Pragya admits to Bulbul that she loves Abhi; Tanu proposes Abhi for marriage in Kumkum Bhagya

Pragya keeps the fast for Abhi and Dadi asks Abhi to take care of Pragya, as she is feeling very weak and still kept the fast for his long life. Dadi comes there and asks Abhi why is he not feeding water to Pragya. He says tumbler is empty. He gets happy seeing his plan executing well, but sees Pragya stumbling and falling down. Dadi and everyone gather around Pragya. Abhi holds her and feeds her water, she regains consciousness. Dadi thanks god that Pragya’s first karvachauth is finished. She asks Abhi to feed Gajar halwa to Pragya. Abhi says she herself will eat it. Dadi says he has to feed her and he agrees.

Tanu goes to the kitchen and tries to mix chill powder in gajar halwa, but Pragya reaches on time and stops her. She says now she realized she is the one who added chilli in Sargi in the morning and says she will not win Abhi whatever she tries. Abhi thinks because of Pragya, Tanu will break up with him. He searches Tanu and asks Aaliya about her. Aaliya says she is irked that he broke Pragya’s fast before her. Tanu goes for an advertisement and slaps the other girl imagining she is Pragya. The director scolds her for her misbehavior and says he gave her work because she is Abhi’s girlfriend. He says now that Abhi is married and since 3 months, his wife’s name is coming in news with him, he is cancelling all her contracts and says he will get a contract with Pragya as she is star wife now. Tanu gets angry.

Aaliya sees Tanu tensed and crying vigorously. She asks her what happened. Tanu says Behanji snatched everything from her, she even snatched all her contracts, if that news comes out, her career is finished. Aaliya asks her to calm down and make Abhi realize that Pragya is not fit to stay in his life. She suggests her to snatch Pragya’s kumkum from her.Abhi says he will drop Pragya to her mum’s house. Aaliya comes there and says Tanu is very distressed as she lost her contract and asks him to go and console her. Abhi sends Pragya with the driver and goes to meet Tanu. He pacifies her and is shocked when she asks him to marry him. Pragya reaches Sarla’s home. Sarila talks to her about Karwachauth function. Pragya gets shy and hugs Sarla. Sarla asks what happened. Pragya says she did very good by marrying her to Abhi, this is the best gift she gave her in life. Tanu hugs Abhi and says she wants to live every moment of her life with him and wants to marry him.

He says he respects her feelings, but he cannot marry her. She asks if he does not love her. He says he has his own commitments. She asks if he thinks Pragya as his wife and is committed to her now. Abhi says he just cares Dadi and Pragya has trapped Dadi, and he cannot see Dadi in trouble. Abhi says Tanu that he has to go now to Sarla’s home and leaves. Abhi reaches Sarla’s house. He reminisces Tanu’s request and thinks he can neither love Pragya nor marry Tanu, his life is messed up. Abhi tells Pragya that Tanu has proposed him and she is shocked. He then says he is joking, but she understands he was telling the truth and gets worried.

Pragya says Abhi married her for his sister’s sake and cannot harm her at all. Bulbul says she is thinking wrong. Pragya says she is in love with Abhi now. Tanu says Aaliya that she is sure Abhi is developing feelings for behenji and does not want to marry her now. Aaliya asks her to relax and gets back looking at article. Tanu says she cannot control her own boyfriend, then how can she help her. Dadi says there is a laxmi pooja after card game and they will have to go after pooja. She invites Tanu also. Tanu happily agrees. Aaliya says Tanu she was reading article how to control men. She says they will spoil Pragya’s image in dadi’s eyes.

Tanu thinks she has to do something now. Dadi gives necklace to Abhi and asks her to gift it to Pragya. He thinks only Tanu deserves necklace from him. Pragya’s Dadi waits for auto to reach Pragya’s home, but does not get one and starts scolding auto drivers. Suresh sees her and says he will drop her to Pragya’s house. Dadi hesitates at first, but agrees. Pragya is busy making the Rangoli and at the same time Abhi is busy playing a game of cards. Abhi calls Pragya unlucky for him. Pragya learns that Tanu is standing beside Abhi as he considers her to be his good luck charm for the game of cards.

Pragya is asked to stand besides Abhi and Abhi who has been losing many games in the past, suddenly wins a game when Pragya stands besides her. Abhi does not see Pragya and immediately after winning the game Abhi hugs her, but when he sees Tanu standing behind, he gets furious with Pragya. Abhi is later asked to again play the game of cards after Pragya touching the card and surprisingly Abhi wins the next game. He looks at Pragya. Will Abhi understand Pragya’s worth in his life? Keep reading.

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