Pragya keeps Karwachauth fast for Abhi; Tanu breaks the strings of Abhi’s guitar while Pragya gets it repaired; Tanu and Aaliya trap Pragya in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya.

In Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya keeps Karwachauth fast for Abhi. Abhi wins the money in the card game. He is shocked to see Pragya changing her dress. They argue. Pragya tells him that Dadi asked her to change saree before the puja and shows the keys. Suresh apologizes to Pragya for rejecting her marriage proposal. Aaliya hears their conversation and realizes that Pragya wanted to marry Suresh before. Pragya says Suresh she has forgiven him long ago. Aaliya thinks of tarnishing Pragya’s image by alleging her to have relationship with Suresh and waits for the right moment. She acts sweetly with Pragya. Abhi asks Dadi why did she give locker keys to Pragya. Dadi starts praising Pragya and says he is lucky to have her. He thinks she has taken over everyone’s brain and is controlling them. Abhi informs her that he got an offer for biggest event ever. Dadi gives the credit to Pragya’s luck. Abhi gets irked.

Tanu tries to get into Dadi’s good books and acts religious. Aaliya gets impressed. Pragya, Dadi and all guests do the Puja. Dadi gives thali to pragya. She gives aarti to everyone. Dadi praises Pragya’s values, culture etc. Pragya then goes to Abhi and asks him to get aarti. He refuses. She tells the importance of aarti. He says he takes aarti and says he will show that she does not have any place in his life. Dadi and rest get happy. Everyone burn crackers and enjoy. Pragya asks Abhi not to burn money like this. Pragya takes 500 rs note from Dadi and asks Abhi to burn it. Abhi says he will burn 500 rs and she will have to give cracker sound effect. She says she can’t laugh on his joke. Tanu sees them together and gets irked. Pragya slips and falls on Abhi. Dadi gets happy.

Police comes to Abhi’s house. Inspector says shows him search warrant papers. He asks Abhi not to interfere, else he will have to be behind bars. Dadi asks why police came to her house on diwali day. Aaliya informs her that Abhi saved Pragya’s marriage hall and went behind bars. Police came regarding the same case and searching their house. Taiji, Mitali and Tanu taunt Pragya. Abhi thinks what they are searching. Inspector gets the document he was searching and comes down. Inspector says the marriage hall for which got stay order was illegally approved by passing orders and he came to get those papers. Pragya asks Inspector to arrest her. Inspector says he came to arrest Raj as he passed marriage hall stay orders by taking bribe. Raj refuses. Inspector arrests him. Mitali alleges Pragya for getting Raj arrested and asks what did she speak to inspector. Pragya says she did not know Raj was involved in this. Mitali twists her hand and tries to slap her, but Abhi holds her hand and asks why is she slapping Pragya.

Mitali blames Pragya for Raj being in jail. He says it is not her mistake. She asks if he loves her so much that he can let his brother go to jail. Taiji blames Mitali and says Raj went to jail because of your greed. She then apologizes Abhi and Pragya and asks them to forgive Mitali. Mitali calls her dad and informs him that police arrested Raj and blames herself. Aaliya hears her conversation. Mitali gets shocked seeing Aaliya hearing everything. Pragya thinks Abhi has also started loving her but does not know how to express it. She thinks even she used to hate him, but now loves him a lot. Abhi comes and sleeps. Aaliya blames Pragya and says she is behind all this and she is the one who brainwashed Abhi. She thinks with Mitali’s help, she can get out Pragya from their house. Abhi comes to police station and asks Raj why did he take bribe. Raj says he did not take bribe.

Abhi tells him that he can bail him out, but does not want to as he has broken his trust and says if he is really innocent, he himself will come out. Mitali meets Suresh and asks him to give tuition to her children. Suresh agrees. Mitali informs Aaliya about it. They want to prove in front of Dadi that Pragya is still having affair with Suresh and is characterless, then Dadi herself will throw her out. Aaliya decides to execute her plan when Abhi goes for a concert with family. Aaliya asks Tanu to stop Pragya from going. Abhi sings the song and plays guitar. Pragya watches him silently. Abhi asks her to claps when he is done. Abhi gets worried that his legs have swollen after playing guitar and thinks how will he play guitar in concert tomorrow. Pragya asks if his fingers are paining. He says no. She goes and brings salt water. He thinks she is a magician and knows everything. She asks him to soak his fingers in salt water. He hesistantly soaks, but takes them out. He feels relief. She asks him to sleep.
Tanu breaks the strings of Abhi’s guitar because of hatred towards Pragya. She decides to not let Pragya be a part of Abhi’s concert. When Abhi sees his broken guitar, he blames Pragya for it and gives her punishment. He asks her not to be a part of his concert. Pragya agrees. Aaliya and Mitali think to trap Pragya when she is alone. Mitali call Suresh and ask him to come home to take tutions for her kids. Suresh agrees hesitantly. Dadi comes to know that Pragya will not be coming for the concert. She asks Pragya about it. Pragya makes excuse and says that she is not feeling well. In the night, Pragya reaches guitar repair shop and asks its owner to fix it right away as it is her husband’s favorite guitar. The owner says that he can get them fixed only tomorrow. She requests him and he agrees to try fixing himself. Pragya helps him and gets cut by string. She thinks, she has to give him this guitar on time.

Akash gets a new guitar for Abhi. Abhi tells him sadly that he cannot work without his favorite guitar. He thinks if his concert fails, he will ruin Pragya’s life. Abhi misses his favorite guitar and is nervous. Just then one of the crew members hands over his favorite guitar that Pragya has repaired. Abhi gets surprised and assumes that Tanu has repaired it for him. He hugs Tanu. Abhi realizes that she is not that lady. Pragya comes there and sees him. She goes back home and thinks to watch his concert from home. Abhi gives a fabulous performance for his concert. Tanu, Aaliya and Mitali plan against Pragya is being put into action. Pragya falls down the staircase and screams in pain. Suresh hears her cries and rushes to picks her up. He takes her to her bedroom. Tanu and Aaliya record the entire scene and decide to show the video recordings of them to Abhi, to make her fall in Abhi and Dadi’s eyes. Keep reading.

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