Sid and Roshini falling for each other; Sid helps her with NGO problem and takes kids out to have fun in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, Roshini files a case against Sid’s company and gets stay order for his hotel project. Sid thinks to teach her a lesson legally. Roshini sees Sid standing sadly at the beach. She thinks to cheer him up and throw water on him. He looks at her romantically. Roshini explains to him to let his problems go like sand. Sid tells his name. Roshini goes to her NGO kids. Durga sees Roshini car on the road and thinks it is stolen. She asks Kesar to file the complaint. She gets shocked to know that Roshini sold her car.

Sid thinks of Roshini and hugs his dad. DD scolds Roshini for selling her car and locks her in the room. She warns everyone not to open the door. Sid imagines Roshini everywhere in the office. Sid sends a mail to Roshini asking her to meet him. Nani messages Roshini to leave while she gets DD busy. Roshini escapes. Goons follow her. Her NGO kids rescue her from the goons. While Roshini try to rescue the kids, she is about to fall because of the water thrown by one of the kid. Sid saves her and they have an eye lock.

She tells him that she came to meet Siddharth Khurana and tells him that kids are getting out of NGO. Sid realizes the manager’s mistake and thinks to set everything right. He lies to Roshini that he is Sid. Sid comes to his office and fires his manager from job. Manager thinks to ruin the NGO and Roshini. Manager reaches the NGO with the goons and runs bulldozer over the place. Sid comes there and beats the goons. He asks the manager to stay away from NGO. Roshini apologizes to Sid and thinks she won’t forgive Siddharth Khurana.

Sid talks to his Dad about Roshini. Sid tells him that he told his name as Sid kukreja and not Sid Khurana. His dad asks him to win her love first. Resham comes home after having ghost makeup at the beauty parlour. Nani and Kesar get scared. DD’s car met with an accident. Sid asks her to sit in his auto. DD agrees and sits in the auto. She thinks country is running on her money. Sid corrects her. She gets angry. She gets down the auto after paying 1000 Rs. Sid says, he will return her change whenever he meets her.

DD’s clients get angry at her as she got late for the meeting and leaves. Sid comes to the NGO and gives cheque for the kids. Roshini gets happy and hugs him. She scolds Sid Khurana. Sid leaves. He gets drenched in rain. Roshini calls him inside. She asks him to fix the broken roof. Sid agrees. Sid comes down after fixing the tarpaulin and slips on Roshini. They have a romantic eyelock.

Mr. Mehta comes to DD and gives hint to her about his son Krish and Roshini’s marriage proposal. Sid and Roshini enjoy the rain. Kesar calls Roshini and asks her to come home fast. Roshini comes home and sees DD. DD asks the servant to take Roshini to her room. DD asks Roshini to go where ever she wants to. Nani is surprised at her behavior. Kids ask Roshini to thank Sid. He asks her to spend some time with him. Roshini refuses but later agrees.

Sid and Roshini bring the kids to chowpathi and buys snacks for them. Roshini thanks Sid. Resham sees smoke coming out from DD’s room and informs Nani. Sid buys faluda for kids. Roshini pays the money as he didn’t have sufficient money. She thinks he has a big heart than her mom. Sid’s mom asks her husband about Sid’s doings. He assures her that everything is fine. Nani and others open DD’s room door. They are shocked to see her burning papers. DD tells her that she failed in fulfilling in her responsibilities. DD thinks to tell her about Roshini’s marriage proposal. Nani gets worried for her and calls Ballu. Roshini thanks Sid for giving her happiness in just 2 days.

Sid and Roshini participate at a competition and win. They drop kids at the NGO. Roshini tells Sid to accompany her for the shopping at 10 am and gets off from his office. Sid gets happy. Nani calls her and asks her to come soon. Roshini gets tensed. Keep reading.

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