Rajveer fakes IT raid and aims to take revenge on her in Jamai Raja

Sid finds Raj unwell and is worried about him, Simran asks Sid till when he will be in DD’s house and his puppet and says his dad needs him the most now. Raj wakes up and calls Simran. Sid goes and apologizes Raj. Raj says he will follow the promise made to Sid and will wait for him even if he dies waiting. Sid starts crying and hugs his dad. Roshni wakes up in the morning and does not find him. She calls him and sees his phone in room itself. She goes down and sees DD and family having breakfast. Roshni says she does not to fight with her in the morning and asks about Mona and Nani. Simran asks why did not he inform yet.

He says he could not and says soon he will get back DD and Roshni on track by telling truth. DD is busy showing her jewelry designs to her customers. Customers praise her design. Income tax people come and ask customers and employees to leave the place as they are raiding this place. DD comes out of cabin and asks what is happening. Officer says he is raiding her showroom. DD asks Kesar to do something and walks out of showroom. Pratima calls Bablu and informs him about IT raid. Prashanth gets Bablu’s call who asks him to give phone to Sid. Sid takes phone and Bablu informs him about IT raid in DD’s office and home.

The Officer says he is searching house as DD has stolen tax money. Roshni says her mom is an ideal businesswoman and is not a thief. DD comes and asks how can he call her thief without any proof. Officer says it is a procedure of sealing all bank accounts. Samaira taunts that Sid goes missing whenever something wrong happens. Sid speaks to IT commissioner about DD’s IT raid and thanks dad that because of his contacts, he came to know about a big secret. IT officials ask Kesar to present bills of all transactions. Kesar tries to buy them out but they fume. Pratima worries the matter. Bablu comes to explain the officials all the details. He tells Kesar to not tell anything to officials or DD. IT officials arrive and say time ends now. They are about to arrest Roshni. DD says will pay back for sure. Sid is rushing back and keeps trying Roshni’s number.

Roshni tells Sid that Rajveer has paid Rs 2 crores as tax and matter is sorted now. id says he is not wrong every time. He says they can’t do anything as they were not IT people, they were fraud and fooled you. DD looks at Sid and confirms about fake IT raid. Sid says it was fake. Rajveer asks Sid how does he know this. Sid says I know few junior level people in IT department. He says we should call police to get money back. DD says we will talk to Kesar and call police in morning. She asks Rajveer not to take tension as she will return money. Rajveer says your business is important and I am with you. DD thanks him and goes with him. Bablu and Pratima see the man they have seen among IT officials. They hear hiding as he tells about going to take money.

Bablu takes pic and says this will help. DD apologizes to Rajveer. Bablu shows pic and asks did he come in raid. DD shows the pic to Rajveer and Sid. DD says the man is not important, the place where he is standing is important as that’s Mehta Industries. She understands everything that Mehta is behind all this. DD says why did you trouble me and he is trapped badly this time. DD says she should have never trust him. Mehta asks how can she threaten him at his home. DD angrily slaps him. They even call the police who arrests Mr Mehta.

Mehta on the other hand is confused about what is going on with him. Sid later smells something fishy and is sure that Mehta cannot be the root cause for the trouble. Meanwhile, Rajveer goes to one of the fake tax officers and gets his money back from him. It turns out that Rajveer is on a mission to destroy DD. Sid asks DD if she really has changed and thanks her for bringing back Bablu and Pratima. DD asks him to thank Rajveer as he brought them. Rajveer says he is this house’s son and it is his duty to keep his family united. Rajveer sees 5-star hotel parking slip falling from Sid’s pocket and thinks he should find out Sid’s secret. Sid and Roshni have romantic time after the problems end. Will Sid find out about Rajveer’s evil plans? Keep reading.

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