Lalit gets exposed while Om informs Lucky that Rachna is not his real mum in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Om talks to someone on phone and asks him to arrange a trip with Lucky. Lalit’s wife hears him. She informs her husband who gets shocked and says less time is left to him. Rachna comes to her room and looks for Gunjan. Everyone come there and look for her. Even Doctor and Nurse come there. Mayank looks through the window, and says she hasn’t gone, but has been kidnapped. Everyone is shocked. They think Adi might have kidnapped her. The goon ties Gunjan to a corner in the storeroom. He calls his boss, and tells him that the work is done and she is with them. Gunjan hears their conversation. Bindia instructs them to wait for her next order. She turns and sees Mayank behind her. She makes an excuse. Mayank sees Adi coming and asks him about Gunjan. Adi says he don’t know anything. Mayank beats him.

The family files a Police complaint. Mayank brings Adi, and asks the Police to arrest him. Adi pleads innocent. Rachna says she don’t think he has kidnapped him. Mayank says he is really worried as they have looked for all her friends. Mayank thinks she doesn’t want to live with him after recalling everything. Rachna says she was really happy. They decide to hire a detective to locate her. Bindia hears them. Lucky comes to meet Rachna and calls her Maa. Lalit says he will talk to his detective. Mayank gives him photos of Gunjan. Rachna comes to the painting’s corner, Lucky hides besides the sidetable. She gets Mayank’s call and leaves. Om and Mayank were talking to each other, he says they have got the detective, they will now get Gunjan. Rachna thanks Om. Lalit comes to the storeroom and is shocked to see Gunjan. He slaps his man hard, saying he couldn’t do a work properly.

Gunjan wonders who this man is, and thinks why he wants to kidnap Rachna. Lalit says now he will have to kill her too. Gunjan gets shocked. Lalit says he will do some planning for Rachna. The police say that kidnappers have been after them for a long time. Gunjan watches a knife lying nearby and cuts the rope. The man ties the rope again. Lalit and his wife plan to kill Rachna and put the blame on someone else. Lalit mixes sleeping pills in the milk. Lalit says he has changed the whole plan. Gunjan cuts her robes, andlooks for the mobile. Gunjan calls Mayank and informs him that she has been kidnapped and kept captive in a big house with big windows. Goon comes and snatches phone from her hand. Gunjan beats him and runs. Mayank comes to her and takes her to a side. Gunjan tells him that the goons want to kidnap Rachna. Mayank tells Shayl to keep Rachna home. Prabhu tells her Rachna has gone to haveli.

Mayank and Gunjan manage to reach Rachna. Mayank asks her to not to go anywhere now. Gopal kaka tells her that lucky is afraid and crying. Om is sleeing. Rachna goes to Lucky. Lalit hands the gun to his wife, and asks her to get Om’s finger prints. Mayank and Gunjan come with their get up changed. Rachna tells them she is going to kitchen to prepare food for Lucky. Gunjan goes upstairs. Some men Kidnaps her while she resists. Lalit was about to lift Gunjan’s veil when Mayank comes to her rescue. Gunjan goes to the kitchen and doesn’t find her. Lalit comes to Rachna and slaps her hard. Rachna asks Lalit wht he wants. He says he wants her dead body as her face resembles Divya. He says that he will get Om’s property.

Om is in shock that his brother Lalit was the one who had killed his wife Divya. He brings Urvashi there and points a gun towards Urvashi to stop Lalit from killing Rachna. Gunjan and Mayank search for the secret passage that will take them to Rachna. Gunjan sees the painting and realizes that the secret passage is under it. Om and Lalit start fighting. Om finds Divya’s clothes and jewellery in a cupboard as Lalit had hidden it. The police arrive there and arrest Lalit and his wife Urvashi. Om thanks Gunjan and Mayank for their help. He tells Lucky that Rachna is not his real mother. Rachna promises to meet Lucky everyday and asks him not be disappointed. Mayank and Gunjan decide to start life afresh. Everyone welcomes Gunjan and they head to temple for prayer. Bindia thinks will she be left a servant. Shayl says that Gunjan and Mayank should be married once again.

Seema says that till they get married the boy’s family should stay separately. They pose for a family photo. Bindia thinks she must do something really soon, or she will have to go. Gunjan says it is just that Bindia must have her life and she has caught here. She asks Mayank to extra pay her. Bindia asks Adi to think about something, not to let Gunjan be their daughter in law. Mayank waits for her on the terrace, Gunjan comes there. He says he wants to tell her that she is even more beautiful. They are about to get romantic, but they leaves seeing Shayl and Seema teasing them. Bindia comes to Gunjan’s room and takes something from her cupboard while Rachna is sleeping. Shayl shows Gunjan the wedding dress Rachna has designed for her. Gunjan asks they must be in much pain, due to her memory loss. Seema comes and says they have done a lot for her. She gifts her bangles. Adi calls Bindia and says Seema should receive the parcel. Keep reading.

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