Charu murders her husband GS and puts Mayank behind bars, Shayl gives statement to the Police, Dayal still angry with Kabir in Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Dayal holds Kabir responsible for Shayl’s accident. He asks the Inspector to arrest him, but he says that he can’t until Shayl gives the statement against him. Kabir feels bad and leaves from there. Dadi comes to see Shayl. Kabir feels bad and tells Dadi that he couldn’t leave until Shayl recovers. Dayal gets angry at Dadi. Dadi tells him that Kabir couldn’t do it intentionally. Gunjan asks Rachna to talk to Kabir. Rachna says, she don’t want to meet him. GS calls Mayank and asks him to reach office within 30 mins. Gunjan asks him to go as she will handle everything at the hospital. GS gets angry at Mayank and accuses Charu and Mayank to be together. Mayank raises his hand on him.

Rachna meets Kabir. Gunjan calls her and informs her that Shayl’s condition is bad. Doctor comes and declares her critical. Rachna cries. Charu comes to Mayank and gives him 25 lakhs rupees. She asks him to throw at GS’s face and get himself free. GS comes and gives him the letter stating he doesn’t own any compensation to him. Kabir asks the doctor to take his blood. Dayal refuses to take his help. Dadi and Kabir insist. Dayal refuses. Gunjan offers to give her blood, but Doctor says they can’t take her blood as her BP is low. Gunjan insists and donates her blood. Mayank comes and thanks Gunjan.

Charu calls Mayank and seeks his help. She tells him that GS kept her in the mill. Gunjan tells Mayank to take Police help. Shayl gets consciousness. She gives statement to the Police that Kabir didn’t do anything as Kabir wanted to save a child and she came in between them. Rachna rushes to meet Kabir, but Kabir refuses to meet her. Dayal is still angry on Kabir and holds him guilty.

Mayank comes to the mill to save Charu. He hears GS speaking to someone about Charu’s affair. He sees her tied and free her. They are about to leave, but GS sees them. Mayank dials the police number. GS asks his men to beat him. Dayal brings Shayl home. Seema gives her house keys. GS provokes Mayank. Mayank throws a stone on him. Mayank saves Charu and GS gets unconscious. She tells Mayank that she will go to her mom’s house. Once Mayank leaves, Charu comes back and lights GS’s body on fire. She then start shouting and gather the people. Rachna apologizes to her mum. Shayl tells Dayal that she can’t be fine until Rachna is sad. Dayal tells her that he can’t let his daughter marry an elderly person. Rachna cries and glances at Kabir. Kabir doesn’t look at her.

Mayank comes home and tells about an attack on them. He tells how GS tried to kill him and Charu. Gunjan and Rachna are shocked. Just then Police comes and arrests him on the charges of murder. Mayank is shocked to know that GS’s body is lighted to fire. He tells the Police that he didn’t do anything. Mayank asks Gunjan to bring Charu for proofs. Kabir comes and offers to help Mayank. He apologizes to Shayl and tells her that he didn’t mean to hurt her. Shayl understands him. He suggests his lawyer friend to fight Mayank’s case, who didn’t lose any case. Dayal doesn’t agree at first. Kabir tells him to keep his differences aside. Prabhu convinces Dayal. Gunjan tells him that Charu is the important witness to the case. Gunjan determines to free Mayank anyhow. Rachna and Gunjan come to the Police station. Rachna ties Rakhi on his wrist and prays for him.

Charu acts as a widow and gains sympathy. She thinks her revenge will be completed now. She thinks she liked Mayank but his goodness landed him in jail. She laughs. Charu comes and assures to help them. Charu acts to gets unconscious and thinks to leave soon. Mayank gives the statement that there was no fire when he left the place and he didn’t know how GS died. Gunjan asks Charu to tell, what happened exactly. Gunjan thinks to keep an eye on Charu. She walks with her to the slippery soil and watches Charu slip over it. The doctor treats Charu and tells them she will be fine with the medicines. Rachna reads someone’s message on Charu’s phone that he needs money. She thinks something is fishy. Keep reading.

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