Roshini pays 10 Lakhs Rupees to DD and walks out with Sid in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja.

In Jamai Raja, Rajveer tells Samaira that he will find an apartment for them. Samaira gets angry and reminds him to giving money to DD as a charity. Rajveer rushes out of the house and decides to find out about the details of the parking tickets that he had found in Siddharth’s pocket. DD asks Sid to note down the address. Sid gets shocked when he realizes that DD is going to Khurana’s office. He calls Raj to inform him about DD’s arrival but Raj does not pick his call. He informs Bablu Chacha that he is going to his father’s office and asks him to handle the office. He rushes to Khurana office and gets shocked to find DD already there. He hides himself and tries to signs Raj from staying away from DD, but Raj does see him. Raj and DD see each other. Sid gets shocked thinking that the truth will be out now, but then Prashant manages the situation.

Rajveer comes to RTO office and bribes an officer to give Sid’s car details. Rajveer says he just needs surname of owner as he knows it is in Sid’s name. RTO officer informs Rajveer that car is registered in Mr. Agarwal’s name. Raj tells Sid that he gave his old car to Mr. Agarwal. Sid praises his dad. Rajveer comes and gifts gold chain to Samaira. DD comes and tells Samaira that she brought flat for them on a down payment from Khurana Builders. Rajveer thinks to kick DD out of her house and business.

Sid speaks to his employees wearing a blazer sitting on toilet commode. When he comes out he sees Roshni standing at the door. Roshni laughs on him. Sid gets romantic with her. DD returns Rajveer’s 2 crores cheque. Samaira asks him to accept it. He accepts. Pratima serves aarti and prasad to Mona and Naani. Samaira insult Pratima by calling her a middle class woman when she offers her prasad. Pratima tells her that she has done MA in Hindi so she is more educated than her. Mona drags Samaira inside. Roshini informs Sid that DD bought a luxury apartment for Samaira and Rajveer. Sid chokes in tension as he hears Khurana construction name.

Rajveer enters the house with blood all over him and seems injured. Samaira shouts. Everyone gather hearing her screams. DD gets worried seeing Rajveer’s condition. DD asks Sid to call doctor. Rajveer thinks though DD’s family is rich, but they are very emotional. He can easily snatch everything from DD. Roshini asks Samaira to take care of Rajveer. Samaira thinks to hire a nurse to take care of him. Mona supports Roshini. Samaira is forced to feed him Khichdi. Rajveer scolds the doctor and asks for chicken as his injuries are fake.

Sid goes to Mehta’s house to clear his doubts regarding his involvement in the fake raid. Krish doesn’t tell him anything. Roshni receives the courier and gives to Rajveer. Mona is about to open the courier, but Rajveer manages to stop her. He later opens the courier and eats the chicken pieces. He gets an idea and keeps it behind sofa. He thinks to trap Sid. Nani gets shocked when she sees chicken pieces in the house as they don’t eat non veg food. DD blames Sid as he only eats non veg food and was seen in the hall in the night. Sid refuses to have eaten chicken in the house and feels bad that Nani is suspecting him. Nani couldn’t believe him this time around. Roshni believes Sid. Roshni asks DD to stop blaming Sid repeatedly.

Siddharth gets sad saying Nani’s heart is broken and she is blaming him for bringing chicken home. He thinks Nani cried and her spirituality had been harmed. Roshni asks him to calm down as she knows he did not bring chicken home.He discusses with Roshni and wonders who could have brought chicken home. DD and Rajveer talk about Sid and the latter provokes DD against Sid indirectly. DD determines to separate Roshini from Sid. Sid speaks to the servants and asks did they see anything unusual in the house. Servant tells Sid that a courier had come for Rajveer the other day. Sid talks to Rajveer and enquires about the courier. Rajveer asks him if he is doubting him. Samaira comes to his rescue. Roshni thinks that her husband had to bear everytime and thinks to end the matter.

Sid wakes up in the morning and does not find Roshni on the bed. He asks Pratima if she saw Roshni. She says no. He sees a packet of Rajveer’s courier in the dustbin. Rajveer gets scared that his reality will be out. Sid is about to look into the dustbin, just then Roshni arrives and goes to her mother DD and gives 10 Lakhs Rupees. She asks DD to take the money and let them free. She asks her to allow them to leave the house. Sid, DD and everyone present there get shocked to hear that. Roshni packs her clothes and asks Sid to do his packing. DD tries to stop Roshini from leaving, but in vain. Rajveer in his room thinks Roshni did right by walking out. He reminisces lending money to Roshni telling he cannot see Sid being insulted like this. He says once Roshni and Sid leave, DD will be trauma and he will handle her business. DD cries as Roshini left her house with Sid. Keep reading.

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