Adi proposes to Gunjan and she happily his love; Mayank and his family make plan to get Gunjan realizes her true feelings in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Gunjan apologizes to Seema for coming without informing. Shayl and Prabhu tell her that that this is her own house. Gunjan hugs Shayl. Seema thinks to give her Rachna’s room and takes her inside to eat something. Rachna notices the suspected door open and gets tempted to enter it. She goes inside. Seema and Shayl get tensed as Gunjan left her house and had not informed them the reason. Shayl thinks to call Akash, just then Akash reaches the house and informs everyone about Adi who has been chasing Gunjan. He tells them that She was going to do a big mistake and chosen Adi. Rachna finds a dupatta and photo in the room. Gunjan says she won’t go back home, she had never thought in her dreams that her father will fix her marriage without asking her.

Akash was about to tell the truth. Gunjan tells him that they love each other. Seema gets shocked while Shayl asks her to trust on Mayank’s love. Rachna tries to remove the cloth draped on the photo. Lalit’s wife places hand on her shoulder. Rachna gets scared as the lady is with mask on her face. She asks Rachna who is she. Lalit comes there and introduces them. Rachna thinks how they live in such a boring room. Lucky’s father comes and throws his jacket on the bed angrily. He calls Govind Kaka. Rachna tries to explain. He shouts that she must remain quiet and asks her to leave. Adi comes to Mayank’s house and bends down on his knees to propose to Gunjan. He puts ring in her finger. Seema gets shocked. Mayank and his family get upset. Adi says that he knows she loves him as he does, he will keep her happy for whole of their life. He assures her that he will soon come with the Baraat.

Rachna comes to Lucky, and tells him to have food. Lucky asks what if she doesn’t come here the next day. Rachna promises Lucky that she will come to him daily. Gunjan looks at the ring and thinks about the proposal. She finds the ring given by Adi to be a burden on her. She thinks to apologizes to everyone. Meanwhile, Rachna and Lucky are playing hide and seek, just then the lights go off. Suddenly she was about to fell off the stairs, someone helps her. When the light is back, Rachna finds Lucky’s father standing in front of her and she begins to accuse him of trying to push her. He tells her to be quiet, holds her onto a wall. He tells her that he doesn’t need to attack at the back. Seema cries and says she can’t take it any more and can’t see her son sufferings. She heads to Gunjan’s room. Shayl stops her and says Gunjan has forgotten everything. Mayank says he has an idea, and asks if they will all help him. His family agrees to work on his plan to get Gunjan back into his life.

Rachna tells Gunjan that Lucky sees his mother in her. She says she needs him as there was a vaccum in her life after Kabir left. Seema was at the temple, she asks Mayank if his idea will really work. Mayank prays to God for help. Rachna feels strange about Lucky’s family and house and thinks no one talks about his mum. Seema convinces Gunjan to remove the engagement ring that Adi has given her and asks her to wear it only after the official engagement. Gunjan agrees. Lalit’s wife forces Lucky to drink green tea/kada after which Rachna feeds him parathas. Lucky starts coughing. Lalit blames Rachna and says he will take Lucky to the hospital. Rachna asks Lucky to drink a glass of salt water. Lucky gets well.

Gunjan gets Adi’s call. He says he loves her a lot and suggests about bunking their classes and go on date. She laughs. She informs him that she is all alone at home and is feeling bored. He thinks to go to her house. Adi comes to Mayank’s house. Gunjan opens the door. Adi says he thought his Gunjan is all alone, he must entertain her and do some romance. He holds her. All the family members return home and get shocked seeing them. Gunjan whispers him to leave. Mayank gets angry. Adi gives Gunjan a flying kiss and leaves. Mayank also doesn’t tell Gunjan what is happening at the home.
Mayank comes to Gunjan and tells her they all saw the girl and liked her. Gunjan asks is he marrying. Mayank smiles. Gunjan asks why? Mayank says she is also marrying. She asks when is the wedding taking place. He says it is after three weeks. Gunjan gets thinking. Everyone looks at her expressions.

Rachna gets the entire house cleaned and also removes the picture that had always been kept covered. Just then the lights go off and Rachna removes the cloth from the picture. Lucky’s father shouts at her for removing the cloth from the picture. Rachna looks at the picture and gets shocked seeing her lookalike with Lucky and his father in the photo. Lalit informs Rachna that the woman in the photo is actually his wife Divya and her lookalike. Gunjan informs Adi that Mayank will be marrying suddenly. Adi thinks something is fishy. Gunjan tells Mayank that she wishes to meet the girl whom Mayank is going to marry. Mayank calls Rachna and tells about Gunjan’s wish. She says she will meet him and work out on their plan.

Gunjan gears to meet Mayank’s fiance and thinks she will decide if that girl is good for him or not. She tells Adi about it. Adi asks is she his real fiance and that he never told anyone that he has a girl friend. Gunjan gets suspicious. Gunjan opens the door and is shocked to see a girl in saree. Mayank addresses her as Bindiya. Shayl asks her to come in. Bindia greets everyone and takes the blessings. Gunjan smiles. Bindiya asks who is she? Mayank tells her that she is his best friend Gunjan. While everyone praise Bindiya. Gunjan gets jealous and makes her displeasure felt by her gesture. They tell their fake love story. Mayank pays her 5000 Rs when she leaves. Gopal kaka asks Lucky’s dad to call Rachna as Lucky is ill and Rachna cares for him.

Gunjan says she feels strange that he liked such a girl, so shy and typically Indian. Mayank says this means she didn’t like the girl. Gunjan says she doesn’t think Mayank and she can stay together. Seema and Shayl boost about Bindiya though. Mayank asks Gunjan what kind of girl he should marry. Gunjan says he should marry a modern girl. Shayl asks should she be like her. Gunjan is speechless. . Adi hears them and thinks something is fishy. He thinks they are doing a drama about Mayank’s fiance. Gunjan thinks about Mayank and Bindiya why is she overthinking about Mayank’s life. Keep reading.

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