Deshmukh family returns to India, Archana collides with Soham in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta

Last week, Deshmukh’s family come to know about Pia being Ovi’s daughter. They get happy to unite with her. Pia tells Archana that they will go to Mumbai and surprise Ovi. Archana asks Manav to take her to Mumbai. Prashant saves Ovi’s life by donating his blood. Ovi thanks Prashant for saving her life and praises his values. She sees Soham hiding there and asks Prashant to call Soham. Prashant couldn’t find the person named Soham. Ovi says sorry. She tells him that her brother died many years ago. Ovi asks Prashant’s address from the nurse.

Neena and Gaurav think that they cannot go to India. Neena asks Sachin to tell Archana that they can’t come. Pia tries to convince Pari to come to India. Ankita and Naren are in the restaurant. Naren asks her to eat Jalepino Pizza but Ankita says she wants to eat cheese garlic toast. She wants Naren to forget Ahana and loves only Ankita.

Shekhar asks Naren to sign on some papers. Naren signs papers as Aman Mathur. They are shocked. Archana and Manav tell their family that they will divide their property equally among her kids and grand kids. Mansi and Shashank shift to another house. Shashank asks Soham to come with them. Neena decides to come to India as she can’t let her inlaws give their share to the other kids. Manav books tickets to India. Pari agrees to come for business work.

Naren makes Ankita wear clothes like Ahana. He ties the belt and batch and asks her to bring pizza for him. Ankita is surprised. He falls on the bed with her. Ankita thinks she really loves him. Naren brings half cake for their six month anniversary. They cut the cake. Ankita thinks to make a place for herself in his heart. Naren wishes her Happy Anniversary. They dance romantically on a song. Deshmukh’s family land in Mumbai. They come to their chawl. Neena and Gaurav are shocked to see the place. Archana and Savita get emotional seeing their home and neighbours.

Archana and the family enter their chawl house. She does the puja and gets emotional thinking about Soham. She thinks he can’t go from her mind. Shashank and Mansi shifts to Anand Niwas Chawl, where Archana and Manav are staying. Ovi comes to Soham’s house. Soham hides seeing her. His friend tells her that he is not at home. She keeps the things brought for him and leaves.

Archana, Pia and everyone come to Arjun’s house to meet Ovi. Ovi gets emotional and hugs Archana. Ovi is happy to meet her family after years of separation. Teju slaps Ovi as she did forgot her. Pia tells Ovi that the family loves you a lot. Archana asks Manav to take her to Siddhi Vinayak Temple. They come to the temple and recalls their old times. Ankita and Naren are seen coming to the temple. Soham comes to the temple to get some money from Naren. Naren gives him money. Soham collides with Archana and gets emotional seeing her. They hug each other. Soham recalls Archana scolding her and runs away. Archana cries for him. Manav goes to search Soham. Ankita sees Archana crying and asks her what is the matter? When did she come to India? Archana tells her that she have seen her son and wants him back. Archana comes home and informs everyone that Soham is alive. Archana tells them that they will find Soham. Teju says, we will find him soon.

Archana thanks God and prays to meet him soon. Pari informs her that she is going to meet the client. She asks her to forget Soham if he doesn’t want to meet her. Soham gets emotional about his meeting with Archana. He thinks what to do? Pari comes to the hotel and goes to the conference hall. Sachin thinks, what he will do if Soham comes face to face to him. Neena asks him to demand property from Archana and Manav before Soham’s arrival. Sachin scolds Neena as she always thinks about property.

Naren and Ankita give the presentation. Client get happy and praises them. Pari calls on the reception number and asks them to send the printing paper. Receptionalist asks her to call on the other number. Pari calls on the number and Naren picks the call. Pari identifies his voice. She tells Pia that she heard Aman’s voice. They go in search of Aman but doesn’t find him.

Manav and Archana take Police help to find Soham. Police says, it will take time till they find Soham. Archana thinks Ankita is her look alike and assumes her to be Soham’s daughter. Manav says, it can’t be as Arjun and Purvi met her father Raghav. Naren goes to the washroom. He thinks he heard Ahana’s voice on the phone. He asks the hotel staff to give flowers to Ankita but they give it to Pari. What will happen when Pari and Naren come face to face? Keep reading Pavitra Rishta.

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