Vikram suspends Sandeep and saves Shobha’s image; Fight starts between Vikram and Shobha’s family in Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh

Shobha acts sweet to Sandeep to make him fall in her trap and expose his dirty bahevior. She asks how will be your home tonight. He asks her to come and leaves. Shobha reaches there with a spy camera and places her purse. Sandeep already knows her plan and places the glass before the camera. She says you cancelled the party yesterday right, so that no one disturbs us here, tell me, as no one is here, no need to hide now. He smiles and holds her hand. She gets tensed. He touches her face and she says Sandeep…. He moves far and holds her hands again. He makes her touch him and says what are you doing Shobha, I m family man, this can’t happen between us. She slaps him being stunned.

Sandeep says I knew you are desperate and will not listen to me, so I got them here. She is shocked seeing so many people walking in, who are from his office. She says he is lying. Sandeep says explain to boss now, I called Vikram too. Vikram walks in and Shobha is shocked. She says Sir, I came here with camera to record to get proof, I have it recorded. Sandeep thinks she does not have proof, as he has kept the wine glass infront of the camera. She says the visual is not coming, one sec, I recorded everything. Neetu comes and says Shobha found Sandeep hot and so she came here.

Vikram gets angry on Shobha and fires her from the job. She cries and leaves. Vikram’s Nani sees Shobha on the road, sitting in rain and crying. She drops her home and asks Vikram to think of the matter once again. Shobha types her resignation letter and Mummy ji gets happy. She says don’t worry, Tarun is there and I will handle everything. hobha comes to office in morning and hears people commenting on her calling her shameless. She gives the resignation letter to Vikram. Vikram calls the entire staff and shows the video of his office CCTV camera and it has Sandeep and Neetu romancing and planning against Shobha. He says you did the drama, about a woman attempting rape on you, does not go on your and Shobha’s character.

He says Shobha is not so aggressive, you used the CCTVV footage to trap Shobha. Vikram suspends Sandeep and Neetu. He says he got special guest to honor Sandeep. Sandeep’s real face for the first time. She slaps Sandeep. She says there is nothing to talk now, don’t give explanations, you fell in my eyes, its over. Sandeeo gets angry on Vikram and leaves. Shobha tells Vikram you should have not told this to her. Vikram says I saved your job and you are saying this. She says you should have not called Shikha, its pain when such things comes out. She pacifies Shikha.

Mummy ji meets Samarth and tells about Shobha losing job. He is glad and meets Shobha. She comes to meet him and hugs him wishing happy birthday. She says I did not leave the job and tells him everything what happened and how Vikram saved her respect by exposing Sandeep. He gets angry and scolds her for working. She says as you have forced me to change, my commitment to my marriage did not change, I can’t say the same to you. Shobha tells Mummy that she has two kids with Samarth, he is linked to us, its hurts, but she gas feelings for Samarth, you are his mum, I worry for you, its my duty to take care of you.

She celebrates Diwali for kids sake and Mummy ji and Nani have a fight over the music sound and puja timing. Mummy ji cuts their flat electricity. Jia burns crackers and throws rocket in Vikram’s room, which burns his imp papers. Vikram comes to complain to Shobha, about Mummy ji and Jia. He says I will teach them a good lesson. Mummy ji and Shobha have an argument. Vikram tells Nani that let Shobha come office, she will know who is tiger. Mummy ji says Vikram insulted me, go and decide whom you will support, as you said I m like your mum. Shobha says she will support her if she is right, and in this matter she is wrong.

Shobha sees Samarth’s pic and thinks about him. Vikram thinks of Nani’s words that Shobha is very good, and next time if he acts rude, she will not leave him, he will lose business. Vikram starts acting sweet to Shobha and their specs get exchanged. What will things change between the two now? Keep reading.

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