DD apologizes to Sid for accusing him wrongly in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, Roshini gives money to DD to get Sid free from her service. Sid asks her from where she got the money. Roshini tells him that she has opened the FD which her father had kept for her. Sid couldn’t believe her. Roshini asks him to be happy as they were in his parents’ home. Sid says you wants to save me from insult and that’s why did this. Roshini says this house is my home and hugs Simran. Raj says her Dad might have done FD on her name. Sid says no and tells that he is going to bank with Bablu. Roshini sells the bangles given by Simran. Sid and Bablu Chacha sees her at the jewellery shop. They get shocked. Roshini meets Rajveer then and gives 25000 Rs. She promises to give him remaining amount soon. Rajveer tells her that she is like his sister and he is accepting the money so that she doesn’t feel bad. Rajveer leaves. Sid calls Roshini.

Roshini gets shocked seeing him. Sid asks her so this is the FD. You took the money from him and then sold your jewellery to return his money. DD comes in her car and says I just knew it. She refuses to accept the money given by Roshini as it is not Sid’s hard earned money. Roshini asks her not to talk about fair deal. She tells her to file the case against them and refuses to be her servants again. Roshini holds Simran and Raj’s hands and leaves. DD fumes and taunts Sid. DD reminisces Roshni telling she will not tolerate Sid being insulted by her repeatedly and took Rajveer’s monetary help to clear Sid’s debts. Roshni tells Simran about the whole incident happened and asks if she did right. Simran says she did right. Sid says she did wrong by taking Rajveer’s help and now DD will definitely think he is useless and lazy.

Sid says he did not feel insulted when DD used to scold him, but feeling insulted because of her now. Roshini thinks he is habituated to luxuries. Sid says she is a lifeless wall and not DD. DD cries remembering Roshini. Nani consoles her. Mona scolds Samaira for telling truth to DD. Samaira ignores her. Mona tells Rajveer that Samaira told everything to DD. Ravjeer holds Samaira romantically and says next time he will inform her everything. Roshini, Sid and DD are sad recalling each other words. Nani thinks to set everything right and bring back Roshini home to make DD happy again. Sid decides to continue his job at DD’s showroom. Roshini gets angry with his decision. Nani comes to their house and begs Roshni and Sid to come back home, but Roshni refuses.

However Sid being a dutiful son in law decides to stay at DD’s house and takes his suitcase. He keeps Nani’s wish and decides to go back. Roshni refuses to come with him and prefers to stay with Simran and Raj. Simran convinces Roshni to go back home as Sid is leaving. She asks her to stay with Sid. Nani brings Roshini and Sid home. DD sees them and gets happy. She starts looking for Roshini. Roshni refuses to talk to her mother. Rajveer gets shocked as his plan failed badly. Rajveer apologize to DD for giving Roshni money and says he was just helping Roshni as an elder brother.DD asks Rajveer to stay away from her family matter. Rajveer gets angry. Sid decides to lead a middle class family sans luxuries for Roshini’s happiness. DD asks how will Roshni stay without AC. Sid asks her not to interfere between them.

Siddharth goes to the courier office to enquire about the courier that was received by Rajveer. He comes back home and tells Mona about it. Rajveer hears him and realizes that his truth can be out. Roshni asks Sid to give her some money. Sid tells her that he doesn’t have money at present as it is end of month. He asks her to control the expenditure. They hear Mona shouting at the servant for bringing eggs inside the house. DD fires the servant and believes that the same servant brought the chicken too. Roshni asks DD to apologize to Sid as she accuses Sid of bringing chicken. DD apologizes. Rajveer smirks and reminisces how he kept egg in servant’s bag. Sid calls his mother, tells her about eating chilli sabji and asks her remedy.

Rajveer says he has an inauguration ceremony of his new business and he wants DD to inaugurate it. He tries to trap DD. Sid goes to his parents’ house. They get shocked. He says he will freshen up and will go back to office. Simran and Raj try to stop him and ask him to go to use their bathroom. Sid runs to his room and sees a lady there smoking cigarettes. He asks who is she. Raj and Simran come there tensely. Sid asks who is this girl. Lady starts misbehaving with him and asks Raj and Simran to tell who she is. Sid gets angry seeing lady’s misbehavior. Sid’s parents stop him and lie to him by saying that she will be staying here only for a while. DD with her family reaches Rajveer’s export company and inaugurates it. She gets impressed seeing his godown. Just then Sid clashes with few boxes in the godown and it falls down. Rajveer begins panics as he had placed empty boxes in the godown to fool DD. Keep reading.

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