Hello Pratibha

Hello Pratibha Watch online Shankutalam Telefilms comes up with a women oriented show on Zee TV. After their last venture Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke on Zee TV, which had a run of successful two years and making its place in the hearts of the viewers, Shankutalam Telefilms launches its new show which traces the story of a married woman Hello Pratibha. Well as the promos have already hit the screen, it seems that the production house has tried to bring variation and experimented with a different concept.Hello Pratibha revolves around a lady Pratibha (Binny Sharma) who solely devotes time for her family. Before her marriage she was an ambitious girl but after becoming a housewife she is facing identity crisis. So its the story about how she will she rise above from this situation, how will she gain respect in front of her own family members.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Adi tells Bindiya about his plan and asks her to get Seema receive the parcel which he is sending. Bindiya receives the parcel and gives it to Seema as per their plan. Seema gets shocked to see the sender’s name as Adi. Seema opens the parcel and gets shocked seeing Gunjan’s inner garments inside. Seema doubts Gunjan and thinks Gunjan might have got close to Adi. Bindiya tries to instigate Seema against Gunjan and reads out Adi’s letter to Seema, but she says she trusts Gunjan. Bindiya gets upset as her plan failed badly. Mayank and Gunjan try to meet each other, but the family does not let them. Shayl sends him away. Rachna doesn’t open the door. Their marriage preparation starts. Bindiya and Adi make another plan to provoke Seema against Gunjan.

Seema asks Bindiya to keep the parcel thing as a secret. Bindiya promises her. Bindiya places Gunjan’s mobile on the bed. Seema sees Adi call coming. She picks his call. Adi says that he will live with her memories of the most romantic nights they had spent together. Seema gets shocked. Gunjan gets mehendi done on her hands as the mehendi ceremony starts. Rachna appreciates the M on Gunjan’s hand and henna.Seema walks towards Gunjan. Bindiya thinks that Seema will create a scene now. She eagerly waits for Seema to react on Gunjan, but gets shocked when she gets to know that Seema has switched off mobile and is not affected by Adi’s call. Bindiya thinks to work on her another plan as soon as possible.

Gunjan receives a letter asking her to meet him on the terrace. Gunjan goes there and finds Mayank. She gets happy. They share a romantic light moment. He says I love you, she says the same. Rachna thinks of a plan to showcase a collection of photos during Gunjan- Mayank wedding and seeks permission from Dayal to get a projector. Dayal congratulates Akaash, he calls Seema. Akaash congratulates her on Mayank’s wedding. Bindya overhears them and shares her plan with Adi. She tells Adi to present the photos in different way. Mayank gets ready when Seema and Prabhu come to his room. Seema says he seems to be a prince than a groom. Adi sends CD again. Bindiya receives it.

Gunjan sees the CD and enquires about it. Bindia says Rachna has planned a surprise for her. Rachna asks why she disclosed the surprise. Gunjan insists on knowing the surprise, but Rachna does not let the secret out. Rachna takes CD from Bindiya. Rachna opens the laptop to watch the CD. She gets shocked to see the photos of Adi and Gunjan’s intimacy. She runs to lock the door, but Shayl comes in. She stops Shayl from seeing the laptop. Later she breaks the CD. Bindiya sees Rachna breaking the CD and tells Adi that their plan have failed again.

Mayank and Gunjan’s wedding starts. Rachna starts the projector to show the Mayank and Gunjan photos of their sweet moments, but everyone get shocked seeing Gunjan and Adi’s intimacy pics. Mayank looks at Gunjan while Seema is shocked. Rachna switch the presentation off. Gunjan tells Mayank that she lost her memory, but this isn’t her. She can’t let anyone near her ever. Seema asks are you sure? Rachna says this is Gunjan’s face, but one can stick someone else’s face on Gunjan’s on computer. Seema says to Mayank that it is her right to think about his happiness and future. Mayank and Shayl support Gunjan.

Mayank holds Gunjan’s hand and proceeds with the rituals of their marriage. He announces that he has complete trust on Gunjan. All the family members get happy seeing Mayank’s trust on his wife Gunjan. Seema is doubtful though. Bindiya gets upset as her plan have failed. Mayank and Gunjan take everyone’s blessings and goes to Seema to take her blessings. Seema hesitantly blesses them. Bindiya tries to instigates Seema against Gunjan and tells her that Gunjan have an affair with Adi. Gunjan thinks who might be behind the morphed photos and waits for Mayank in their room. Rachna stops Mayank’s way, he hands Rachna his whole wallet. He comes and apologizes saying he couldn’t bring stars in the room. They hug. Gunjan says I love you Mayank, he says I love you too.

Mayank says I love you too Gunjan, and asks for his gifts. Gunjan says sorry. Mayank asks Gunjan to forget all the bad memories and start life afresh. Gunjan promises him. Bindiya meets a man on an isolated road. He asks her to pay for the loss that he incured because of her and asks her to work in his cheap movies again. Bindiya gets worried as she doesn’t want to lead her old life. Mayank and Gunjan romance with each other. All the family members feel happy seeing them happy. Bindiya packs her stuff and is about to leave the house. Mayank gets taxi for her. Bindiya thinks how to stay back and pretends to be ill. Keep reading.

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