Rushaali steals Ankita’s baby and takes her home, show headed for a 5 year leap, Naren showers his love on his daughter, Ankita decides to marry Ranvijay in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta.

In Pavitra Rishta, Archana’s flight lands in Banaras. She comes to the temple to pray. Ankita also comes to the same temple and stands beside her. Ankita and Archana get emotional seeing each other. Archana asks her to come back with her. Ankita refuses as she had promised Pari that she won’t go back to Naren’s life. Archana tells her about Mansi delivering baby girl. Ankita gets happy. They talk about Naren and Pari. Ankita tells her that she is happy there. Neelima sees Archana with Ankita and asks about her. Ankita introduces them. Neelima praises Ankita and invites Archana to come to her home. Ankita also insists.

Archana gets happy to see the family taking care of Ankita well. She asks Gopal and Neelima to give their bank details so that she can send the money. They refuses. Archana insists them to take the money for Ankita’s delivery expenses etc. She goes back to airport.

Naren celebrates his birthday alone and cuts the cake as Pari is sleeping. Ankita remembers his birthday and thinks their baby shall be delivered today. Manav reserves a table at a restaurant for Naren and Pari. Naren reaches there and thinks Pari organised his birthday. Pari comes there and asks for the clients. Naren gets disappointment as she doesn’t remember his birthday.

Archana informs Manav that she met Ankita in banaras and tells him that Ankita is carrying Naren’s child. She tells him that she sent the cake for Naren on Ankita’s insistence. Rushaali hears everything. Rushaali comes home and sees Naren and Pari fighting. She goes to Banaras. She comes to the hospital where Ankita was admitted for her delivery, bribes the doctor and takes the baby with her. Doctor informs Ranvijay’s family that the baby is born dead. Neelima breaks the bad news to Ankita. Ankita breakdown and cries.

Rushaali comes home and keeps the baby outside the door. Servant informs them. Naren takes the baby in his arms and gets emotional. Ankita hugs Ranvijay and mourns for her baby. Rushaali tells Naren and Pari that the baby is theirs and God has sent her.

The show is shown after a leap of 5 years. Ankita is showing doing a puja and recalling Naren. Aashi is shown, Naren and Ankita’s baby. Pari scolds her for smearing her lips with her lipstick. Naren takes her side and tells Pari that she is just a kid. Aashi doesn’t like Pari and wishes she could have some other mom. Naren thinks Pari realizes her mistakes and accepts Aashi one day.

While Naren is busy in the kitchen and talking to Manav on phone, Aashi slips and gets hurt. Naren gets worried and takes an off from the office. Manav feels proud of him. Naren calls Pari and asks her to come home immediately. Pari refuses. She comes back home and sees Naren and Aashi having pizza. She thinks Naren has changed after Aashi’s entry in his life and gets angry.

She scolds Naren for taking an off from the office. Naren tells her that Aashi is his life and everything. Pari says, she cannot connect with her and tells Naren that Aashi is not his child. Naren says, she is his child. Ankita perform puja in the house. Neelima’s friend suggests her to get Ranvijay and Ankita married.

Pari feels insecure about Naren’s love for her. Naren makes her understand that they both are equally important for him and his world. Ankita helps Vaishnavi to get ready for school. Neelima thinks of her friend’s suggestion. She takes opinion of her husband Gopal and son Vishnu. They are happy with the proposal. Neelima asks Ranvijay and Ankita that she wants to see them married. They are shocked.

Ankita flatly refuses to marry Ranvijay and apologizes to the family. She tells them that she can’t love anybody else other than Naren. Naren thinks to make Pari’s mood happy and try to cheer her. She fights with him. Rushaali thinks Aashi is separating them. Vishnu asks Ranvijay to speak his heart out to Ankita. Aashi tells Naren that she is searching for a new mom for herself. Naren laughs at her thought.

Rushaali asks Naren to take Pari out for a few days to set things right between them. Naren agrees. Ankita comes to Vaishnavi’s school and sees her participating in the competition. Naren talks to Pari about going out with her. Pari says, she doesn’t have time. Manav asks Pari to go out with Naren and rekindle her family life. Pari thinks he is right. Keep reading.

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