Pragya asks divorce from Abhi, Abhi jumps with happiness in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya.

In Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya gets video CD proof of her innocence and informs Abhi. He asks if it is previous one where she forced Mitali to tell lie. Tanu, Aaliya, and Mitali get tensed seeing that. Tanu and Aaliya think to divert his mind and Tanu acts as falling down. Abhi immediately rushes towards Tanu. Abhi goes to get pain spray while Pragya follows him. Tanu scolds Aaliya for pushing her. Aaliya says she had to do this to divert Abhi’s attention, else Pragya would have shown video. Pragya gives him spray bottle and asks Abhi to check video now. Mitali tells him that Tanu is writhing in pain. Abhi rushes to her room. Pragya determines to show the video to him. Pragya dreams about Aaliya, Tanu, Abhi and Mitali kicking out her out of house. Someone enters room and steals video CD. Pragya runs behind the person and gets surprised to find Tanu. Pragya asks how can she stoop to such a low level and try to separate her from her husband. Tanu says because of her Abhi went away from her. She tries to snatch her mangalsutra. Pragya stops her and slaps her. Later, Mittali breaks the CD in front of Pragya destroying the proofs.

Pragya comes back to her room and gets sad thinking that the last proof proving her innocence is destroyed. Doctor checks Dadi and informs Abhi that her condition is better from before. Abhi calls Purab and informs him that Pragya’s 24 hours are nearing ending. He says since she has not been able to provide any proof, she will have to leave his house. Abhi asks Pragya to show the proof in 15 seconds if she has any. Aaliya, Tanu and Mitali torture Prafya with their nonsense words. Bulbul and Purab comes there and get shocked to know that she has no proof. Bulbul tries to talk and convince Abhi that Pragya found a CD, but someone destroyed it. Abhi refuses to listen to Bulbul and asks Pragya to leave. Pragya cries and agrees to leave as she does not have proof of her innocence Daadi gets out of coma and comes out of her room calling Pragya. Abhi holds her and takes her to her room.

Pragya cries seeing Dadi and wishes to see her, but Tanu stops her. Pragya gets angry and warns her not to stop her else………Tanu gets scared and lets her go. Pragya meets Dadi and talks to her. Dadi’s condition worsens. Aaliya informs Abhi that Pragya’s MMS have been leaked on the internet. Abhi gets shocked. Aaliya provokes Abhi against Pragya and she gets successful as Abhi gets even more angry with her. He feels cheated by Pragya and breaks everything in his room. Pragya sees his angry state and cries helplessly. Tanu comes there and thinks to take advantage of the situation and gets close to Abhi. She hugs Abhi while consoling him. Abhi finds solace in her embrace and cries. He thinks Tanu only loves him.

Abhi gets sad and drinks wine. Aaliya sees him drinking and thinks to instigate him further against Pragya. She tells him that his fans will start badmouthing that Rockstar Abhi cannot take care of her wife. She continues saying what will he do if people tell he is impotent that he can’t even satisfy his wife and says everything is happening because of that behanji and he has to take revenge and kick her out of house. He gets angry and goes to Pragya and reminds her of his rockstar image and asks how can she sleep with someone else on his bed. Pragya cries. He tries to get physical with her to take revenge, but Pragya pushes him away. Dadi sees Purab coming to her house to drop Bulbul and realizes they love each other genuinely.

Pragya meets Purab. Purab tells her that Abhi’s career is important for him as he worked hard to come to this position, and if MMS is leaked, he will lose everything and will break off. Pragya says she can’t tolerate Abhi’s insult. He suggests her to go home back and talk to family members not to leak the MMS. They decide to stop the mms from spreading far. Abhi comes to Tanu’s house. She lets him in. She brainwashes Abhi against Pragya, but he falls asleep. Pragya comes back to her house and thinks what to do to stop Abhi’s career from facing downfall because of her. She decides to divorce Abhi. She thinks that if she divorces Abhi then she will only have to bear the insult of the MMS and nobody will point their fingers at Abhi. Suresh comes to meet Pragya at Abhi’s house. Aaliya sees him and tries to provoke him against Bulbul and Pragya. Bulbul thinks to expose Tanu as she is the culprit and talks to Pragya. Pragya tells Abhi that she wants to divorce him. Abhi gets shocked at first, but then jumps with joy and says he wants to kiss her. He says anyways she is getting divorce.

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