DD and Roshini join hands to search Sid in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

Rajveer sees Sid walking towards empty cartoon box and thinks he will be exposed. To divert his attention, he adds more fuel in havan fire and therefore Roshni’s hand gets burned. Sid rushes towards her. Everyone get shocked to see Roshni in pain. Samaira blames Roshini for ruining her life’s biggest event. Mona scolds her for being insensitive. Sid tries to bandage Roshni, but she does not allow him. Sid ties her hand and puts tape on her mouth. He then bandages her burnt hand. Krutika throws tantrums at Simran. Raj tells Simran that Krutika is ruining her life. Simran says Krutika will change soon. Samaira shows Mona her new flat’s interior design. Mona gets impressed. Samaira asks her to come and stay with her.

Rajveer acts to get a call from his business associate and rushes to his fake factory. Later he is brought home in a distressed condition by Sid and Bablu. DD asks what happened? Rajveer replies that all his efforts, money and hardwork have been burnt as his entire factory and warehouse have been burnt to ashes. Bablu says Rajveer’s factory burnt due to short circuit. Sid asks him not worry, they can get insurance claim. Rajveer says he cannot claim it as he did not get insurance yet and lost everything. He asks Samaira to pack their bags. DD stops him and asks him to work with her. He agrees and thinks he will get DD’s money.

Raj and Simran decide to go to a party. Krutika offers to accompany Simran. Simran agrees. Raj gets upset as Simran agreed to take Krutika against his wish. Roshni sees a news about terrorist suspicion in crowded places and asks Sid not to go by local train today. Sid leaves for work and gets in a local train. He informs Roshini about taking a local train to reach somewhere. Simran attends her friends’s party with Krutika. Krutika drinks alcohol and acts arrogant. Samaira and Pratima have an argument. Roshini takes Pratima’s side. Krutika steals jewelry at Simran’s friend’s party. Everyone’s bags are checked and they don’t find jewelry even in Krutika’s bag. Simran gets angry and tries to walk out. Krutika picks her return gift. Simran throws the bag saying they don’t need their return gift. Everyone get shocked to see the jewellery with the gift. Krutika places the blames on Simran. Krutika forces Simran to tell that she stole it. Simran walks out with Krutika with tears in her eyes.

Pratima watches news about bomb blast in the trains and shows it to Roshini. Roshni panics and falls unconscious as Sid is travelling in a train. DD holds her. Roshni gains consciousness and seems to be devastated hearing the news as she feels that Sid was in that train. DD assures Roshni that she will find Sid at any cost and will not let him go away. Roshni hugs her and starts crying. Simran comes back home crying. Raj gets shocked and slaps Krutika for insulting Simran in the party. Krutika tells him that Simran is her real mother who abandoned her when she was just two years old. Raj tries to intervene, but she asks him to stop right away, else she will beat him to pulp. Raj consoles Simran and says they both will get her back on track. DD calls police commissioner and asks him to find out Sid soon.

Simran gets worried as Krutika doesn’t return home. She gets kidnapper’s call. He asks them to give 2 lakhs rupees. Raj says they should inform police commissioner. Simran refuses. DD sees Roshini tensed and takes her out to search Sid. Nani thanks God for uniting mother and daughter. Roshni and DD reach hospital and search for Sid. Roshni hears people discussing that it was a horrible blast and many died. She gets panic and crying vigorously again. Raj and Simran go to the police station to file complaint against the kidnappers. Just then they get a call from the kidnappers. They get angry on them and double the ransom to four lakhs. Simran gets upset with Raj as Krutika’s life is in danger.

Raj and Simran go to the said place, pays the ransom to the kidnappers and and rescue Krutika. DD and Roshini enquire with a doctor about Sid. The doctor tells them that all the dead bodies are in the mortuary. Roshini cries. Raj hears Krutika talking to kidnapper and telling he did good job and can keep 50000 rs in ransom amount. He snatches phone form her and tells kidnapper to return his money. Krutika shouts as if Raj is strangling her. Simran comes and scolds Raj. Roshni stumbles and falls on ground. DD tries to wake her up. She sees Sid coming there and wakes up Roshni. Roshni gets happy seeing him and hugs him. DD asks if he is fine. He says he is fine.

Sid comes back home. All the family members get happy including DD. Nani prays god to let DD express her feelings for her family. Raj tells Simran about Krutika doing her kidnapping drama and calls her criminal. Krutika decides to leave the house. Simran pleads with her to stay back. Raj thinks Simran is getting blackmailed by Krutika. Roshni nurses Sid’s injuries and shares a romantic moment with him. They share an emotional moment. Roshni goes to DD and asks her for a hug. They both get emotional. Sid sees that and thinks once DD forgets her arrogance and egoism, his work will be done and he can go back to his family. DD asks Sid to take a leave from work, Sid gets shocked. Roshni informs Raj about Sid escaping bomb blast incident. Raj tells this to Simran. Rajveer meets DD’s rival Gafoor and shake hands with him to get DD’s property. Keep reading.

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