DD performs aarti with Roshini; A new character Rajveer comes to unveil Sid’s truth; Sid determines to continue his lie until he unites mother and daughter in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, Raj and Simran see Sid and Roshni cleaning the house and get shocked. Resham informs them that Sid and Roshini have been punished by Durga Devi. Simran gets furious and asks Sid and Roshini to come along with her. Nani says that Simran is doing right. Sid refuses to go along with Simran and reminds her of his childhood incidents where she encouraged him to overcome his fears and face challenges. He manages to convince her that he will be staying in the house with a motive. Simran hugs him emotionally. Simran prays to God for them and asks Roshni to clear DD’s loan and come back home soon. Roshni promises her.

Pratima gets the jewellery store decorated with Marigold flowers. DD shouts at her. Simran decides to tell the truth to DD as she is unable to see the torture meted to her son by DD. Kesar informs DD that their diamond consignment is lost and they will lose 25 lakhs. DD scolds Kesar and blames Pratima for the loss. Raj tries hard to stop Simran, but she is adamant on her decision. She comes back to her home. Raj tells her that if DD does anything again, he himself will inform her the truth. Nani asks DD, Roshini and Sid to do the aarti. DD refuses to do the aarti with them. While she is doing alone, Sid adds camphor in aarti and stands silently.

Roshni sees DD’s aarti thali catching fire and DD getting panicked. She sets fire off and gives water to DD. She then performs aarti with DD. Nani and Sid get happy. DD asks Kesar to deliver an order to her client. He agrees hesitantly. Simran calls Sid. Roshini picks the call and talks to her. Resham gives list to Sid saying it is DD’s order. Simran thinks to teach her a lesson. After finishing work, Sid asks DD if he can go out now. DD says they cannot go as she wants to take them to come with her to a charity function. Kesar hands over jewellery to Pratima saying it is 35 lakhs worth jewelry and asks her to deliver it to a client. Kesar tells DD that he asked Pratima to deliver it as he wants to know if Bablu’s wife is trust worthy or not. Pratima on the way is chased by a gang of goons and in her attempt to escape the goons, she drops the jewellery box. DD calls the police and informs them that Pratima has stolen the jewellery.

Pratima comes there. DD asks the Inspector to arrest her. Sid takes Pratima’s side. Pratima says there is not need for that and takes out necklace from her bag, gives it to DD. She tells them the whole incident. Sid praises Pratima and asks everyone to clap for her. Nani asks DD to bring Bablu and Pratima home.

DD slaps and asks him to gift wrap necklace and deliver to client himself. The entire family is stunned. DD goes to NGO function with Sid, Roshini and Nani. Resham feels upset and scolds Pratima. DD along with Sid and Roshni go to Sid’s chawl for distributing Diwali gifts, but they get shocked when they see Sid’s parents there. Sid and Roshni feel happy and celebrate Diwali with them. Roshni tells that she will do aarti with Simran, Sid walks towards Durgadevi and does aarti along with her. Sid and Roshini stay at his parents’ house. They have a good time. Raj informs Sid that he has to go to London and asks Sid to handle the company for a while. Sid asks how can he as he has to be at DD’s showroom. Raj says there is no other way. Simran hopes they stay with them.

While Sid is trying to walk out of office in a hurry, DD permits him but asks Kesar to keep an eye on him as she feels he is lying. Roshini looks at stains on her dress and thinks of getting tips to remove stains from Simran. Simran is ill. Raj thinks to cancel his trip. Roshini calls her and says she will come there. Sid is busy in business meeting with his clients at his Dad’s hotel and hears Rajveer (Mona’s son in law) shouting to get alcohol and disturbing his meeting. Sid asks him to go to another hotel if he wants to drink alcohol. Rajveer starts misbehaving with Sid and asks who the hell he is to send him out and if it is his dad’s hotel. Sid gets angry. Rajveer tries to hit him. Sid overpowers him and says it is his dad’s hotel and he is Sidharth Khurana and asks security to kick Rajveer out. Rajveer says he will remember his insult. Roshini comes to meet Simran and messages her with vicks. They share a lighter moment.

DD comes to know that Sid didn’t reach the factory and lied to her. She gets furious. Sid comes home. DD questions him about his whereabouts. Sid asks her to check and says he was there. Roshni asks DD to stop troubling her husband. Mona comes there with her daughter Samaira. They get happy to see her. DD says Samaira that she will get her married to a nice guy. Samaira gets tensed. Mona informs them that Samaira married in US and she went to US to bring her back with her husband. Dd gets annoyed. Rajveer comes. . Mona introduces whole family to him. Rajveer reminisces Sid’s insult at hotel. Sid thinks his truth will come out now.

Rajveer acts as a good boy and apologizes to DD for marrying Samaira without her consent. Rajveer says though they were in a live-in relationship, they did not forget Indian values, so called Mona and got court marriage. He looks at Sid and says he met him today in the morning at his 5-star hotel. Everyone get surprised. Roshni says he is Sidharth Kukreja and not Khurana. Sid says Rajveer is telling truth and he wanted to tell them this long ago. DD taunts Sid. Roshini asks her to stop. Roshni asks Sid why did he go to Sidharth Khurana’s hotel when he knows she does not like him. Sid replies that he has to work for both Khurana and her so as to pay the bills. DD tries to slap him, but he runs and she follows him.

Rajveer thinks he has to find out the secret. DD calls Kesar that he will handle outside work and Sid will handle all office work. Sid thinks tomorrow he has an important meeting with clients and DD has confined her. DD thinks Sid does not even have a single quality of multimillionaire. Roshini informs Sid that she will also work now and has got a job at Save a Child foundation. They get romantic and are about to kiss when Rajveer comes there. Rajveer apologizes to Sid. Samaira feels pity on Roshini. DD asks her not to worry about Roshini. Keep reading.

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