Barkha annoyed to see Inder’s daughter come home; Lajjo fails Jasmine’s plans in Gustakh Dil

Jasmine tries filling Nikhil’s ears against Sagar and Trishna and how he has forgiven her so easily. He says Lajjo’s family is very simple and honest people, whatever happened between me and Lajjo, I have to support her family. Barkha and Nani go to meet Adhiraj and Ayesha. They are glad seeing them with strong love between them and bless them. Lajjo confronts Jasmine for creating misunderstanding between her and Nikhil, but she won’t bear this. Jasmine gets angry. Jasmine acts sweet and says what can I do if Nikhil saw all that, it was all true, what did I do. She says I know what he saw and what he understood, who planned for this, you got him to Agra.

She says you told Nikhil about Sagar’s past, who told him that Sagar molested you, you said it right. Jasmine smiles and asks how will she prove all this. She says if I can send Ranawat to jail, then what are you. Nikhil won’t be yours for seven births, he will come back to me, to his Lajjo. Jasmine looks on angrily. Ayesha asks Adhiraj to say where to fix new tv. Adhiraj gets annoyed as she is taking gifts from her family. Lajjo tells Nikhil you got hurt by me, I know, forgive me. She says she is missing him a lot, she can’t bear to be away from him. She says I know, its hard for you to trust me. She tells a story and reminds him of their marriage, she was going across the river to go to city, he thought she is committing suicide and jumped to save her.

Lajjo says you got me home, after spending night at the river, no one believed us, people felt what they have seen, no one trusted us that time, its misunderstanding. She says this situation was also same, you saw the wrong thing and did not believe me. He asks her not to meet Sagar and she says she will try. He says he will try to give her another chance. Jasmine calls Nikhil and asks for help as her car broke down. Nikhil leaves and meets her. She smiles and is shocked seeing Lajjo come along Nikhil. Lajjo taunts Jasmine saying she faced molestation so she should know city is not safe any nights, and they will drop her home.

Inder tells his daughter not to worry, as he will send money. He asks her to take admission in college and he is sending 6 months advance for hostel. Barkha hears him. He sees her and ends the call. He tries talking to her to defend the girl, as she did not get her parent’s love, she is all alone, don’t blame her, blame me, I m her father, if I don’t care for her, it will be my second mistake. Jasmine gets play tickets and sends Lajjo with her mum and sister. She gets Nikhil her home and slips on her to leave her lipstick marks on it.

Jasmine calls Lajjo and asks did she get her message, did Nikhil not give you’re his blazer. Lajjo checks the blazer and sees the marks. Nikhil asks Lajjo to give it for dry cleaning to get off the stain. Lajjo tells this to Jasmine and taunts her. She says I don’t know how to leave lipstick marks on someone and where there is love, there are no marks. Lajjo meets Nikhil on dinner date arranged by Shreya as she comes to know Jasmine is again sticking to him. Nikhil is stunned seeing her look gorgeous in a beautiful saree. He smiles and says so this is your urgent imp work.

Saraswati talks to Jasmine and says Lajjo and Nikhil are a good couple, like Ram and Sita, Nikhil loves her a lot, you won’t understand this, you will know it after your marriage. Jasmine gets bored of her talk. She sees Nikhil and Lajjo back and is angry seeing them together. He says he went for dinner. She says you left me alone here. He says I left you in esteemed company of Kaki and Lakhi, she is great, and won’t bore you. She leaves angrily. Barkha comes home and is shocked seeing Inder’s daughter at the door with the bag. She says what are you doing here. The girl asks is daddy at home.

Inder comes and is shocked seeing her. She cries and hugs him. He asks her to come inside, and Barkha gets angry. Inder takes her bag and consoles her. He asks what happened. She says dad, hostel caught fire. He says are you fine. She says I m fine, I can’t stay in hostel, everyone went to relatives, I came here having no place to go. Inder asks her to stay with them and this annoys Barkha. What will be everyone’s reaction knowing about the girl? Keep reading.

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