Siddharth falling in love with Roshini, Roshini sells her car to fight the case against Khurana brothers in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

The new offering of Zee Tv Jamai Raja replaced Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, and seems promising featuring Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma as the leads. It is a remake of the movie Anil Kapoor starrer Jamai Raja. Sidharth is seen in the plane with Durga ( his future mum in law). Durga gets annoyed with his talks and tries to change the seat. Siddharth asks her address so that he can visit her home. Roshni drops kids till the school bus. They wish her happy birthday. Roshni goes to the airport and picks her grandmaa. Grand maa asks her to wear makeup else Durga will scold her. Durga comes out of the airport and hugs them as media is watching her. She scolds Roshni and asks her servant to give gifts to Roshini and leaves. Roshini gets sad as her mum forgot to remember her birthday.

Siddharth, a stranger gives candy floss to Roshini and wishes her happy birthday. Roshini comes home and gets sad. She misses her mum. Durga thinks to punish her if Roshini does any mistake. Sid enters the house like a thief and his dad holds gun on him. He scolds him for sending 2 cars for him instead of coming there. They share a light moment. Sid gives him chocolate and asks him to eat it before mom sees him.

Durga praises her brother in laws Kesar and Bablu for decorating the house well. She scolds Kesar’s wife Resham for giving her water after scratching her ears. Roshini comes to her students. Her students surprises her with gifts and cake. She cuts the cake happily. DD awaits for Roshini for the party. Guests asks about her. Roshini enjoys the party thrown by her students. All the guests leave. Durga gets angry on Roshini. Roshini comes home in inebriated condition. Durga scolds her and accuses her for the loss. Roshini asks Bablu to return her gifts so that she can cover up the losses. She tells her mum that she needs only her. Durga tells her that she wears clothes of her money. Roshini says, she will return everything. Durga slaps her.

Nani consoles Roshini and tells her that she knew that she is not drunk. She prays to God to send someone who will unite mother and daughter. Sid and his Dad talk about the threadmill. His mom thinks he is bringing foreign bahu. Sid assures her that he won’t marry without her approval. Durga sits for breakfast. She asks the servant to serve juice to Roshini. Roshini shows her wine glass. Durga looks on annoyed. Roshini reads a news and tears the page. Durga gets annoyed to see her torn pic. Roshini reads that a builder is building hotel on her NGO spot and thinks to meet Sid.

Sid comes out of his car and sees Roshini in her car. He comes and sits in her car. He asks her to give him candy floss money. Roshini gets angry and her hiccups stops. Sid thinks their third meeting would be more interesting. Roshini comes to Sid’s office and gets his email id. She mails him to meet her. Sid asks his manager about her. He assures him that he will arrange new houses for basti people. Sid and Roshini sends messages to each other, unknowing of each other.

Durga shows her designs to a customer. Customer selects some other design. Durga asks Kesar to get the diamond. Durga asks Roshini to get ready for her jewellery store inauguration. Roshini wears her clothes instead of durga’s given clothes. Durga fumes. Grand maa praises Roshini. They go to the hotel for the store launched. She sends message to Sid and awaits for his reply. She is about to fall in the swimming pool but Sid saves her. Sid jokes with her. She gets angry.

Durga bumps into Sid and thinks he is a cheap guy. He jokes with her saying he is a thief. She gets irritated. Sid’s parents asks him about his preference of a life partner. Sid describes Roshini. Durga calls Ghafoor and asks him about a diamond. He asks her to send a man as he won’t do business with a woman. She gets irked.

Durga gives monthly allowance to everyone. She asks Nani not to waste money on Pooja. Nani agrees. Roshini asks her to give more money as she has to file a case against Khurana brothers. Durga refuses. Roshini sells her 25 lakhs Rs worth car for Rs 7 lakhs. Durga comes to Ghafoor’s diamond factory. He refuses to sell a diamond to a woman. Later Sid gives lift to Roshini on his new bicycle. Durga threatens Ghafoor by showing him his video where he is boasting about possessing precious diamonds and not paying tax to a govt. She asks him to sell her diamonds for cheap rate. Sid drops her near the court. He calls her bhagyashree. Roshini tells her name and thanks him. Keep reading.

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