Sonal spoils the fashion show, Kabir accuses Rachna for stealing his designs in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke.

In Sapne Suhane Lakadpan Ke, Vicky gets Shail’s call. She tells him that she is worried about Pihu. Vicky assures her that he is an actor and will remain in his limits. He assures her that he will make Pihu realize Murli’s worth. Shail gets satisfied with his answer. Shail turns and sees Seema. She thinks Seema heard everything, but Seema was listening to songs and has ear phones plugged. Gunjan and Mayank come to meet Murli. They ask him to give some time to Pihu. Gunjan asks him to dress like he does during college days to impress Pihu. She asks him to say I love you to Pihu and impress her with praising words. Murli is thoughtful.

Rachna gives keys and pass for the press conference to Kabir. She gives him notes so that he don’t stuck in any question. Vikram gives the presentation first. The host introduces Kabir and Vikram as the two emerging designers. They are actually rivals. Vikram discourages Kabir. Kabir says, let the jury decide. Vikram talks with Rachna and offers her a job. Rachna says, she is happy working with Kabir. Sonal fills Kabir’s ears against Rachna. It seems Sonal and Vikram are upto something.

Murli thinks to change his attire and looks to please Pihu. Rachna and Kabir look at each other. Vicky gives lift to Pihu on his bike. Gunjan hopes good for Pihu and Murli. Mayank and Gunjan share some romantic moments. Mayank gifts her plum cake which they eat happily. Vikram offers drink to Rachna. Rachna refuses to drink. Kabir gets jealous. Mayank and Gunjan go outside to have icecream. Pihu tells Vicky to drop her before her home as her neighbours might see them. Vicky gets angry on him. Pihu gets tears in her eyes. Vicky says sorry and confesses to love her.

Gunjan and Mayank come out. Gunjan sees them and tries to divert Mayank attention, but Mayank sees them. Pihu tells Mayank that Vicky came to drop her as his house is on this way. Mayank invites him for tea and indirectly threatens him. Vicky leaves.

Rachna gets yellow fabric. Kabir looks at her thankfully. Yamini gets annoyed as Kabir scolded her. Sonal calls all the girls and tells to celebrate Rachna’s farewell. Kabir looks at Rachna. Rachna cuts the cake and remembers her birthday party thrown by Kabir. She offers him cake piece. Kabir takes it and says thank you. She says, she must thank him as she has learnt a lot from him. Mayank is angry with Pihu. Gunjan tries to pacify him.

Rachna sees a design in Kabir’s drawer and insists Kabir that she wants to work on the design. Sonal says, it is Kabir’s special design and scolds her for touching Kabir’s belongings. Kabir refuses to give her green signal and says he will work alone on the design.

Pihu comes to Shail and asks her to make tea for her as she is having headache. She goes to her room. Gunjan speaks with Shail and tells her about seeing Pihu with Vicky on the bike. She tells her that they shall be careful as Pihu is going through a delicate phase of life. Shail thanks her for the concern and asks her not to worry about Pihu much. Gunjan feels something is wrong.

Vicky calls Shail and warns her as Mayank and Gunjan insulted him. Shail assures him that they will not do anything. She asks him to make Pihu realize Murli’s importance soon. Murli calls Pihu to say that he loves her but Pihu disconnects the call after taking rudely with him. Rachna comes to the workshop to work with Kabir. Kabir says no. Rachna pleads with him. Sonal hides the designs and thinks Kabir would hold Rachna responsible for the loss of designs.

Neighbour comes to Shail’s house and tells her about seeing Pihu with Murli. Shail tells her that Murli doesn’t have a bike. Shail’s husband tells Shail that Pihu must go back to Murli now. She says she will talk to her. Kabir and Rachna have a dinner. Dadi serves them food. Kabir thinks Rachna is dedicated to work. Sonal watches her and thinks tomorrow is the last day for you. She calls someone. Shail gets worried thinking about Pihu. Seema thinks to talk to Pihu.

Kabir gives the details of the dress. Sonal disconnects the lights. Rachna lights candles and start working. Rachna sees Kabir looking at her. Sonal gets irrirated and switches on the lights. They start working again. Seema and Sangeeta scold Pihu for worrying Shail. Pihu gets Vicky’s call. She cuts the call saying she is feeling sleepy. Kabir comes to the workshop in the morning. He finds Rachna’s note reading she is going as it was her last day. She wishes him all the best. He throws the paper on the floor. It was only his dream. Rachna asks him if he is fine. He says yes. Rachna leaves from there.

Kabir looks at the model and thinks Rachna’s work is perfect. He sees the designs in Rachna’s drawer. Rachna comes back home. Shail asks her to rest. Bauji asks her to concentrate on studies. Kabir shouts calling Rachna’s name. Mayank and Gunjan arrive there. Gunjan tells Kabir that Rachna left early. Rachna comes and gives a paper to Vikram. He thanks her and gives her money. Kabir sees this and is shocked.

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