Mayank pledges to get back his wife Gunjan; Adi interested in Gunjan for her money in Sapne Suhana Ladakpan Ke

Mayank thinks about Gunjan running to Adi, saying that she loves him a lot. The auto driver takes Rachna to a deserted place, and says he can’t go further, she must go by foot. She comes to a grand, old house, opens the gate and enters. She was about to ring the bell, when a female voice calls her inside. The door opens, the man scolded Lucky for eating up the food. Lucky hugs Rachna, but the man takes him away from her. He asks the servant to take him away. He tells Rachna that has she sold all her fear and respect. Rachna rushes out of the house, and runs away. She gets Shayl’s call, who asks where is she.

Rachna was afraid, and stammers while telling her that she is in her way back. The dance performance now begin, Mayank and Gunjan dance together in intimacy. Rachna comes to the performance. Mayank comes to Gunjan and says he has to say something to her. Mayank thinks he isn’t among the one to accept defeat, and will wait for his wife. Gunjan tells Mayank on phone that she wants to get lost in someone’s love. Adi jumps in her terrace, she is shocked to see him. Adi asks Gunjan for a date, Gunjan calls aloud Date? Mayank says yes, in happiness. They both plan for separate dates.

Gunjan smiles at Adi, while confirming Mayank about the date. She says she can’t believe the dream boy has asked her for date. Gunjan says she needs to sleep well now, as tomorrow life is going to do something. Rachna wishes her luck. Mayank waits for Gunjan, but she arrives late and meets Adi first. She calls Mayank and finds him sitting on a nearby table. He thinks he knows she has to say I love you. She asks what is he thinking, and must order something. Adi tells his friends, that the second thing to like Gunjan is that she is rich. She can afford his expensive life-style so he will keep holding her.

Lucky’s father asks Rachna how dare she come back, Lalit takes him. Rachna says why he hates her, why this door remains locked, and whose photo was that. Mayank looks at an old shirt, and recalls an incident how much Gunjan loved this. Gunjan notices the spot on shirt and asks how this ink. Mayank says someone gifted it with much love. She says it must be someone very special. She holds his arm to go inside. They move inside happily. Mayank points a seat, and says lets go to sit there. Gunjan resists there, and waves Adi. Mayank was annoyed, that if he was here why she brought him and he is leaving. Gunjan promises to explain. Mayank holds her hand, and asks why? Adi brings the chair, and asks did he miss something. Gunjan denies. Mayank thinks that he knows she loves him, still.

Gunjan helps Mayank with water, and asks is he feeling better now. Mayank apologizes, that he spoiled it all. Gunjan says she must be sorry to him, but Adi let her go; that is so sweet of him. Mayank asks does she like Adi? Gunjan smiles recalling all about Adi. She is about to fell when Mayank holds her in his arms. Gunjan opens the door and asks who is there. She is shocked to see Adi, and asks what is he doing here. She comes to her room while Adi comes inside with a red teddy. Gunjan is happy and tells him he loves it. She had a lot of teddy bears and stuffed toys in childhood. He says he wants to make her eat the chocolate with his own hands. Akash watches them together, and scolds Gunjan.

Akash says that good people arent like this, and this isnt a time for a boy to be at her home. She argues she is an adult. He says he can’t even explain to her about it. He spits that she is married. Then explains that he has fixed her marriage and she is going to get married. Akash leaves, while Gunjan shouts calling his name. Gunjan thinks about Akash asking her to marry. Gunjan thinks about telling it to Mayank. Rachna calls her, Gunjan says that her father doesnt understand her at all. Rachna says he always think about her better future, she won’t take any strong step against him. Gunjan promises. Mayank reads her letter saying, she is leaving the house as he can’t keep her close in a house. He must not find her.

Mayank promises Akash that he will find his wife, no matter he has to work so hard for it. Shayl opens the door. She is shocked to see Gunjan and calls her inside the house. Gunjan enters the house, Seema is happy to see her and asks how she is. Gunjan asks them if she can stay here for a few days.Adi watches Gunjan’s photos and says he is so sure Gunjan must have left her house. She will be her golden sparrow, and Akash must now see his real face. Will Mayank be able to revive his love in Gunjan’s heart? Keep reading.

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