Abhi and Pragya get divorced, Abhi to get Pragya marry Suresh in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya

In Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya cries as Abhi does not understand her sacrifice. She thinks he would have stopped her atleast for once. She thinks to hurt herself and get pained physically. Aaliya talks to Babli and asks her about seeing newspaper. Babli tells her that she doesn’t want to talk to her and holds her responsible for torturing her favourite chachi Pragya. Aaliya gets surprised. Abhi comes there and tells Aaliya that Pragya has decided to divorce her and declared her decision. Abhi wonders why she took such decision and thinks about the benefit Pragya might get from their divorce. Aaliya says we have to call the lawyer before she changes the mind. Aaliya gets happy and asks him not to think much. Just give her divorce. She goes to call Tanu. She gives the news to Tanu. Tanu gets happy. Tanu jumps with joy after hearing that Pragya demanded divorce from Abhi. Pragya caresses Abhi’s jacket and thinks about him. Tanu comes and hugs her. She gives her a gift for making her happy by divorcing Abhi.

Pragya gets angry and calls them big actors. She asks them to return her proof of innocence. She throws the gift/perfume bottle from her window. Mittali hears her mum in law talking to her husband about Abhi and Pragya’s divorce. She informs Akash about it. Dasi hears it and gets shocked. Abhi asks Pragya to make a list of his things before leaving. Pragya asks him to call her if needs be. Abhi taunts her. Pragya comes to Sarla’s house while crying. Bulbul has a dream in which she sees Pragya coming to the house. Bulbul gets a call from Purab and he asks her to meet him. Abhi touches Pragya lustly and asks if she does not feel anything if he touches her. She thinks she can let him touch and take this memory with her. Abhi tells her that he has accepted her divorce. Pragya gets sad. Aaliya and Tanu get drunk and start dancing in order to celebrate the moment. Later, Purab reveals to Bulbul that Abhi and Pragya are getting divorced and hearing him, she gets shocked.

Pragya reminisces his touch and thinks she can feel only his touch and she wanted to tell him once how much she loves him before parting ways. Abhi joins Tanu and Aaliya for a party and gets drink. He enters his room in an inebriated condition. Pragya tries to help him and sleeps on his chest beside him. Purab informs Bulbul that Abhi went to lawyer and asked to prepare divorce papers. She gets sad. Dasi tells Abhi that it was Dadi’s decision to get Pragya married to him and asks him to believe on her decision. Abhi tells her that Kumkum betrayed him. Bulbul and Purab reach there. Purab tells Abhi that he will get proofs of Pragya’s innocence. Aaliya tells them that Pragya decided to divorce Abhi and not her brother. Bulbul and Purab are shocked. Pragya runs to her room crying. Bulbul follows her.

Bulbul asks her to tell what she is hiding. Pragya says he does not respect and believe her at all, so she does not want to stay with him now. She says her decision is final. Abhi comes and says he has called lawyers for divorce formalities and if she wants, even she can call her lawyers. Purab scolds Aaliya for playing this drama and trying to ruin Pragya’s life. Sarla takes Purbi’s phone and SMSes Bulbul asking where is she. Bulbul SMSes she is at Jiju’s house. Sarla reaches Abhi’s house and gets shocked to know that Abhi and Pragya are getting divorced. Tanu informs her that it was Pragya’s decision. Lawyers come for divorce foramlities. Sarla says Abhi that she wants to talk to him alone.

Abhi says Sarla that he cannot help her now as Pragya did not bring proof of her innocence, he cannot stay with Pragya now. She says she wants to talk to Daadi once. He says he cannot stop divorce now and walks out. The lawyers ask Pragya to make whatever demands she wishes from Abhi. Pragya says she does not ask him for any property or money. Pragya says she does not need property but promise from Abhi that she will allow her to meet Daadi, Raj’s kids and attend Abhi’s concert whenever she likes. Abhi gets emotional and goes to his room. Tanu and Aaliya taunt her. Pragya signs the divorce papers. Abhi comes down to sign papers. Purab asks him to think again. He signs the papers. Aaliya and Tanu smirks. Sarla cries saying Bulbul that her Pragya got divorced and she does not know what will she do now.

Sarla apologizes to Purab for thinking him wrong and thanks him. Pragya goes to her room and remembers the sweet moments that she had shared with Abhi. She holds Abhi’s jacket and gets emotional. She folds it and keeps it in her bag. Sarla gets worried about Pragya’s future. Bulbul and Dadi tell her that they have to keep Pragya happy by reminding her of old days. Bulbul tells that Pragya will come back to her normal life and forget everything. Pragya gets ready to leave the house. Aaliya taunts her.

Abhi asks Pragya to unpack her suitcase surprising her. He puts a condition that she will leave the house only after she gets married for the second time. Pragya refuses to get married and gets sad. Abhi declares that he will make sure that she marries Suresh. Pragya refuses to marry him. Abhi threatens her to send mms to her family if she doesn’t agree. Aaliya says if he uploads MMS, his imagine and career will be ruined. He says he knows and even then will do this. He says if people will watch that MMS, her mom will be bullied more than her and her mom will die in shame. Pragya is shocked. Keep reading.

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