gives the statement that Mayank is innocent. She says, Mayank and GS had a tiff and after that we left separately. Inspector suspects Mayank and then Charu. Charu gets tensed. Inspector doubts Mayank and Charu for killing GS. Charu blames him for troubling her. Lawyer shows him Mayank resigning papers and GS relieving him of 25 Lakhs rupees. Charu assures Mayank that she will prove him innocent. Inspector scolds Gunjan for doubting Charu.

Charu goes to the insurance office and asks GS to pick her. Rachna informs Gunjan about Charu getting the insurance money. Charu meets GS and shows him the cheque. Gunjan is shocked to see him alive. Kabir comes there and removes GS’s moustache. Charu somehow escapes with GS after spraying spray in Rachna’s eyes. Gunjan calls Dayal and informs him that GS is alive. Gunjan thinks they will leave the city by train or road. GS tells Charu that they shall leave for Delhi.

Gunjan convinces the Inspector to employ the constables at the railway station. Kabir comes infront of their car, but they run away. Dayal gets tensed as the court case will start in 30 mins. Mayank asks them to go. Charu and GS come to the railway station in change get up. Gunjan and Kabir catch them and take to the Police station.

Mayank is taken to the court. Gunjan and Kabir take Charu and GS there. Charu tells him that GS is nothing to her. She met him and hatched a plan to get money and also to trap him. She is about to hit Gunjan. Inspector arrests them. Mayank hugs Gunjan. Mayank and Rachna thank Kabir.

Shayl tells Mayank to sit on the swing, they will weigh equal fruits to give away. Seema weighs the fruits. Prabhu thanks Kabir. Mayank regrets for trusting GS and Charu. They think Rachna and Kabir get together. Mayank says, Dayal will not forgive Kabir. Rachna apologizes to Kabir. Kabir tells her that he loves her a lot and leaves. Shayl talks to Dayal about Kabir. He doesn’t listen to her and leaves angrily. Gunjan assures Shayl that they will agree him. Shayl tells her that she is her daughter and not daughter in law. Gunjan hugs her.

A lady (Kabir’s mom) comes outside Kabir’s home and says a new chapter will begin. Prabhu tells Dayal that Kabir’s proposal is good and even Rachna likes him. Dayal doesn’t agree. Rachna comes to the workshop. Kabir tells her that Dayal do not likes him. Rachna says mummy likes him. Gunjan tries to convince him as well. He has a doubt about his upbringing and his mother. Kabir proposes Rachna while bending down on his knees. He says, he is ready to bear her Dad’s anger if she is with him. Rachna gets moved by his gesture. She hugs him.

Dayal says, he won’t agree even if Kabir is the last man on the earth. Shayl tries to convince him and reminds him of his promise at their time of marriage. She asks him to agree. He leaves. Kabir meets a boy who introduces himself as Bittu. Kabir’s mom is standing behind them. Shayl and Dayal come to Kabir’s house. Dayal accepts the marriage proposal. Dadi calls Kabir and asks him to come home soon as Dayal agreed for his marriage. Kabir saves Bittu from some guys. Bittu hugs him. Keep reading.

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