Pratima turns out to be Bablu’s wife; DD makes Bablu leave the house being angry in Jamai Raja

Roshni and Sid go to the temple with DD (Durga Devi). Sid is worried as Pratima will be coming there too. DD asks Bablu to come there as well. Pratima sees the entire family there and leaves. She messages Sid and he asks her to meet him behind the temple. Pratima thanks Sid for helping her. He says who will help her than him. DD brings everyone there and shows moon, saying from only there they can see moon properly. All ladies happily break fast looking at their husbands and moon, but Roshi sadly stands silently as Sid is missing from there. DD says Roshni she is show her husband’s true colors and takes everyone near Sid and Pratima. Everyone are shocked to see them.

DD slaps Sid and says Roshni that Sid cheated on you and asks how dare you to betray my wife. Resham asks Kesar who is this girl who is celebrating karvachauth with Sid and then says she is his second wife. She says Roshni Sid is a betrayer. Sid thinks he does not know what will Roshni think, but he will have to tell her truth. DD asks Sid to tell if Pratima is his keep. Roshni says Sid is her husband and only she has right to ask him. She says Sid and Pratima must be having illegal affair since a long time. Pratima says she is mistaken. DD asks her to stop interfering in her family matters as she is not worth that much. Sid says she does not know her worth and says he respects her, so he is keeping quiet.

Roshni says Sid she knows the truth, but he did not trust his wife and told her truth himself. She asks him now to tell truth to everyone. . Bablu shouts and says Pratima is not a keep and he will tell her reality. He goes and stands next to Pratima and says Pratima is his wife. Everyone are shocked to hear that. He says he thought Roshni loves him a lot and will not understand his problem, so he asked Sid to hide the truth. Pratima says Roshni that Sid helped her a lot and reminisces Sid’s promise to get her right back from DD and welcomes her to the family. Pratima says he is Roshni’s husband next but her brother first. Bablu apologizes DD again and asks her to forgive him. DD asks him to get out of his house with his wife. Bablu apologizes everyone and says now he can go from this house tension-free as he knows Sid will handle everything. Sid apologizes Roshni and asks her to break her fast.

She is still angry on him. He says he ruins his own life in trying to help others. DD says she will not forgive betrayers and says she bought Bablu since childhood like her own son and he left her for that poor girl and this is all happening because of Sid. She says Sid knows to keep relationships united and did not even speak when you continuously scolded and alleged him. Roshni helps Sid get ready for office but does not talk and is still angry on him. Roshni and Sid reach Bablu’s house. Bablu and Pratima greet them in. Roshni says because of DD’s arrogancy, he has to stay here in chawl. Pratima gets them tea. Pratima says she will join back work and will try to change DD’s mind and let her accept Bablu.

Roshni says Pratima that she happy to have her in Bablu chachu’s life. Roshni says DD will try to harm Pratima now. Sid assures Bablu that as a brother he will protect Pratima at DD’s office. Mona says Naani that DD has made Jamai as servant and they cannot do anything. Roshni says she can do and knows what to do now. Sid agrees to become servant and says it is his house now and he is not ashamed to work in his house. She asks him to keep her sandals in her room and get her slippers. He says why should he be ashamed to remove mother’s slippers and says he got a chance to take her blessings after marriage. Sid tries to serve daal to DD and tells her about its health benefits. DD asks him to shut up and get her soup.

DD asks what is wrong with her, she already told none of the family members will help Sid and asks her to change her servant clothes. Roshni says as she already told she is not her family member and is Sid’s wife’s now. She says already she had worked in this house and used to get salary. DD gets irked hearing that. Roshni says she is doing as she wanted, she is servant with her husband this diwali.DD gets angry seeing Roshni’s move. Will Sid be able to win DD’s heart? Keep reading.

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